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Full text of "Illustrated souvenir, Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital, Christie Street, Toronto : containing photo groups and snap-shots of officers, nursing sisters, patients, hospital celebrities, distinguished visitors and others : alphabetical list of over 3000 names of all patients, past and present, together with present addresses : also names and addresses of officers, nursing sisters and others"

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■^ "^ ii ^■' -iitS 


I a ii iiiii iiii iiriii iS :iii|iii,iiia 



'^' r 




^l^E ST 




Price One Dollar 

^G-^.VV. ^^^l 


ff lie 



Appointment Card 

No. Rank 


Previous Occupation 



Ward No. Bed No. 

Appointments, etc. — 

Hospital Repi-osentative 
Dental Officer 
Vocational Officer 
Specialist Clinic 
Medical Board 
Artificial Limb Factory 
Orthopaedic and Surgical 

Appliance, D.S.C'.R. 
M.O. Clinic 
Pay Parade 
Lectures in Auditorium 

Curative Workshops— 


Sheet Metal A\'ork 

Machine Shop 



Clay Modelling 

Shoe Repairing 

Motor Mechanics 


Radiant Heat 

(a) Pass: Movem'ls 

(b) Bristow Coil 

(a) Faradism 

(b) Galvanism 

(c) Ionization 

(d) High Frequency 
(i) Diathermy 

(ii) Local 
(iii) General 

Gymnasium — 
JIuscle Function 


"(a) General P.T. 

(b) Spec. Disabilities 
Amputation Gym. 

Inter-Departmental Notes 


• > 













































1. — Admission, Clothing and Kit. — Piiticnts on adiuission will be issued with personal hos- 
pital clntliing. They will sign for this and will retain a copy of the receipt given. 
They will be responsible while in hospital foiany deficiency in, or damage to hospital 
ck>thing. They will hand in their siii'phis kit to the pack stores and take a receipt. 
If a patient is luiable to peiiorui this duty he will apply to the wai'd orderly to have 
it done for him. 

2. — Hospital Routine. — Hospital i-outine will be as follows: — 

Reveille 7.00 a.m. Tea 5.00 p.m. 

Breakfast 7.31) a.m. Supper 8.30 — 9.30 p.m. 

Dinner 12.1.'5p.m. Lights Out 10. (K) p.m. 

Up patients will have their beds made up liy 7.20 a.m. N. C. O. patients will 
assist the Nursing Sisters, Sergeants and Ward Ordei'lies in maintaining good order 
and discipline, and in the absence of the Ward Orderly will be responsible for any 
irregularity. All patients nuist be. in hospital by.^S&"p.m. Sleeping out pa.sses 
will be issued only in exceptional circmnstances. /^-^ 

3.— Appointments— M.O's i/c wards will hold a "Stand to" daily at 0.00 a,.m., all other 
ai)pointments will be shown on the patient's appointment card. This card will be 
issued to each patient on admission. It will be carried on the peison at all times. 
Failure to keep an appointment will be treated as neglect to obey an order. Appoint- 
ments will be held to include attendance at Hospital Representative, Jledical Officers' 
Clinic, Dental Clinic, Artificial Limb Factory. Orthopaedic and Surgical Appliances 
Branch S.C.R., Bledical Board Room, Treatuient Department, Gynuiasiuni, Thera- 
peutic Workshops, Vocational Officer and Leave. 

4.— Visitors— Visitors will be admitted on Saturdays and Sundays between 1.30 p.m. and 
4.30 p.m. The reception hall is reserved for the reception of visitois. Patients are 
expected to use it freely for this purpose. It must not be used as a lounge. I'ecreation, 
leading, or smoking room. It may be used temporarily as a thoi-oughfare for enter- 
ing or leaving the hospital until the d()i>rway and entrance designed by the govei-n- 
nient is completed. 

5. -Dress— The pi-actice of wearing other than regulation uniform is forbidden. Except 
in wards and billiai'd room, jackets will be worn buttoned up. Patients who are 
unable to wear the regvdation jacket luittoned up will apply through the Quartei-- 
niaster for an issue of hospital uniform. 

6. - Dining-hall Patients will enter dining-hall properly dressed and at the appointed 
hours. The doors of the dining-hall will be closed 15 minutes after the meal hours. 

7.— Complaints l)isorder-ly conduct in any part of the hospital will not Vie tolerated. 
Coniiilaints will l)e ma<li' in a respectful manner t;u-ough the proper channels. Every 
etfort will be made to rejnove just causes for complaints. Mis-statements of facts in 
making complaints will be treated as a tmisdeamour. 

8. Smoking— .Smoking in elevators, in the dining-room, and in the administrative section 
including the main entrance hall is forbidden. 

9. Gambling -(iaml)ling in hospital is prohibited by K. H. iVO. It is an otfence punish- 
alile by Civil Lav\' in Canada. Gamliling is prohibited in this hospital. The use of 
pnUei' chips, matches, or any other forin of "Counters" is forbidden. 

10. Bounds— Buildings in the course of construction, offices of contractors or superin- 
tcnilents of construction are out of bou,nds for all ranks. 

11.— Discharge— Patients before discliarge or transfer from this hospital, and when pro- 
ceeding on furlough will turn in to the Qu.irtei-mastei's linen store all hospital 
(•lothing. He will have his "all clear" certificate signed before reporting to the 
Registi'ar. Delicieinies will be leported to the unit paymaster concerned, whc will 
recover the cost by hospital stoppages. 


-Fire — Patients will inake themselves acquainted with the means of exit in the case 
of fire and with the position and uietliod of working of fire alarni,s. 

C. S. McVicar, Lt.-Colonel, 

().('., Dominion Oithopaedie Hospital. 


This card must be earried on the person at 

all times — in hospital and out of hospital. It 

is \0T A PASS. It must be produced on the 

request of any Officer or N.C.O. Failure to 

• produce this book, or to keep the appointments 

I assigned will be treated as " Ne,i;lect to obey 

I an order." 

Be sure to have your attendance at any 
api)ointment credited by beinu initialled in the 
appropriate space. Report at once any failure 
to have it initialled to the Registrar or O.C. 

"It is not necessarily the disabled soldier 
wlio is to be pitied : not the man who lias 
.m arm, or a le>;, m- lias been blinded, but the 
man who with all his limbs, his health and lii: 
.strength, comes back with a piece of shrapne 
in his moral liack-bone. Happiness is obtain- 
able oidy tliroufili work is possible only for a 
man wlio succ'ssfidly Hnds his way Imck to 
productive activity. Self-masterv. self-reliance 
and iiMr|K)scfnl self-direction are ' essentials on 
I be partof the returned man hini.self for suc- 
cessful rei)atriation."— Lt.-Col. AIullov, the 
•■Hlind 'ri-oopei'." Toronto, Feb. 20, l!)]Si. 






Containing Photo Groups and Snap-shots ot Officers, Nursing Sisters, 

Patients, Hospital Celebrities, Distinguished 

Visitors and Others. 

Alphabetical list of over 3000 names of all patients, past and present, 

together with present addresses; also names and addresses 

of Officers, Nursing Sisters and others. 


F. W. COYNE, Y. M. C. A. 


D. O. H. 

a i^ 


S □ 


T is much more interesting, and less fatiguing, to recall past experiences 
by pictures, pen pictures, photographs or sketches than by a studied 
review of dull statistics or accurate figures. So we present this pictorial 
review of the activities and personalities of the D.O.H. We present it 
with the consciousness that it may leave out much, and that it may fail 
in accuracy of proportion, but it may serve to commemorate a great Cana- 
dian Institution. 
In this Hospital it has been possible to treat to a surgical finality all classes of war 
injuries. Artificial appliances have been fitted with painstaking accuracy, and adequate 
training has been given in the efficient use of such appliances. Perhaps the outstanding 
feature of the work is that it has been carried on intensively; that is, that the staff has 
worked full time, and each case has been so persistently followed up that each patient has 
felt that he was treated as an individual. Every effort has been made to rid the disabled 
man of bad influences coincident with enforced idleness. At the same time that he has been 
fitted with an artificial appliance, he has been quietly but constantly presented with the 
prospect of his altered outlook on life, so that the process of adaptation to further environ- 
ment might be less irksome. Eternal vigilance has been the price of success. It is felt 
that the rehabilitation of a few men will be delayed so long as sensational newspapers, 
political egotists and the extremist element in returned soldier organizations mistake dis- 
orderliness for heroism, and noisy public agitation for statesmanship. We have the great- 
est faith in the returned men as individual future citizens — if they are kept free from 
patronage and pity. Every one of them has graduated from an experience where essential 
honesty, unselfishness and courage were esteemed. Give them time to train their judgment, 
and their influence will be momentous. 

It is quite impossible to enumerate here all the organizations and individuals who by 
donations and gifts have amplified the Government provision for the comfort of patients. 
It is safe to say of the Toronto and Ontario public that nothing has been suggested with- 
out an immediate and liberal response. But that is not all — the various organizations have 
constantly anticipated our needs and have supplied valuable executive direction, and by 
well-organized and intelligent visits the ideal of the ultimate individual home has been 
kept before each patient. It is our impression that all these activities have been justified, 
and that Canada will in due course secure an ample return for a generous investment. The 
Toronto Branch Canadian Red Cross Society, "Soldiers' Comforts," Military Service De- 
partment Y.M.C.A., Knights of Columbus, Rotary Club, Princess Theatre, Toronto Ball Club 
and a host of other praiseworthy organizations have in a systematic manner undertaken 
cheerfully a very important part in rehabilitating partly broken men. We believe it has 
been a pleasure to them to honor our wounded men, and we gratefully acknowledge the 
intelligent public spirit which prompted such service. 

The Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital first opened its doors for the reception of patients 
on the 1st of February, 1919. A month later there was a formal opening, on which ocpa- - 

sion the then Minister of Militia, General Mewburn; General Fotheringham, DirectorT^***'*^ - 
^ ^/^C^JmitiiScfy- Services; Mr. K. J. Dunstan, the President of the Toronto Branch of the Canadian 
^'i*^ Red Cross Society, and other prominent citizens took part. 

Since the Hospital was opened, over 3,000 of Canada's disabled fighting men have 
been cared for. These cases are classified as follows : — 
Amputations — 

Right Arm 122 

Left Arm 118 

Right Leg 415 

Left Leg 410 

Both Arms 4 

Both Legs 41 

Right Arm and Right Leg 2 

Right Arm and Left Leg 2 

Left Arm and Left Leg 1 

Both Legs and Left Arm 1 

Facial Cases 185 

Nerve Injuries 257 

Miscellaneous (for the most part fractures or injuries to bones and 

joints) 1,449 


□ [£ 

n □ 


Page Five 

□ Q 

D. O. H. 


3a a 

The visit of the Prince of Wales on August 26, 1919, is perhaps most easily recalled 
(if D.O.H. happenings. The war presented the charming heir to the British Throne with 
the unique opportunity for close acquaintanceship with the Empire's loyal soldiers. In 
taking leave of the Hospital, he said: "I am very pleased to have had an opportunity of 
seeing your enormous Hospital and the splendid men who are patients here. It makes me 
very sad to see how terribly injured many of them are, but I am very proud of them." 

The Hospital has been visited by His Excellency the Duke of Devonshire, Governor- 
General of Canada; His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario; General Pau, the famous 
one-armed French strategist; General Maurice, formerly Chief of the General Staff, British 
H.Q. ; General Sir Arthur Currie, Canadian Corps Commander, and by other distinguished 
soldiers and publicists. C. S. McV. 

Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital 

Summary of events provided by church, patriotic and other organizations 
from Feb. 1st, 1919, to Aug. 31st, 1920:— 

By F. T. SHARPE, Secretary 

No. Attendance 

Auto Rides Arranged 441 2,071 

Concert Parties in Hospital 428 31,764 

Movie Shows in Hospital 453 61,493 

Theatre Parties (sent out) 391 14,435 

Picnics, Outings, etc 142 7,316 

Sports, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, Football, etc ... 40,945 

Divine Services (conducted by Chapla'ns and others) . . 113 2,748 

Dances, Card Parties, etc 19 9,900 

Plays in Theatre 20 13,600 

Miscellaneous 31 7,789 

Private Street Cars used 219 

Autos used 1,260 

Ambulances used (in connection with Entertainment only) 421 

Private Trains used 1 

□ C 

}' a y c .b' i X 



1. Lieut. -Col. C. S. McVicar, Officer Commanding. 

2. Miss M. Robertson, Assistant Matron; Miss M. M. Goodeve, Matron. 

Page Seven 

D. O. H. 



Page E i g h t 


1. General View, Main Section of Hospital, from Christie St. 2. View of Hospital Buildings from Davenport Road. 3. Sick 

Officers' Quarters and Nursing Sisters' Residence. 

F a g c X i n c 

D. O. H. S> 

M &. 


P a u c J' c n 


"i^'-'^tei^ .1 "*» 

Page Eleven 

D. O. H. 


•" V- «„>i»ynriH-> Jl^- ■ !g» -■•"? 

■'I ' iJ ^-Si i il*Wg-g^^J-' ' ;-- ' > ' -r: ?°" 



Page T 10 c I V c 


Page Thirteen 

-M. A 


Page Fourteen 


Page Fifteen 

fQ 3 


ANNUAL SPORTS AT VARSITY STADIUM (Ladies' Rivnl Baseball Teamsj. 
(Upper) — Top Row — Office Staff: Misses R. Vance. R. Kendal. (Lower) — Top Row — Nursing Sisters: A. E. Hlndly. E, R. Augus- 

J. Carey. M. B. Brown. Bottom Row — Misses R. Howell, tine. B. N. Gibbons, N. Gerard. Bottom Row — Nursing Sisters: 

L. L. Stephenson, K. Newcombe. H. Godfrey and Mrs. G. Andras. A. Doig, M. E. PIgott and A. E. Gardiner. 

Page Sixteen 

D. O. H. 


Patients in Hospital August 1st, 1920 

Pte. Alexander, J. S. 
Ex-Pte. Alford, W. 
Pte. Allan, D. L. 
Pte. Allen. L. B. H. 
Pte. Allen, P. E. 
Pte. Allsopp, A. V. 
L/C. Alyea, D. 
Cpl. Anderson, (!. 
Pte. Andrews, H. 
Pte. Arnold. A. G. 
Pte. Ascah, N. 
Pte. Aylward, F. 

Pte. Balcam, H. C. 
Pte. Barnes, J. G. 
Pte. Ban-, L. F. 
Pte. Barre, H. 
Pte. Barrett, J. J. 
Lieut. Barrett, S. T. 
Pte. Bastian, C. 
Gnr. Bellamy, A. F. 
Pte. Bennett, M. M. 
Pte. Black, R. 
Pte. Black, R. 
Pte. Blue, C. 
Pte. Boyle, F. J. 
Pte. Brennan, F. 
Pte. Brennan, R. 
Pte. Brunell, O. 
Pte. Bryson, J. 
Pte. Buckle, J. G. 
Pte. Buntin, E. 
Jte. Burgess, L. 
Pte. Butter, T. 
Pte. Byrne, W. J. 

Sgt. Caldwell, L. 
Pte. Call, J. 
Pte. Carmichael, E. D. 
Pte. Carpenter, S. A. 
Pte. Carriere, A. 
Cpl. Cathcart, C. A. 
Lieut. Chagnon, E. S. 
Pte. Chaisson, E. 
Lieut. Christie, J. E. 
Pte. Clark, A. J. 
Pte. Clark, H. 
L/C. Clark, W. 
Sgt. Cochrane, R. A. 
Pte. Collins, J. R. 
Pte. ColQuhoun, S. 
Pte. Colville, W. J. 
Ex-Pte. Coomber. W. 
Pte. Cooper, G. P. 
Ex-Pte. Corbeil, V. 
Cpl. Crane, A. 

Pte. Dawson, C. S. 
Pte. Delmar, J. J. 
Pte. Dew, R. 
Cpl. Diggle, J. 
Pte. D'Orton, J. 

Pte. Edwards, G. 
Sgt. Bide. L. 
Pte. Elliott, J. 
Pte. Evans, A. J. 
Pte. Evans, R. L. 

Gnr. Farley, W. C. 
Pte. Farrell, J. J. 
Lieut. Ferguson. S. F. 
Pte. Ferguson, T. 
Sgt. Fetherston, C. 
Pte. Fiedler. C. C. 
Pte. Field, C. 

Spr. Fillmore, L. H. 

Spr. Finley, W. W. 
L/C. Flagler, H. 

Pte. Forbes, J. 

Pte. Fortner, A. 

Pte. Ferguson, !•". E. 

Pte. France, H. 

Pte. Frenette. A. 

Pte. Fulmore, C. 

Pte. Gent, \V. 
Lieut. Gerrard, H. R. 
Pte. Gibbons, J. 
Pte. Gillies, D. 
Pte. Girard, V. 
Lieut. Golden, A. D. 
Pte. Gordon, A. 
Cpl. Gossling, G. 
Pte. Gratton, J. E. 
Pte. Gregory, L. 
Pte. Greig, A. J. 
Pte. Gribble, R. 
Pte. Gridley, H. 

Pte. Hall, A. 
Pte. Hall, S. 
Spr. Hamilton, C. 
Pte. Hamilton, W. B. 
Ex-Pte. Hancock, M.G. 
Pte. Hands, T. 
Pte. Harkins, P. 
Spr. Harper, H. N. 
Bdr. Harper, J. A. 
Sgt. Harris, F. 
Pte. Harris, G. W. 
Pte. Harrowsmith, C.T. 
Pte. Hasley, D. 
Pte. Hatton, E. R. 
Pte. Hawkins, W. M. 
Pte. Heather, H. G. 
Cpl. Hefferman, D. A. 
Pte, Helmer, G. A. 
Pte. Henderson, A. 
Pte. Henderson, H. 
Pte. Hill, W. 
Pte. Hodder, E. A. 
Pte. Hodder, O. J. 
Pte. HoUett. G. 
Capt. Hoodless, J. B. 
Pte. Hope, J. 
Bx-Pte. Hopson, G. M. 
Pte. Hornbostel, G. E. 
Pte. Humphrey, C. 
Cpl. Hunter, F. W. 
Pte. Hyatt, E. P. 

Pte. Jackson, W. 
Cpl. James, R. I. 
Lieut. James, T. A. 
Pte. Jarrett, H. V, 
Pte. Jean-Marie. P. 
Gnr. Jeffery, A. G . 
Cpl. Jenkins, A. 
Pte. Johnson, B. N. 
Pte. Johnston, J. 
Bdr. Johnstone. J. W. 
Fte. Johnstone, T. 
Pte. Jones, A. H. 
Pte Jones, J. H. 
Pte. Jones, R. 

Pte. Keddy. W. 
Pte. Keene, C. 
Cpl. Kerr, T. 
Pte. Keeting, H. 
Pte. King, C. F. 

Pte. Klaassen, A. 
Pte. Kosinsky, F. 

Pte. Lanz, F. J. 
Bx-Pte. Larin, N. J. 
Ex-Pte. Larson, A. O. 
Pte. Larson, A. 
. Pte. Laughton, M. 
Pte. Lauther, W. A. 
S/C. Lazenby, W. 
L/C. Ledgard, F. J. 
Pte. Ledsham, J. W. 
Pte. Linabury, C. 
Spr. Linton, J. R. 
Gnr. Lloyd, E. G. 
Pte. Lorinier, G. 
Pte. Lowry, J. A. 
Pte. Lugrin, C. M. 
Pte. Lumby, G. 
Pte. Lusher, V. H. 

Pte. McBride, S. 
Pte. McCann, J. R. 
Spr. McCarthy, E. F. 
Pte. McCormick, J. A. 
Sgt. McCoy, E. J. 
Pte. McCracken, A. 
Cpl. MacDonald, M. 
Pte. McDowell, W. 
Pte. McEachern, H. 
Pte. McGraw, G. 
Spr. McGregor, J. 
L/C. Macintosh, C. 
Pte. Mclntyre. W. S. 
Pte. McKay, W. 
Sgt. McKeage. A. B. 
Pte. McKee. J. 
Pte. McKeen, H. 
Pte. MacKenzie, W. 
Pte. McLean, J. W. 
Pte. MacLennan, G. D. 
Spr. McLeod. K. 
Sgt. McMackon, D. G. 
Pte. McMaster, J. A. 
Pte. McNeill, D. W. 
Sgt. Mack, H. E. 
Pte. Maguire, J. 
Pte. Malcolmson, T. 
Pte. Maltais, C. 
Pte. Martin, J. H. 
Spr. Martin, R. J. 
Pte. Mason, A. 
Gnr. Mason, A. W. 
Pte. Mauchan, J. A. 
Pte. Maynard. J. W. 
Capt. Menzies. A. F. 
Pte. Miller, R. B. 
Sgt. Mike, I. 
Pte. Millett, W. L. 
Cpl. Mills, R. G. 
Bdr. Moftatt, G. 
Spr. Moore, J. 
Pte. Morgan, F. 
Sgt. Morris, T. J. 
Pte. Moxley, E. J. 

Pte. Nickerson, D. L. 

Pte. Noah, T. 

Cpl. Norris, A. G. 

Pte. Nowlan, W. 

Pte. O'Boyle, J. 

S/Sgt. Perkins, C. H. 
Pte. Pinkerton, W. 
Pte. Pinnell, J. A. 

Dvr. Pool, J. T. 
Pte. Potts, L. C. 
Pte. Prescott, G. 
Pte. Proctor, G. L. 
Lieut. Proctor, \V. \V. 

Pte. Quilter, W. J. 

Pte. Rae, A. J. 
Pte. Reid, N. C. 

Ex-2nd Lt.Renaud.A.G. 
Pte. Renninson, S. 

Lt. Richardson, G. B. 

Ex-Cpl. Riddaway, A. J. 
Pte. Robins, C. 
Lieut. Roland, J. 
L/C. Ross, G. W. 
Pte. Routley, N. T. 
Pte. Russell, J. C. 




















Saunders, A. 

Sharing, A. E. 
Sharp, J. O. 
Shaw, J. 
Shea, M. 
Shelson, A. 
Simms, W. 
Simpson, C. 
Sivell, C. 
Smith. J. T. 
Somerville, R. 
Sotnek, A. 
Spaniel. J. 
Speirs, J. 
Spooner, F. D. 
Stevens. T. E. 
Stoddart, G. W. 
Stow, W. A. 
Studholme, C. G. 

Pte. Taylor, D. 
Sgt. Tennant, E. E. 
L/C. Thoday, A. 
Pte. Thompson, C. F. 
Pte. Thompson. J. S. 
Gnr. Tiffney, S. ' 
Pte. Tobin, C. P. 
Sgt. Turland, W. 

Pte. Uncles, H. 

Pte. Valentine, G. 
Pte. Vincent, G. W. 

On Furlough. 

Pte. Allan, W. 
Ex-Pte. Anderson. R.H. 
Ex-Cpl. Bain, J. 
Pte. Barry, G. 
Pte. Beokingham, R. C. 
Pte. Bird, J. 
Gnr. Burke, E. J. 
Pte. Charlton, G. 
Pte. Church, D. C. 
L/C. Craft, W. J. 
Ex-Gnr. Crown, A. G. S. 
L/C. Cusack, J. 
Pte. Emerson. S. 
Lieut. Findlay, T. I. 
Pte. Fingland, F. 
Pte. Eraser. H. L. 
Bx-Lt. Fuller, C. 
Spr. Hawkins, F. W. 
S-Sgt. Hayward, T. M. 
L/C. Hefferman, H. 
Pte. Hodgins, G. F. 
Sgt. Humphries. W. 
Capt. Johnson, W. W. 
Sgt. Long, H. 
Pte. McCall, C. G. 
Pte. McConnell, T. H. 
Capt. MacDonald, A. 
Spr. McGarry, F. J. 
Pte. McKay, J. W. 
Pte. McMinn, R. J. 
Maj. Maxwell, J. R. 
Ex-Sgt. Norris, T. 
Cpl. Owen, N. F. 
Dvr. Parm, R. 
Pte. Pelletier, A. A. 
Pte. Perry, W. 
Capt. Pointon, B. T. 
Pte. Porter, G. C. 
L/C. Preston, J. B. 
Sgt. Regan, M. W. 
Pte. Riffou, F. X. 
Sgt. Ronaldson, T. 
Pte. Ryan, A. 
Ex-2nd Lt. Selby, C. V. 
Ex-Pte. Sheehan, D. 
Pte. Smith, J. 
Pte. Snider, J. L. 
Pte. Urwin. T. 
Pte. Wambolt, S. A. 
Pte. White, A. 
Pte. Wilson, S. R. 

Men to be di.soharged 
In a few days. 

Pte. Wade, F. C. 


Angus, J. 

Lieut. Waldrum, W. 


Burkett, A. E. 

Pte. Walker, D. 


, Burns. R. J. 

Gnr. Walker, H. R. 


DeCormier, J. 

Pte. Wallace, J. W. 


', Edmondson. G. A, 

Pte. Ward. B. 


. Fletcher, J. J. 

Ex-Pte. Watson, F. S. 


. Hackett, E. 

Lieut. Wattam, C. E. 


Jocko, M. 

L/C. Watts, R. N. 


Lord, W. 

Pte. Webb. G. H. 


McNaughton, W. 

Gnr. White, C. T. 


May, H. L. 

Pte. White, F. 


Noctor. E. C. 

Pte. AVhite, G. 


Rees, J. 

Pte. Wiley, S. T. 


Reid, J. K. 

Pte. Williams, H. W. 


Racicot, C. 

Pte. Willis. R. A. 


Ridealgh, A. 

Lieut. Wood, S. 


Ross, M. 

Pte. Woodall. J. 


. Williamson, C. 

Pte. Woodbury. A. 


Woodhams. C. 

Pte. Wray, N. J. 


Wright, A. F. 

Page Seventeen 

D. O. H. 

<B A- 


Discharges for July 

Spr. Ainey, A. U., 226 St. Elizabeth St. Montreal. 

Pte. Annand, G., Summerstown, Ont. 

Sgt. Alward, E. B., 690 Mulvey Ave., Winnipeg, Man. 

Sgt. Ai-senault, W., St. Benoit, Bonaventure Co., P.Q. 

Pte. Biggs, G. M., 3065A Clarke St., Montreal. 

RSMI. Bingham, J. H., 191 Grace St., Toronto. 

Pte. Bishop, D. R., Mt. Buchanan, P.E.I. 

Pte. Blyth, W. H., Fergus, Ont. 

Pte. Brackin, E. G., 240 Coxwell Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Bradley, H., 661 Lake Shore Rd., Detroit, Mich. 

Cpl. Braggins, W., 303 Sherbourne St., Toronto. 

Pte. Brothers, W. P., 41 Eleanor St., Montreal, P.Q. 

Pte. Brown, R. A.. 1135 Robinson St., Regina, Sask. 

Ex-Pte. Caban, V., 82 Claremont St., Toronto. 

Pte. Campbell, T., 10 Genoa St., Toronto. 

Pte. Campbell, \V. R., Gen. Del., Vancouver, B.C. 

Sgt. Cannon, C, 505 Queen St. E., Toronto. 

Pte. Carlton, W. A, 34 Brock Cres,, Toronto. 

L/C. Carson, J. E., East View, Ottawa. 

Pte. Casey, A., 12 Earnbridge St., Montreal. 

Sgt. Chandler, S., Gen. Del., Montreal. 

Pte. Closson, E. C, Highland Creek, Ont. 

Cpl. Coker, P., Avening, Ont. 

Pte. Cook, W. E., Coombe Hill, Cheltenham, Glos.. Eng. 

L/C. Cummer, H. E., 1218 First St. E., Calgary, Alta. 

Pte. Curley, S.. 46 Sully Cres., Toronto. 

Maj. Cusler, W. E., Thorold, Ont. 

Pte. Dolstra, C, Box 798, Fernie P.O., B.C. 

Gnr. Dowker, L. G., Ste. Anne de Bellevue, P.O., P.Q. 

Pte. Dumski, N., 81 Victoria St.. Lachine Locks, P.Q. 

Cpl. Elder, A. G., 10538-114th St., Edmonton, Alta. 

Pte. Elliott, T., Box 302, Gilbertville, Mass., U.S.A. 

Pte. Forsberg, R., 50 Goddard St., Fitchburg, Mass. 

Cpl. Fralick, D., Dunnville, Ont. 

Cpl. Gage, H. W., 28 Ellsworth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Given, J., 80 Smith Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Sgt. Gougeon, P. J., Powassan, Ont. 

Pte. Grady. F., East Baltic, P.E.I. 

Pte. Graham, S. E., Canterbury Station, York Co., N.B. 

Maj. Greenwood, E. H., Dundas, Ont. 

Pte. Greenwood, J. A., 3244 N. Lee St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Pte. Greenwood, W., 1055 Shaw St., Toronto. 
Pte. Harrison, J., Gould, P.Q. 

Sgt. Hayes, G., 2206 St. Urbain St., Montreal. P.Q. 
Pte. Hill, F., 826 Robinson St., Regina 
Pte Huddleston, J., Victoria Ave,, Belleville, Ont. 
Pte. Humphrey, A. T., 21 Macpherson Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Jarrell, W. H., 629 Vickers St., Fort William, Ont. 
Pte. Johnstone, D., Missanabi, Ont. 
L/C. Johnston, J. R., Essex, Ont. 
Pte. Johnston, R., 380% Nicholas St., Ottawa. 
Pte. Keenan, J., Central Y.M.C.A., Toronto. 
Pte. Keough, A., 16 French St., Whitney Pier, Sydney, 

Cape Breton. 

Pte. Kimble, R. R., 59 Adelaide St.. St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Knight, J. A., 43 Buttery St., Niagara Falls. Ont. 

Spr. Langley, J. F., Point Tupper, N.S. 

Pte. Lasnier, L., 779 Dupont St., Toronto 

Pte. Lee, T. A., 367 Concord Ave,, B. Detroit. Mich. 

Pte Letourneau, W., Ste. Famille, Montmorency Co., P.Q. 

Pte. McColl, H. S., Foam Lake, Sask. 

Sgt. McCreath, H., Moose Jaw, Sask. 

Pte. Mackintosh, E. W., C/o A. L. Hudson, Standard Bank 
Building, Toronto. 

Pte. McKenzie, G. H., Queen St., N. Sydney, Cape Breton, 

Pte. McKinley, W.. 32 Forest Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

Pte. McLean, S., 17 Coleraine St., Montreal. 

Pte. McLeod, W. S., 59 Fredericton Ave., Halifax, N.S. 

Cpl. McSween, A. F., 67 Alexandra St., Sydney, N.S. 

Pte. Mahoney, P., St. Brides, Placentia Bay, Newfound- 

Pte. Mooney, D. D., Box 272, Gorterich, Ont. 

Pte. Murray, H., R.R. No. 1, Brampton. Ont. 

Sgt. Nash, L. R. H., C/o Canon Hall. Kaslo, B.C. 

Pte. O'Boyle, J., 251 Exhibition St., Guelph, Ont. 

Pte. O'Brien, F. J., 481 Dupont St., Toronto. 

Sgt. O'Brein, R., Dongola, Ont. 

Capt. Oxtaby, W. G., 2 Aviagle Ave., Branttord, Ont. 

Pte. Pask, v., 714 Cooper St., Ottawa, Ont. 

Pte. Patterson, A., 14 Gloucester St., Toronto. 

Pte. Pearce, J. D., Twillingate, Newfoundland. 

Pte. Portlock, F. G., Rainy River, New Ontario. 

Pte. Preece, G., 467 Richmond St. W., Toronto. 

Pte. Ramsbotham, J., Headingly, Manitoba. 

Pte. Richardson, G. A., W.voming, Ont. 

Pte. Roberts, G., 133 S. Hill St., Port Arthur, Ont. 

Pte. Robson, W. G., 332 Delaware Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Rogers, M., Davidson, Sask. 

Pte. Rogerson, J.. 785 Ferry St., Niagara Falls, Ont. 

Cpl. Scupham, T. A., 56 Hastings Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Sime, G., Grand Valley P.O., Ont. 

Sgt. Stabler, W. S., 799 Maitland St., London, Ont. 

Pte. St. Hilaire, H., 17 Christopher Columbus St., Montreal. 

Pte. St. Peter, R. R., Tilley, Victoria Co., N.B. 

Sig. Strebig, D. L., 86 Bloor St. W., Toronto. 

Pte. Thompson, I'., Napanee, Ont., Box 329. 

Pte. Town, W. E., 447 McGregor St., Winnipeg 

Pte. Travis, S., Michel, B,C, 

Pte. Underdown, W., 554-lst Ave., Rosemount, 

S. Q. M. S. Walshe, P., Edniondstown Rathfarhan Co., 
lin, Ireland. 

Pte. Wardill, P. O., 151 Apple Ave., Montreal. 

Pte. White. E. J.. 185 10th St. E., Owen Sound, Omt. 

Sgt. Whitman, R. C, R. R. No. 1, Annapolis Royal, N.S. 

Pte. Whitmore, W. N., R. R. No. 1. Priceville, Ont. 

Pte. Wilman, F. C. G. P. O., Toronto. 

Lieut. Wootten, G.. And over, N.B. 

I'te. Young. T., 10 Ameshury Ave., .Montreal. 





Cpl. Abercrombie, H. J., 763 King St. W.. Toronto. 

Pte. Abraham, T., Bristol Ridge, P.Q. 

Pte. Adair, P. F., Gen. Del., Calgary, Alta. 

Cpl. Adamchick, P., Odder Lake, Omer P.O., P.Q. 

Pte. Adams, B. G., 63 Cowan Ave., Toi-onto. 

Gnr. Adams, H. J., Novar, Ontario. 

Pte. Adams, P. J., 60 City Road, St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Adams, R. W., 96 Conway St., Point St. Charles, 

Dvr. Adams, S., 676 Springdale Ave., East Orange, N.J., 

Pte. Addy. D., Tantallon, Sask. 
Pte. Aitken, W., 35 River St., Toronto. 
Pte. Akerley. P., 173 Main St., St. John, N.B. 
Pte. Albert, J. J., Trout Creek, Ont 
Pte Aldridge, G., Bright, Ont. 

Pte. Alexander, E. J., 37 Blandford St., Toronto. 
Spr. Alexander, J.. 203 Brunswick Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Alexander, J. J., Beau-Avista, Wilson St., Perth, 

Cpl. Alexander, W., 865 Lansdowne Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Altord, A. L., 5 Sion Hill Ave., Dublin, Ireland, 

Pte. Allan, A., 44 Hunter St., Toronto. 

Pte. Allan. T. R., St. John Hotel, St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Allen, H., 83 Atherley Rd., Southampton, Eng. 

Pte. Allen, L. H„ 106 Pembroke St., Toronto. 

Pte. Allen, P. W., 27 Isabella St., Toronto. 

f'apt. Allen, R. W., Piepot, Sask., Canada, 

Pte. Alley, H. H., 134 Concord St., Ottawa. 

Pte. All.sop, L. W., Box 658, Ingersoll, Ont. 

I./Cpl. Alpin, J. T., R.R. N9. 2, Allandale, Ont. 

Pte. AltaVista. J. P., 116 McCaul St., Toronto. 

Pte. Alvord, K. L., 219 Stolp Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. 

L/Cpl. Ament, A., Linwood, Ont. 

Gnr. Amos, G. A., 625 Kingston Road, Toronto. 

L/Cpl. Ames, W, A., 51 Tiverton Ave., Toronto. 

Ci)l. Amoss, H. E., 113 Pembroke St., Toronto. 

Pte. Anderson, C, Petrolia, Ont. 

L/Cpl. Anderson, D., 128 Jarvis St., Toronto. 

Pte. Anderson. E., North Port, Cumberland City, Nova 

Pte. Anderson, J. M., 82 Howard St., Toronto. 

Page Eighteen 

D. O. H 




Pte. Anderson, J. A.. 21 BlackiM- St., Toronto. 

Pte. Anderson. R. L.. Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. 

Fte. Anderson, W. H., Jans lerg, Ont. 

Lieut. Andrews, A., Shallow Lalie, Ont. 

Pte. Andrews, L. H., 5 Gamble Ave., T(Jilniordi-a, Ont. 

Q. M. S. I. Andrews, P. T., Tfi Highlield lid.. Toronto. 

Pte. Angel, J., 20 Balmuto St., Toronto. 

Pte. Anglos, P., No address. 

Pte. Annat, J., 9 South Esk St., Montrose, Srotl.ind. 

L/Cpl. Ansley, A., Leaside, Ont. 

Pte. Ante), P.. 241 Colonial Ave., Montreal. 

Sgt. Appleby, F. J., 2149 Connaught St., Regina. 

Pte. Archambault. V., 307 Hibernia Rd.. Montreal. 

Pte. Archer, J., Milestone, Sask. 

Capt. Archibald, A. D., Elmvale, Ont. 

Pte. Armour, H.. Johnston. Renfrewshire, Scotland. 

Major Armour, P., 103 Avenue Road, Toronto. 

Pte. Armstrong, F., 84 Freejama Ave., Mt. Dennis, Ont. 

Cpl. Armstrong, F. E., 77 Kippendavie Ave., Toronto. 

Cpl. Armstrong. J. W.. Muirhead, Alberta. 

Pte. Armstrong, L., 1263 Second Ave. W., Owen Sound, 

L/Cpl. Armstrong, S., 61 Robertson St., Toronto. 
Pte. Armstrong. S., 164 Pearson Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Armstrong. W. J., 4S.5 Hetherington Ave., Winnipeg, 

Pte. Armstrong. W. S.. 150 l^appin Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Arnold. H.. 27 Glenwood St., Sydney. Cape Breton. 

Pte. Arnold, J. H., Bristol, Lot 40. P.E.I. 

Pte. Arnold. M., Wiarton, Ont. 
Pte. Arnold, W., Priceville, Ont. 

Pte. Arsenault, A., Plate, Sask. 

Pte. Arsenault, T., Wellington Station, R.H. No. 3, Box S3, 

Pte. Ascah, R., Peninsular, Gaspe, P.Q. 

Pte. Ashley, W., G.P.O., Halifax. 

Pte, A.s:hniore, W. B., 2,58 Bourgeois SL, Point St. Pharlrs, 
Montreal, P.Q. 

I'll', .^.shwor.ih, A.. -liO Beaumont Ave., I'ark .Ave.. Ks- 
ten.siu}!, Montreal, P.Q. 

I'tf. Aspley, ,1., -11 t ardill Rd., Toronto. 

Lieut. Atkey, M. E., Ladner, B.C. 

Pte. August, A., 1433 Spruce St., Chicago, 111. 

Lieut. Auld, J. H., 123 Glasgow St., Guelph, Ont. 

Pte. Aykroyd, W. G., 2S1 Concord Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Babcock, \V. W., Middle Sackville, N.B. 

Pte. Babcock, W.. 94 Doel Ave.. Toronto. 

R. S. M. Bacon, F. J. D., 70 Howard St., Toronto. 

Pte. Bailey, A., 85 Chalmer St.. (ialt. Onl. 

Spr. Bailey, C, Mimico, Ont. 

Sgt. Bailey. G., Dundalk, Ont. 

Pte. Bailey, J., 149% Yarmouth Kd., Toronto. 

Pte. Bailey, J. T.. 1840 Belmont .Ave., New York, N.Y.. 

Pte. Baillie, J. R., 48 9 Manning Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Baird, C. S., 29 Fairview Ave., Amherst, N.S. 

Lieut. Baird, F.. 306 Stair Bldg., Toronto. 

Sgt. Baker, N. T., Tremont. King's Co., N.S. 

Pte. Baker, R.. Coleman P.O., E. Toronto. 

Pte. Baker, R. E., 563 Church St., Toronto. 

Pte. Balbone, V., Richmond Hill, R.R. No. 1, Ont. 

L/Cpl. Balchin, J., 158 James St., Ottawa, Ont. 

Pte. Baldwin, E., 455 W.-43rd St., New York, N.Y. 

Gnr. Bales, R.. Lansing, Ont. 

Pte. Balfour. J. W., Gen. Del., Winnipeg Man. 

Cpl. Ball, G. R.. 564 Brock Ave., Toronto. 

Cpl. Ball, W., 438 Wellington St., Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. 

Gnr. Ballantyne, W., 614 Gladstone Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Ballindine, D., South Battleford, Sask. 

Pte. Banks, A., 291 1/2 Victoria St., Toronto. 

Lieut. Banks. G. W., S. Farmington, Annaiiolis Co., N.S. 

Lieut. Banwell, E., Erindale, Ont. 

Pte. Barber, A. B., 5 5 Cumberland Rd., I'laistow, London, 

Cpl. Barber, F.. 222 Goyeau St.. Windsor, Ont. 

Pte. Barber, S.. Mount Dennis, Ont. 

Pte. Barclay, W. J., 1150 Davie St., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Barden, W., 63 Dunraven Drive, Silverthorn P.O., 

Pte. Barker, F.. 249 Bathurst St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Barlow, C. C, 7 5 Kenil worth Ave., Toronto. 

Major Barnes, G. R., Hampton, N.B. 

Pte. Barnes, J. B., Barrie, Ont. " 

Pte. Barnes, R, H., Merritt, B.C. 

Pte. Barnett, H., Vanessa, R.R. No. 1, Ont. 

Pte. Barnett, W. E., 32 Page St., Hyde Park, Boston, 

Pte. Barnhart. J. A., Iroquois, Ont. 

R. S. .M. Barratt. R., 58A St. Johns Ave., S. Commons, 

Halifax. N.S. 
Cpl. Barry, J. A., 340 York St., Fredericton. N.B. 
Pte. Bartello, F., 943 Dundas St. W., Toronto. 
Pte. Batchelor, \V., 127 9th St. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Lieut. Bate, R. M. J., 29 Murray St., Toronto. 
Pte. Bates, P. A., Louisburg. N.S. 
2nd Lieut. Baxter, C. R., Dominion St., Truro, N.S. 
t pi. Baxter, H., 169 6th Ave. W., Vancouver, B.C. 
L/Cpl. Baxter, P., Mimico Beach P.O., Ont. 
Pte. Bayles, R. W., 209 Albert St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 
Pte. Bazinet, G., 1556A Esplanade Ave., Montreal. 
Cpl. Beach, B., 195 Jackson St. E., Hamilton. 
Pte. Beadle, F., 163 Westmoreland Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Beaton, H.. 5 Claremont St.. Toronto. 
Lieut. Beattie. G., 349 Grovenor' Ave., Westmount, Mon- 
Pte. Beattie, H.. Fitchbury, Mass.. U.S.A. 
Pte. Beck. J. N., IS Washington Ave., Toronto. 
Cpl. Beck, S., 112 Church St., Windsor, Ont. 
Pte. Beecham, G. L., 7 Wellesley Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Beesley, E., 344S. Bdgley St., Birchcliffe, Ont. 
Pte. Belcher, S., Dilke, Sask. 
Cpl. Belenger, P., Edouard, Lotbiniere, P.Q. 
Pte. Beley, C. M., Mount Forest, Ont. 
Lieut. Bell, A.. 41 Ann St., Toronto. Ont. 
Lieut. Bell, A, G., New Lowell, Ont. 
Major Bell, A., 27 Springmount Ave., Toronto, 
Pte. Benjamin, A., Dunham, Quebec. 
Pte. Bennett, F., 2322 Waverly St., Montreal, P.Q. 
Pte. Bennett, F. J., 42 Victoria Rd., Kilburn, N.\V. London. 

Pte. Bennett, P., 27 Fenwick Ave., Toronto. 
Gnr. Bennett, W.. 181 Perry St., Peterboro. Ont. 
Pte. Benson, A., Buchanan, Sask. 

Pte. Benson, H. G., 182 Silver Birch Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bernhardt, M., St. Catharines, Ont. 

I'te. Berwick. D. R.. Kingscattle. Fifeshire. ScniUmd. 

Pte. Besarit. T., 593 King St. \V., Toronto. 

L/Cpl. Best, S., 82 Olive Ave., Toronto. 

Spr. Binkley, C, New Liskeard, Ont. 

L/Cpl. Bint. B. A.. 427 Avenue Rd. S., Saskatoon. Sask. 

Gnr. Birchenough. D. D., 1150 Cramazie Blvd.. Montreal. 

Pte. Bird. H. H., Y.M.C.A.. College St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Birkett, O. F.. 87 Washington Ave., Trenton. .Mich.. 

Lieut. Bishop. J. L., 223 McLeod St,, Ottawa. 

Spr., Bissett. W. M., 122 S. Brock St., Sarnia. Ont. 

Sgt. Bisset, W. S.. 10 Bartlett Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bivand. T., Katrine Station, Ont. 

Ex. -Lieut. Bizley, J. W., 962 Dufferin St., Toronto. 

Pte. Bjarnason, M., Churchbridge, Sask. 

Pte. Black. H., 786 Nassau St., Winnipeg, Man. 

Pte. Black, J., 22 Starr St., Ansonia, Conn., U.S. A 

Pte. Blacker, J. T.. 127 N. Dearborn St.. Chicago, 111. U.S.A. 

Pte. Blacklock, R., Onoway, Alberta. 

L/C. Blackman, G. A., 64 I^ Marchmount St., Halifax, N.S. 

Pte. Blackwell, C, 279 Caledonia Rd., Toronto. 

L/C. Blair, J.. 173 St. Helens Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Blanchard. P., Dewar Rd., P.E.I. 

Pte. Blank, F., Wilno, Ont. 

Capt. Bleakley. T. W., 233 Delaware Ave., Toronto. 

Lieut. Blight, T. F., 24 Rosser Ave., Brandon, Man. 

C. Q. M. S. Bliss, E. C, Milan, Indiana, U.S.A. 

Pte. Blondin, C. E., Pierre Ville, Quebec. 

Pte. Blowing, S. P., 939 Logan Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Blowing, W. J.. 939 Logan Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bluett. B. W.. Collina. King's Co.. N.B. 

Sgt. Bluett. S.. 913 Dundas St. E.. Toronto. 

Pte. Blyth, S., 1701-5th Ave., Los Angeles, California. 

Pte. Boal, J., 689 William Ave., Winnipeg, Man. 

Ex.-Pte. Bodner, J., Bridgeburg, Ont. 

Pte. Bolduc, G,, Vankleek Hill, Ont. 

Pte. Bolton, R., 19 Division St., New licilfonl. M.iss. 

P a (J r X i ii r I c (' n 

D. O. H. 


DISCHARGES— C<'(i//»»<-(/. 

.Sgt. Bonar, A.. R.R. No. 1, Killam. Alta. 

Pte. Bonnell, G. D., 118 Bli'ecker St.. Toi-onlo. 

Gnr. Booeock. D. E.. 13S Marchmount Rd.. Toronto. 

Pte. Boost, E.. 402 Montrose Ave., Toronto. 

L/C. Booth, J., 61 Shaw St., Toronto. 

Pte. Booth, J. A.. Prescott, Ont. 

Pte. Bosanquet, H. E., 27 The Lindens, Bain Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Boskett, G. E.. 4 77 Dundas St. E., Toronto. 

Pte. Boudreau, P., 4 Douglas Ave.. Amherst, N.S. 

Cpl. Bourdot, W. C, 2 9 Van Houten St., Patterson, N..I. 

Pte. Boudreau. A., Chanibord, Lake St. Jean, P.Q. 

Pte. Bourgeois. E., 110 Brunswick St., Fredericton. X.B. 

Cpl. Bourke, H., 4S Grove Park, Rathmines, Dublin. Ire- 

Pte. Bowden, J., Y.JI.C.A., College St., Toronto. 

Pte. Bowen, P., 1« Thornton Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bowen, W., Pictou, N.S. 

C. M. S. Bower, T. H., 564 Christie St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Bowler, T. P., 34 Wellin.sjton St.. Camden Town, Lon- 
don. N.W., England. 

L/C. Boyce, H. S., 70 Le Briton St.. Ottawa. 

Gnr. Boyce, W. W., Bolton, Ont. 

Gnr. Boyer, E., Kincardine, Ont, 

Pte. Boyle. A., Fredericton, N.B. 

Gnr. Boyle, H. R., 48 Lowell Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. 

Sgt. Boyne. I'"., Stoughton, Sask. 

Dvr. Brady, T., 422 Garden Ave.. Verdun, Montreal. 

Pte. Brawiey, A., C/o G. Clark, 120 Glebe St., Toronto. 

L/C. Bray, H., 954 Madison St., A'ictoria, B.C. 

Gnr. Breadmore, W., 2 Markham Place. Toronto. 

Pte. Breaton, C, 105 Waterloo St., Guelph, Ont. 

Lieut. Bredin, W. T., 26 De Lisle Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bremner, J.. Box 662, Swift Current, Sask. 

Pte. Brennan, F., 82 Harcourt Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bresnahan, D., 81 Pardee Ave., Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. 

I.,ieut. Briggs, W. A., C/o Messrs. Kingston, St. Catharines, 

Pte. Brighton, A. J., 482 Concord Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Brimacombe, L., 50A. St. Zotique, Montreal, P.Q. 

Pte. Brine, A. C, Joggins Mines, N.S. 

Pte. Brisbourne, E., 361 Home St., Winnipeg, Man. 

Pte. Broadfoot, .1. F., 31 Highland Ave., Westerley, Rhode 

Pte. Broadhead. C, 18 Manning Ave., Toronto. 

L/C. Brock, R., Strathroy, Ont. 

L/C. Brodie, W., 145 Hastings Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Brooks, H.. Weston P.O., Ont. 

Cadet Broun, W. L., Wedgefield, S.C, U.S.A. 

Pte. Brousseau, J., 101 Gollard St., Hull, P.Q. 

Pte. Brown, A., Box 1031, Station C, P.O., Parkdale, 

Tpr. Brown, D., 2422 Hutchinson, Montreal. 

Pte. Brown, F., 1208 W. Blvd., Rapid City, S. Dakota, U.S.A. 

Pte. Brown, F., Hawshaw, York Co., N.B. 

Sgt. Brown, F., Mitchellstown, Cork, Ireland. 

Pte. Brown, F., Ford City, Ont. 

Pte. Brown, F., 132 Chester Ave., Toronto. 

L/C. Brown, K. li., 1261 Yonge St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Brown, F. T., 506 Jones Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Brown, G. M., Box 165, G.P.O., Brantford, Onl. 

Pte., Brown, G. A., 129 Besserer St., Ottawa. 

Pte. Brown, H., 93 Harcourt Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Brown, H., 98 Main St., Whitinsville, 

Pte. Brown, J. P., Box 197, Glenwilliams, Ont. 

Pte. Brown, J., Box 752, Paris, Ont. 

Pte. Brown, R., 4 MuUarky Ave., Verdun. Montreal. 

Pte. Br<iwn, U. K., 392 Victoria Ave.. Niagara Falls, Onl. 

Pte. Brown, T. H.. 237 Caledonia Rd., St. Clair Ave. W., 

Pte. Browne, W. J., Matheson, Ont. 

Sgt. Brounridge, E., 102 Wheeler Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Brunton, D., 41 York St., St. Catharines, Out. 

I'te. Bryans, W. F., 320 Pacific Ave., Toronto. 

Pie. Buchan, G., 901 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont. 

I'te. Buchanan, D., 93 Cronyn Ave., Todmorden. Toronto. 

Pte. Buchanan, J. P., 20 East 3rd St., Bayonne. N.J. 

Pte. Buchanan, S.. 47 Grant St., Toronto. 

Pte. Buckler, W. H., 83 Gould St., Toronto. 

Pte Budan. F. J.. 1378E. 40th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Q. M. S. I. Bullen, F., 274 Rhodes Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Bumberry, J., Caledonia, Ont. 

Pte. Burchan, G., G.P.O., Winnipeg, Man. 

Gnr. Burgess, H., 55 Atherly Rd.. Earlscourt, Toronto. 

Pte. Burge-ss, N. 37 Birch Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Burkholder, R, Stouffville, Ont. 

Pte. Buries, G. T., 373 Gait Ave., Verdun, Montreal. 

Pte. Burley, A. A., Peticote, Ont. 

Sgt. Burley, E., 525 Clinton St., Toronto. 

Capt. Burns, A. S., Kentville, N.S. 

Pte. Burns, T., 306 W. 125th St., New York, U.S.A. 

Pte. Burns, W., 397 Hughson St. N., Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Burt. V. A., 281 Eglington St., London, Ont. 

Dvr. Burton, A., R.R. No. 4, St. Catharines. Ont. 

Pte. Burton, J., Gaspe Bay. Cape Breton. 

Pte. Bush, A., 421 Shaw St., Toronto. 

Pte. Bussell, W., 37 Metcalfe, St., Montreal, P.Q. 

Pte. Butler, A., 979 William Ave., Winnipeg. 

Pte. Butler, J., Pines Paparoa, Auckland, N.Z. 

Pte. Butterworth. J., Monell Ave.. I.slip, Long Island New- 
York, U.S.A. 

Pte. Buyers, J. A., 5 8 St. Helen's Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Buyers, D., 77 Kenneth Ave.. Toronto. 

Lieut. Byrn, T. S., 3990 Marguerite Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Byrne, L., C/o Ryan, 152 St. Catharines St., Montreal. 

Lieut. Byrne, L. C, Bank of Montreal, Front St.. Toronto. 

I'te. Cadieux, M., Ha.wkesbury, Ont. 

Pte. Cafley, W. J., 594 Sherbourne St., Toronto. 

Pte. Caldwell, J., 129A. Lappin Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Caldwell, J., 584 Clinton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Calnek, J., 335-87th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Major Cameron, G. L.. 6 Thorn St., Toronto. 

Pte. Callander, J., C/o J. H. Davis, R.R. No. 1, Utopia, Ont. 

Pte. Cameron. A. G., Lanark, Ont. 

Pte. Cameron, H. J., Cumberland, Ont. 

Pte. Cameron, W. F., 21 Kelvin Ave., Toronto. 

Major Campbell, A. H., 5 7 Baxter St., Buffalo. 

Pte. Campbell, D. J., 32 Market St., Halifax. 

Pte. Campbell, G., Baddeck, Cape Breton, N.S. 

Pte. Campbell, H., Bass River, King's Co., N.B. 

Pte. Campbell, J. A., 145 Carling Ave., Ottawa. 

Pte. Canning, B., 97 Hazelton Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Cantin, C, 534 St. Valer St., Quebec. 

Pte. Caple, W,, Hintonburg, Ottawa, Ont. 

R. S. M. Carkner, R. C, 149 Hinton Ave., Ottawa. 

Lieut. Carleton, J. F., 148 Westminster Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Carlson. H. B., Dielburne, Alta. 

Pte. Carmichael, D. W., 146 Maynard St., Halifax. 

Pte. Carnegie, C, Gen. Del., Winnipeg. 

Pte. Carnell, G., 62 Kenilwortb Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Caron, A., Grand Falls, N.B. 

Pte. Caron, A., Maniwaki, P.Q. 

Cpl. Carpenter, A. G., 36 Dexter St., St. Catharines, Ont. 

Capt. Carpenter, J. R., The Greyhound. Ash, Surrey, Eng- 

Pte. Carpentier, L., 940 Gerrard St. E., Toronto. 

Sgt. Carpentier, X., Louisville, P.Q. 

Pte. Carr, W. H., Massey Station, Ont. 

Pte. Carriere, O., 12 Douglas Ave., Ottawa. 

Pte. Carroll, J., 41 Dundonald St., Toronto. 

I'te. Carroll. J., R.F.D. No. 2, Marcellus, New York. U.S.A. 

I'te. Cartier, J., 14 Rue Georges, Sorel, P.Q. 

Pte. Caruana, F., Windsor, Ont. 

Pte. Case, F. W., 415 Newton Ave., EIniwood, Winnipeg. 

L/C. Case, W., 494 John St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

Pte. Gathers, C, 6 9 Standish Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Catto, H. J., R.R. No. 7, Owen Sound, Ont, 

P.dr. Caveen, T. E., 632 Gerrard St. E., Toronto. 

I'le. Caven, S., 1218 Dufterin St., Toronto. 

Pte. Chabot, A., Lachute Mills, P.Q. 

Lt. Col. Chadwick, W. C. V., 107 Ilowland Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Chambers. C, 13 Dean St., Toronto. 

Pte. Chanipoux, F., 2519 Afass Ave., N. Cambridge, Mass. 

Spr. Chandler, R., Charlottetown, P.E.I. 

Pie. Chapman. P., 16lh St. -17th St. West. Prince Albert, 

Cpl. Chappell, J.. 76 Kenneth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Charbonneau, Z., Gen. Del.. Toronto. 

Capt. Charlton. N. G.. Box 121, Tillsonburg, Ont. 

Pte. Chase, T., 34 Rathnally Ave., Toronto. 

I'le. ("hatfield, E.. Shawmut. Maine. U. S. A, 

Pie. Cheeseman, F., 1239 Shaw St., Toronto. 

Gnr. Cheeseman, W.. 33 Stewart .'".I., Toronto. 

Page T ir <• ii I y 

D. O. H. 

Dl SCH AROES— Co;(;/)n(f(/. 


N.S. ClKTi-y. C. b., Bowmaiivillf, Oiil. 
Capt. Chitteiulen. H. I^., Sti'Mthioy. Uii(. 
Pte. Chittim. G.. R. R. No. 6. Chatham, Out. 
L/C. Chivers, J.. Wyoming. Ont. 
Pte. Christie, W., 1997 Chabot St., Montreal, P.Q. 
Pte. Christie, W. J., 474-7th St. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Pte. Christy, D., Wellington, Ont. 
Pte. Cinnamon, B., North Hatley, P.Q. 
Pte. Clancy. W., 491 Davidson St., 
Lient. Clarke, A. A., 1400 Broadway W., Vaniouvi>r, B.C. 
Pte. Clark. C. V., 229 Second Ave. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Sgt. Clarke, F. H., Millerton, N.B. 
Pte. Clark. G., Cornhlll, King's Co., N.B. 

Pte. Clark, H., 5 Rowanwood Ave., Beach Kd., Hamilton. 
Gnr. Clark, J., 175 Easton Ave., Montreal W.. P.O. 
Pte. Clark, R. P., Goderich, Ont. 
Pte. Claus, R., Ridgeway, Ont. 

Pte. Claydon, F. G 34 Kenninghani Ud,. l-Mmniilon, Lon- 
don, Eng. 
Pte. Clayton, G. H., 335 Stanley Terrace, Chicago, U.S.A. 
Lieu't. Clendinlng, H, 34 Ashburnham Avc>,. Tnrnnto. 
Gnr. Clewlo, H. E., 22 Avoca Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Cliffe. A. J., Echo Bay, Ontario. 
Pte. Clifford, H., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Clow, W. E, Pleasant Grove, Lot 34, P.E.I. 
Pte. Colbourne. G. A., 8 Cameron, St Toronto. 
Pte. Coakley, G., 392 Columbia Rd., Dorchester. Mass. 
Gnr. Cohn, C. V., 959 Wellington'st., V rdun. Montreal. 
Pte. Colby, A. W., 98 Emerson Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Coldwell. P. Amherst N.S. 3 4 Pleasant St. 
Dvr. Colby S. A., 206 Scarboro Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Cole, A. E., 17 Fernwood Park Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Cole, C, 116 Walpole Ave.. Toronto. 

Lieut. Cole, D. H. M. M.. Burlington, Ont. 

Pte. Cole, F. J., Clinton, Ont, 

Pte. Cole. J. A., 31 Schwenger Ave., Hamilton E.. Ont. 

Pte. Cole J. S., 1144 First Ave. W., Owen Sound. Ont. 

Pte. Coleman. W.. 144 Amelia St., Toronto. 

Pte. Collins, F. J., 200 Sidney Ave., Cambridge. Mass. 

Pte., Collins, G, W., 1S21 Norton St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Cpl. Collins. J., 935 Bathurst St.. Toronto. 

Dvr. Collins, J., 1194 Verdun Ave., Montreal. 

Pte. CoUiss, T.. 238 Roseberry St., Winnipeg. 

Sig. Colman, A. R., 42 Vermont Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Colquhoun. A. A.. 723-5th Ave. W.. Calgary. Alta. 

Pte. Compton. C. 886 Carlaw Ave.. Toronto. 

Lieut. Comstock, W. D.. Hantsport. N.S. 

Pte. Conley, B., Stirling, Ont. 

Pte. Conloque. L. W.. 246 Elm St., Bangor. Maine, U.S.A. 

Cpl. Conner, A. N., 2 Dury, Swansea, Ont. 

Pte. Conroy, J. E., Huntsville. Ont. 

Pte. Cook. E., 44 Wineva Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Cook, O., 199 Jarvis St.. Toronto. 

L/C. Cook, R. R.. 274 Gerrard St. E.. Toronto. 

Pte. Cooper, F. W.. 33 Giffurd St., Toronto. 

Pte. Cooper, W.. 197 York St., Hamilton. 

Pte. Corbin, G., 16 Lansdowne Ave., London, Ont. 

Pte. Cordeau, V., 64 Farmland Rd.. Lowell. Mass. 

Pte. Corin. C. R., 205 Van Home St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Corkran. F. R.. 844-15th St. B.. Owen Sound. Ont. 

Pte. Corr. C. M.. Knights of Columbus. King i<: .lohn Sts., 

Cpl. Costello, C. G.P.O.. Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Cote, P., Kingston Junction, Ont. 

Pte. Cotter, J. G.. Scotsburn, Pictou Co., N,S. 

Pte. Couch. H., Simcoe, Ont. 

Pte. Couch. T. G.. 1S2 First Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Coughlin. A.. 7 2 Livingston Ave., Beverley, Mass., 

Pte. Coulter, F. W., 79 Silverbirch Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Coupland, S. M., Port Hope, Ont. 

Pte. Cousineau, J., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Pte. Coverley, J. R., 1388 Queen St. W., Toronto. 

Pte. Cowan, A., Ill Ashburnham Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Cowan, E., Blyth, Ont, 

Pte. Cowan, W., 379 Lansdowne Ave.. Toronto. 

Cpl. Coward. T.. Craighurst, Ont. 

Pte. Cox, C. S.. 234 Osier Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Cox. F. W.. Trenton. Ont. 

Pte. Cox. H., Duck Mt. P.O., Manitoba. 

Pte. Cox, R., Ridgeway, Ont. 

Pte. Cox. R., 70 .Marchmonl Kd.. Toronto. 
Pte. Cox. W.. 2137 i'onge St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Craig, A. O., 1123-53rd St., Oakland, Cal., U.S.A. 
Ex-Pte. Craig. J. J., Box 73, Dundas, Ont. 
Pte. Craigie, A,, 337 Parliament St., Toronto. 
Cpl. Craik. G, C, 1123-lOth St. E., Calgary. Alta. 
Pte. Crampton. W. E.. 56 Margueretta St.. Toronto, 
Pte. Crawford. G., Lakefield, Ont. 
Pte. Crawford, J. E., Jlinesing, Ont. 
Cpl. Crawford, W. J., 183 Montrose Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Crawshaw, J., 89 Havelock St., Amherst, N.S. 
Pte. Creed, H., Gen, Del., Toronto. 
L/C. Cre.sswcll, W, E,, 65 Condor Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. .Crisney. J., 1956 Niagara St., Buffalo, N.Y. 
Lieut. Crispin, J. W. H., 302 Princess St,, .\'i-w A\'i-st min- 
ster, B.C. 
Pte. Crocker. O., Albert, Albert Co.. N.B. 
Pte. Croft. W. H., Meaford, Ont. 

Pte. Croken. E., 26 Longworth Ave.. Charlottetnwn, P.K.I. 
Pte. Crombie. J.. 328 Bartlett Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Cronin. P.., Teeswater. Ont. 
Pte. Crook, S. H., 142 River St., Toronto. 
Pte. Cross, A., Ladysmith, B.C. 
Sgt. Croteau. H., 4 Minto St., Sherbrooke, P.Q. 
Pte. Crowe, J. R., 1063-2nd Ave. E.. Owen Sound, Ont. 
Lieut. Crowe, R. P., 222 Regent Ave., N.D.G., Montreal. 
L/C. Cruickshank, A., 210 Cowan Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Cruickshank, C, 81 Hanover Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Pte. Cullabine, N., 810 Warsaw Ave., Winnipeg., Manitoba, 
Pte. Cullen, P., 55 Maynard St., Halifax. 
Pte. Culliford, T., Waterford, Ont. 
Sgt. Cullington. M. W., 101 Gorevale Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Culp, D.. 227 McNab St. N.. Hamilton. Ont. 
Pte Culver. R. D., 406E.-57th St.. Los Angeles. Cal. 
Sgt. Cumberland, A., 2258 Dundas St.. W., Toronto. 
Cpl. Cumberland, C. Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Cunningham, T. M., 620 Bathurst St., Tcn-onto. 
Pte. Curley, D. A., Windsor House, 16 Marlboro Hill, King's 

Down, Bristol, England. 
Pte. Curran, W. G., 67 Sydenham Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Currie. J. W., 266 Wellens Ave., Olney. Pa., U.S.A. 
Pte. Currie, R., 101 Cunard St., Halifax. 

Pte. Currie, T., 39 Cedarvale Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Currie. T., Angus, P.Q. 

Pte. Curry, J., Rear 82 St. David St., Toronto. 

L/C. Curtis. J. E., 34 King St., Weston, Ont. 

Gnr. Curtis, R,, 306 Parliament St., Toronto. 

Pte. Curtis, S. H., 325-15th Ave. W.. Vancouver, B,C. 

Pte. Curtright. E. W.. 3 Aberdeen Ave., Toronto, 

Pte. Cutcnt, T. S., Southwold. Ont. 

Pte. Cuttell. J., 147 Briar Hill Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Dahlstrom, H., Centre City, Minn., U.S.A. 

Pte. Dale, E., Port Credit, Ont. 

Pte. Daley, F., Digby, N.S. 

Pte. Daniels, W., Mimico P.O., Ont. 

Pte. Daoust, Z., 22-14th Ave., Lachine. P.Q. 

Pte. Dare, F., C/o Miss Dare. Narbor Hotel. Narborough. 
Lester. England. 

Pte. Darlington, E., Ill Coursol St., Montreal. 

Pte. Darlison. A.. Gen. Del.. Edmonton. Alta. 

Gnr. Darwin, C.B.. 2212 Van Ness Ave., S. "\'ancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Davey, W., 87 Emma St., Chatham, Ont. 

Lieut. Davidson, W. W., 1 Weybourne Cres.. Toronto. 

Pte. Davies, A., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Pte. Davies, T., 230 Ann St.. Montreal. 

Sgt. Davies, W., 35 Brookside Ave.. W. Toronto. 

Gnr. Davies, A. R., Wolfe Island, Ont. 

Pte. Davis, E. J. G., 2991/2 Sumach St., Toronto. 

Pte. Davis. G. G.. 54 Peckham St.. New Bedford. Mass. 

Pte. Davis. H. W., 1580 Keller Ave.. Winnipeg. Man. 

1st A.M. Davis. J.. 1320 Joseph St.. Verdun. Montreal. 

Gnr. Dawson, C. W., 117 St. Andrews. Victoria. B.C. 

Pte. Dawson, E., 3515 W. Allegenny Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa. 

Pte. Dawson. K. A.. 194 Duchess Ave.. London. Ont. 

Cpl. Dawson. W.. 231 Lansdowne Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Day, J., 907 Queens Ave., London. Ont. 

Pte. Day, J.. 329 Terrace Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Pte. Deacon, F., Monitor, Alberta. 

Pte. Dean, E., 3 57 St. Laurent St., Montreal. 

L/C. Deane, W., 22 Marshall St., Toronto. 

Pte. Dearden, G. J., 533 St. Urbain St., Montreal. 

Page Twenty-one 

D. O. H 


DISCHARGES— Continued. 

Q. M. S. DeCelles, G., 221 Querbes Ave., Outremont. P.Q. 

Pte. DeDosser, E.. 21E. Mansfield St., Hartford, Conn., 

Pte. Deem. H. A., St,%forth. Ont. 

Pte. Deering. G. T., Box 892, Cobalt, Ont. 

Pte. Deiter, C. W., Little Current. Manitoulin Island, Ont. 

Pte. Delahaye, C. E., 187 King William St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Delahaye, J. H., 187 King William St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Delisle, A., River Duloup, P.Q. 

Pte. DeMorest, K., Sudbury, Ont. 

Tpr. Dempsey, J., 17 Buchanan St. Toronto. 

Pte. Dempsey, R.. Carnlough, Antrim, Ireland. 

Cpl. Dent, J., West Hill P.O., Ont. 

Pte. Denyer, A., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Cpl. Deroche, T., Bllainville, N.B. 

Pte. Dery, A., Montmorency Falls. P.Q. 

Pte. Desbiens, J. F., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Pte. DeSotto, G., Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Man. 

Pte. Deviney, D., Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. 

Pte. Devitt, P., 260 Monmouth Rd., Walkerville, Ont. 

Pte. Diamond, T., 208 Pacific Ave., A'erdun, Montreal. 

Pte. Dickson, B. H., 100 Hamilton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Dilley, C. E., 64 Jackson Ave., Plainfleld, N.J., U.S.A. 

Pte. Dillon, C, 201E.-38th St., New York City, U.S.A. 

Lieut. Dingman, G. M., 376 Spadina Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Dinner. H. I., Richmond Hill, Ont. 

Pte. Dinsdale, A., 234 Talbot St.. London. Ont. 

Pte. Diplock, A. H., Camper. Manitoba. 

Pte. Dixon, A., 135 Ros.slyn Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Lieut. Dixon, B., 210\V.-46th St.. Kansas City, Mo., U.S.A. 

Pte. Dixon, A. G., Cadal, Mold, N. Wales. 

Qpl. Doan, M. H., Port Colborne. Ont. 

Pte. Doane, A., Truro, N.S. 

Pte. Dobson, J., 5 Abemarle Ave., E. Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Dobson, W,, 583 Indian Grove, Toronto. 

Pte. Doherty, C. T.. 665 Elias St., London, Ont. 

Pte. Doherty, J. J., 514 Front St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Dollery, P., 235 Glenforce Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Dolman, S., 19 Holton Ave., Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Don, J. S., Wanekville, Alta. 

Pte. Donald, F., Peltelo, Ont. 

Pte. Donahue, M. J., 137 George V. Avenue., l.aehine. I'.Q. 

Pte. Donald, J. A.. 1652-13th Ave. E., Orandview, Van- 
couver, B.C. 

Pte. Donald, L. G., 2 3 Wood St., Toronto. 

Cpl. Donaldson, A., 323 Kingston Rd.. Toronto. 

Sgt. Donaldson, G., 1032 Woodbine Ave., X. Danforth Dis- 
trict, Toronto. 

Capt. Donaldson. R., R.R. No. 2, Tatamagouche, N.S. 

Cadet Donellan. .1.. 2093 Harrison Blvd., Oakland, Cal.. 

Pte. Donnelly, P., Box 742, Arnprior. Ont. 

Pte. Donovan. A., 369 Charron St., Montreal. 

Pte. Donovan, R. .1., 489 Wellington St., Montreal. 

.Sgt. Doolittle, C, R.R. No. 3, King, Ont. 

I'le. Dormer, H. .!.. 38 St. Dunslan's Kd.. Ilanw.ll, Lonilon 
W., England. 

I'le. Douglas, A. W.. 11 .Niagara St.. Windsor. Out. 

.V. S. Douglas. .M. G.. 191 Clanranald Ave., Montreal. 

I'te. Dow., C. A. (1., 170 Indian Grove, Toronto. 

I'te. Dowdell, .1. 1)., 323 .Manning Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Dovvkes, C. I., 535-1 1th St., Medicine H,it, Alia. 

Pte. Dowle, V, H., 24 K( Ivin Ave., Toronto. 

L/C. Downey, G.. 128 Harrington Ave., K. Toinnui. Onl. 

Pte. Downs, R. W., Flat Lands, N.B. 

Pte. Dowswell. F., Mirror, Alta, 

Pte. Doyle, .L .1., 262 Holton Ave.. S. Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Doyle, K. G., 255 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Drake, G., 272 Laughton Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Drake. J., 22 Dundas St., London, Ont. 

liieut. Drayton, F. L., 333 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa. 

I'te. Draper, H., 361 Gilbert Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Driscoll, J., 145A. Hamilton St., \"ille V.. .Manl. .Mon- 

Sgt. Driscoll. M., 100 Ann St., Toronto. 

Pte. Driscoll. T.. 114 Lincoln Rd.. Walkerville, Ont. 

Pte. Driver, F., 7 4 Kingsmount I'ark Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Driver, G., Goldenburg, Onl. 

Pte. Drouin. E., Haieville. P,Q. 

I'te. Driiz. r. IC 44 St. Andrews St., Montreal. 

I'le. Dubois. .1. .1.. SI. .Albert, Arlhaliasca, P.Q. 

L/C. Ducharme, J. D., Forget, Sask. 

Pte. Duclos, A., 54-2nd Ave., Iberville, P.Q. 

Pte. Dudley, J., 54 S. George St., Belleville. Ont. 

Pte. Duff, J. C, 315 Weston Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Duffell, H. J., Hexley P.O., Alta. 

Pte. Duffy, J. v.. Charlottetown, R.R. No. 9, P.E.I. 

Cpl. Duggan, M. J., Lloydtown, Ont. 

Pte. Duguid, J., Dean Ave., Oakville, Ont. 

Spr. Dukes, A. J., 514 Dupont St., Toronto. 

Pte. Dumesnil, J., Acton Valle, P.Q. 

Pte. Dumphy, G., 181 Burris St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Dunbrack, M., S. Uniack, Hants Co., N.S. 

Pte. Dunbrook, W. W., 119 Waterloo St., Kitchener, Ont. 

Lieut. Duncan. A., 160 Waverley St. Ottawa. 

Pte. Duncan, D., 182 Oak St., Toronto. 

Pte. Dunham, F., 71 Lombard St., St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Dunham. G. W., 106 Chesley St.. St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Dunk, F.. 330 Osier Ave., Toronto 

Pte. Dunn W., 149 Gamble Ave., Toronto. 

Ex.-Spr. Dunn, W., 18 Pyritt, Cobalt, Ont. 

Pte. Dunnett, W., C/o Juvenile Court, Toronto. 

Pte. Dunphy, G. W., Leamington, Ont. 

Spr. Dupre, A. J., 25 Gladstone Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Duquette, A., Beebe Plain, P.Q. 

Ex.-Pte. Durocher, O., Ste. Perpetue Point, L'Islet. P.Q. 

Gnr. Dui-rant, B. C, 421 Sackville St., Toronto. 

Pte. Dykes, A. W., 203 Broadway Court, Winnipeg, Man, 

Pte. Earl, H. E., Milton, Ont. 

Pte. Easterbrook, A. A., 1120 Fullerton .-Vve., Chicago, III., 

Pte. Eaton, H., 276 Inglewood St., St. James, Winnipeg, 

Pte.. Eaton, H. M., Truro, N.S. 
Lieut. Eaton, O. B., 325 Lauder Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Eddy, E.. Bathurst, N.B. 
Pte. Edgar, J.. Carlton St., Thorold. Ont. 
Sgt., Edgett, H. B., Sackville. N.B. 

Pte. Edwards, A., 176 Couteau St.. Jaw, Sask. 
Pte. Edwards, W., 874 Palmerston Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Elders, A., Kenora, Ont. 
Pte. Eley. E. S., Gen. Del., Winnipeg, Man. 
Pte. Ellas. E., 71 Elthorne Rd., Upper Hollovvay, Highgate, 

London, England. 
Pte. Elkins, C. J., Andersonville, Tenn.. U.S.A. 
Pte. Elliott, G. A., Wingham, Ont. 
Cpl. Elliott, H. J., Ripley, Ont. 
Pte. Elliot, I^., Cape Croker, Ont. 
Lieut. Elliott, S., Thessalon, Ont. 
Pte. Elliott, T., 868 Weston Rd., Mount Dennis, Ont. 

I'te. Elliott. W. G., 396 Willard Ave., W. Toronto. 

I'te. Ellis, F. A., 514 Manning Ave., Toronto. 

Spr. Ellis, F, T., 699 Gilmore St., Ottawa, 

Pte. Elli.s. J.. 252 Nairn Ave., Toronto. 

I'le. Elrick, W., 273 Mitton St., Sarnia, Ont. 

I'le. Elson. C. G Clare St., Laurentian \'iew. Oltawa. 

I'te. Elson, C, 16 Ave., Lambton, Ont. 

Dvi'. lOlvidge, W. H., 102 Alcina Ave.. Toronto. 

Cpl. Kmbleton, R., 291 .Main St. E.. Toroiilo. 

Spr. Emerson, M., Collingwood, Onl. 

I'te. Emniett, ,1., 758 Dupont St., Toronto. 

I'te. Emms, T. A., Sussex, N.B. 

I'te. England. W., 1288 King St., London, Ont. 

I'te. Enright, E., 101 Wood St., Tir- ,ito. 

I'le. Ervantiwitz, P., Sydney Mines, N..S. 

Pte. Erwiii, J.. Snow Rd., Ont. 

Spr. Esler, \'., 2 Compton Terrace, London. ICngland. 

Cpl. Kvans, A., 486 Quebec St., London, Ont. 

Pte. Evans, G., Ardenode, Alberta. 

Lieut. Evans, G. T.. Hradford. 

Pte. Evans. R. E.. High St., Jackson's Point, Peterboro, 

I'le. I'^vans, T. L., Old P.O., H.irview, Monlgomeryshire, N, 

S|ir. Evariste, D., 68 Bessborougli I'laee. Westminster, 
S.W.-l, London, England. 

Pte. Everden, W., 4 Castlelield Ave., Toronto. 

I'te. Everest, G., 433 Shaw St., Toronto. 

I'te. Everett, G., 508 Parliament St., Toronto, 

I'te. Eves, F. A., 109 Glenlake Ave.. Chicago. 111.. IT.s..\. 

Pte. Evis. A. A.. 315 Grace St., Toronto. 

Cpl. Exter, M. C, 25 White St., Springfield. Mass., I'.S..A. 

/' .1 ./ I 

'/' //■ r H t tl - I If o 

D. O. H 

DISCHARGES— Co»//)i/a-,/. 


I'tr. Ewald. A. H.. Pun Elgin. Out. 

rte. Ewing:. D. R., 336 Main St. E.. ilaniilton. Onl. 

Pte. Faichney. A.. 6 Gunn's Rd., Toronto. 

Ptp. Faile.s, J.. Box 535, Joyce RcL. Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte., E.. 17 Chapel St.. Toronto. 

Cpl. Falkingham, P., G.P.O.. Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Faragher, W. H., 655 Crawford St., Toronto. 

L/C. Farler. A., Gen. Del., Winnipeg, Man. 

Cpl. Farmer, S., Whitby, Ont. 

Pte. Fawcett, S. G., 220 Ontario St., Toronto. 

Pte. Fell, W. J.. 2 00 John St. X., Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Fenney, A., 48 Carlaw Ave., Toi-onto. , 

Pte. Fenwick, C, C/o Mr. J. Shannon, R.R. No. 1. Arii- 
prior, Ont, 

Pte. Ferguson, A. E.. Walkerton, Ont. 

Pte. Fergu.son, D.. Caribou Marsh, Cape Breton, X.S. 

Pte. Ferguson, J., 138 Woodbine Ave., Toronto. 

Sgt. Ferguson, R., Salmon Arm, B.C. 

Bdr. Fernie, D.. 220 AVood Ave., Westmount, Montreal. 

Pte. Ferriday, J., 4 Widmer St., Toronto. 

Pte. Ferrier, A., 3 6 Price St., Toronto. 

Pte. Ferrier, V. C, 120 Margueretta St., Toronto. 

Pte. Fieldhouse, J, W,, Main St.. Geneva, Ohio, U.S.A. 

Gnr. Fieldhouse, T., 35 Grant Ave.. H.imilton. Ont. 

Pte. Finch, H.. 48 9 Rathgar Ave.. Winnipeg. Man. 

Pte. Fincham, H. H., 316 Logan Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Finck, A. G., New Glasgow, N.S. 

Pte. Findlater, F., San Angelo, Texas, U.S.A. 

Pte. Findlay, H.. 7 Brent St., Dorchester, Mass., U.S.A. 

Pte. Finlay, G.. Box 24, Whitby, Ont. 

Pte. Finn, M., 117 Versailles St., Montreal. 

Spr. Finnigan, J. A., 121 John St., Toronto. 

Pte. Fisher, H., 309 East Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. 

Lieut. Fisher, L. B., 45 Dewson St.. Toronto. Fisher. P. J.. Tutela P.O., Brantford. Ont. 

Pte. Fisher, S., 11 Monk St.. Ottawa. 

Pte. Fitzpatrick. C. J., 401W.-45th St., New York City, 

Ex. -Pte. Fitzpatrick, T. P., Chatham. Elng. 
Sgt. Flaxman. T.. Duke St.. Bowmanville. Ont. 
Cpl. Fleming, C. F.. Queensboro. Ont. 
Pte. Fleming, F., 205 Dunn Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Fleming, J. C, Milton, Ont. 
Bdr. Fleming. R. J.. Red Triangle. Toronto. 
Capt. Fletcher, D. R., Sharon, Ont. 

Cpl. Fletcher, J., Fountain St., Antrim Co.. Antrim. Iri'land. 
Pte. Flight, D., 103 Ferrie St., Hamilton E.. Ont. Flint, J.. 52 Sammon Ave.. Todmorden. Toronto. 
Pte. Flintoft, J. F., 208 Ontario St., Stratford, ()]it. 
Pte. Flowers. C. Campbellton, N.B. 

Pte. Flynn, S., <)620-107th Ave. W., Edmonton. Alta. 
Pte. Foote. I'"., 117 Harbord St., Toronto. 
Pte. Foran. R.. 53 Bristol St.. Hamilton. Ont. 
Pte. Ford. A. F., 608 Wellington St. W. Toronto. 
Pte. Ford, B., 375 Ontario St., Toronto. 
Pte. Formeca, J., 1470 Dufferin St., Toronto. 
Pte. Fortune, W., 294 Liberty St.. San Francisco, U.S.A. 
Pte. Foster, M., 205B. First St.. Oklahoma City, U.S.A. 
Sgt. Foster, R., 13 Ennerdale Rd., Earlscourt N.. Toronto. 
Pte. Foulds, A., Delburne, Alberta. 
Sgt. Fox. F. M.. 1160 Robinson St.. Regina. Sask. 
Pte. Fox, H. C, 308 Locke St., Hamilton, Ont, 
Pte. Fox, J., 14S Mulock Ave., W. Toronto. 
Pte. Francis, A., 196 Howland Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Eraser, A. H.. Gore Bay. Ont. 
Pte. Fredriksnn. P.. O'Leary Station. P.E.i. 
Cpl. Freeman, J., 309 Stadacona Hochelaga, Montreal. 
Cpl. French. J.. Edson P.O., Alberta. 
Pte. Friars, H., Sussex. N.B. 

Pte. Friers, A.. 173 ^largueretta St., Toronto. 
Pte. FrooiTi, F. W. R.. Carberry, Manitoba. 
Pte. Frost, G. H., 230 Maitland St., London. Ont. 
Gnr. Frost, W. J. 545 Concord Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Fry, H. M., 47 Broadview Ave., Toronto. 
Cpl. Fryer, F. W., 35 Jones Ave., Toronto. 
Sgt. Fudge, T. E., 53 Queensbury Ave., Toronto. 
Lieut. Fuller, C, Box 215, Yarmouth, N.S. 
Pte. Fullerton, W., 14 Rosemount Gardens, Belfast, Ire- 
Pte. Fulthorpe, R., C/o Mr. J. Hopper, Bank of Com- 
merce. Queen it Yonge Sts., Toronto. 

Pte. Fulton. .\. L.. Truro. N.S. 

Pte. Fyke, \V. .1., Chesterville. Ont. 

Pte. Gadsby. C. H., 605 North Seward Ave.. Auburn. N.Y.. 

Pte. Gagne. W. J., North Bay. Onl. 
L/C. Gaines, J., 354 ',4 Richmond St.. London. Out. 
Sgt. Gaines. S. C, 266 Jarvis St., Toronto. 
Pte. Gaiser, 'C, Dashwood, Ont. 
Tpr. Galbraith. E. F., 94 Pacific Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Galbraith, H.. Vernon, B.C. 

Pte. Galbraith, R. S., Lorneville, St. John Co., N.B. 
Pte. Galbraith, R., 48 Eastmount Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Gale. W., 159 Lamb Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Gallai, E., Crayton Mine, Ont, 

Pte. Gallaghar, P. W., 386 St. Antoine St., Montreal, P.Q. 
Pte. Gallimore. A.. 99 Palmerston Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Goulding. F., 152 Rosalind St., Liverpool, England. 
Sgt. Games, J., Douglas, Arizona, U.S.A. 
Capt. Gandier, E. B., Port Elgin, Ont. 
Pte. Garden, G., Tacoma Ave.. Toronto. 
Spr. Garden, J., R.R. No. 1. Cedarville. Ont. 
Pte. Garden. R. B., 13 Harcourt Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Gardiner, J., 16 Francis St.. Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Gardiner. A.. 87 Booth Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Gardner. P. J.. R.R. No. 1. Bognor. Ont. 
L/C. Garnham, F.. 371 Carlton St., Toronto. 
Pte. Gatchene, L. J.. New Haiiibur.g, Ont. 
Pte. Gatenby. S.. Mitchell. Ont. 
Pte. Gaube. E. O., Penticton, B.C. 
Pte. Gaudet. J. M.. Tignish, P.E.L 

Gnr. Gausden, L., 9 Corley Ave.. Toronto, E. off Woodbine. 
Pte. Gauvin, A.. Pidgeon Hill, Gloucester Co., N.B. 
Pte. Gaw, J. D., Westboro P.O., Ont. 
Pte. Gayton, F.. Hillsboro, Albert Co., N.B. 
Pte. Geary, W,, 66 Wood St., New Bedfort,, U.S.A. 
Pte. Geddes. J.. 366 John St., N. Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Gemmell. D.. Box 642, California, Pa., U.S.A. 
Pte. George, T.. 542 Quebec Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Georgeson, G. W., Active Pass, Mayne Island, B.C. 
Pte. Gerard. J.. 455 Brock Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Gibbons, E. J., 123 Acadia St.. St. John, N.B. 
Pte. Giberson, L. C, Bath. Carleton. N.B. 
Pte. Gibson, H., 221/2 Henry St.. Halifax, N.S. 
Pte. Gibson. G.. Bella Coola. B.C. 
Pte. Gibson. R. D.. Parrsboro, N.S. 
Pte. Girbert. E. H.. Carseland. Alberta. 
Spr. Gilbert, I. S., Box 115, Mendon, Mich., U.S.A. 
Pte. Gilbert. R.. 13 Aberdeen Ave., Brantford. Ont. 
Cpl. Gillan, T.. Gen. Del.. Victoria. B.C. 
Pte. Gillchrist. C, Hampson Rd.. Trenton. N.S. 
Pte. Gillespie, A,, Berkeley, Ont. 

Pte. Gillespie, E., 14 Ramsden St., Brooklyn. N.V., U.S.A. 
Pte. Gillings, W. J.. 2066 Dundas St. W.. Toronto. 
Spr, Gilmore, P., Mattawa, Ont. 
Pte. Gilmour, C, 89 Bloor St. W.. Toronto. 
Pte. Gilmour, D., Kennedy, Sask. 
Pte. Giraldeau, L. P., 288 Gilford St.. Montreal. 
Pte. Girouard, A., 54 St. Charles St., Longueuil, P.Q. 
Sgt. Glendenning. G. W.. Canobie, Gloucester Co.. N.B. 
Pte. Glomski. P.. 1809 Harvey St.. Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 
Pte. Godbout. F.. St. Damiem. Bellechasse Co., P.Q. 
Pte. Goddard. H. E.. 84 Boultbee Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Golden. T A, Tobermory, Ont. 
Pte. Good. R., 813 Broadview Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Goodfellow. G. E.. Ridgedale, Sask. 
Pte. Goodfellow, G., 29 Walker Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Goodfellow. W. B.. 4 Rockwell Ave., W. Toronto. Ont. 
Pte. Goodhand. E., 518 Egerton St., London, Ont. 
Pte. Gooding. L. G., 8 Cooper St., Gait, Ont. 
Pte. Goodman. H. T., 714 Spadina Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Goodman. M. M.. 100-lOth St., New York City, U.S.A. 
Pte. Gorry. J., Droxford P.O., Sask. 
Pte. Goodrich, M., Horizon. Kayville P.O., Sask. 
Pte. Goodwin. R., Campbellton. N.B. 
Gnr. Gordon. C. H., 253 Tecumseh St., Sarnia, Ont. 
Pte. Gordon, H.. 90 Park St., Peterboro, Ont. 
Sgt. Gorry. P. F. 166 Market St. A., Hamilton. Ont. 
Pte. Goude. G.. Tawatinaw, Alberta. 
Pte. Gougeon. H. G.. Webbwood, Ont. 
Pte. Gould. I^.. Bolton, Ont. 
Pte. Gould. W., Fairville, St. John. N.B. 

/' (/ II r T ic e II t u - t h r e c 

D. O. H 


DISCHARGES— Continued. 

Pte. Goulding, F., 152 Rosalind St.. Liverpool, England. 

Pte. Goyne, H. J., Oshawa. Ont. 

Pte. Grabb, J. N. Box 573. Listowel. Ont. 

Pte. Graham, F. G.. WaUleck, Sask. 

Pte. Graham, A., 30 S. Denny St., Indianaiioli.-^. Ind., 

Pte. Graham, H., Richibucto. N.B. 
Pte. Graham, J., 60 Gertie St., Winnipeg, Man. 
L/C. Graham, P., Dewinton Alberta. 
Pte. Graham, R. S., 135 Lexington St., Lawrence,, Mass., 

Pte. Graham, W., 2230 Amber St., Philadelphia, Pa., 

Pte. Graham, W. A., River John, Nova Seotia. 
Pte. Graham, W., 2229 Amber St.. Philadfliihiu, Pa., 

Pte. Grant, A., St. Mary's, Ont. 
Pte. Grant. J., Applehill, Ont. 

Lieut. Gray, B. G., 91 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Gray, F. "VV., 1149 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. 
Pte. Gray, F. J., Atherley Junction, Ont. 
Pte. Gray, G. E., Box 644, New Liskeard, Ont. 
Ex.-Pte. Gray, J., 18 Park Place, St. Kitts, Ont. 
Pte. Gray, W., 718 Spadina Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Greaves, J., Craighurst. Ont. 
Sgt. Green, A., 1083 St. James St., Montreal. 
Pte. Green. H. G. A., 291 Greenwood Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Green, J.. 286 Crawford St., Toronto, 
Pte. Green, M., 1622 Seymour Ave., Utica, .X.V., U.S.A. 
Pte. Greenwood, H. L., Transcona. Manitoba. 
Pte. Greenwood. L.. Sutton AV,, Ont. 
Capt. Greig, A., 1213S.-54th St., Philadelphia, Peim., 

Pte. Grenke, E., Rosseau, Ont. 
Sgt. Grice, B., 229 Osier Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Grice, T., 253 Campbell Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Griffin. M., 7849 Sangamon St., Chicago. 111.. U.S.A. 
Pte. Griffiths, J., Mamaroneck, N.Y., U.S.A. 
Pte. Grimley, J., 19 Belleville Ave., Newark, N.J., U.S.A. 
Cpl. Grimster, W. J., 26 Cayuga St., Brantford, Ont. 
Cpl. Grogan, R., Cannington, Ont. 

Pte. Grounds, H,, Gardenville, Prince Edward Co., Ont. 
Pte. Grue, E., 40 Taylor St., Toronto 
Pte. Guigor, F., Beamsville. Ont. 
Pte. Guise, J. M., 7 Bowman St., Toronto. 
Pte. Gull, W., 31 Cherry St., St. Catharines, Ont. 
Ex.-Pte. Gunn, G. M., 11 St. Andrews St.. Ottawa. 
Pte. Gurney, M, W., 333 Markham St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Guthrie, J., 50 Chelmsford St., Lawrence, Mass. 
Cpl. Haddon, T., 105 Fern Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Hadley, B., Albert Ave.. Mimico, Ont. 
Pte. Hagen, N., Thessalon, Ont. 
Sgt. Haggerty, T., 17 Colonial Ave., Montreal. 
Cpl. Hagyard, W. F., 67 9 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
Pte. Haldane, J., 713 Elias St., London, Ont. 
Pte. Hale, J., Khaki Club, Montreal. 
Pte. Hall, N., Charlemagne, P.Q. 
Pte. Hall, R., Holstein. Ont. 
Pte. Hall, W. G., Lunenburg. N.S. 

Pte. Hall, W. H., 20BE.-84th St., New York City, U.S.A. 
Pte. Hall, W. J., R.R. No. 4, Kenilworth, Ont, 
Pte. Halpin, J. D., 522 York St., London, Ont. 
Bdr. Halverson, T., C/o Mrs. K. B. Gosse, Woodland 

Apts., Vancouver, B.C. 
Pte. Ham, C, Goodiard. Kentucky, U.S.A. 
Pte. Ham, J., 2084 Washington Ave., New York, U.S.A. 
Pte. Hamilton, A., Eel River, Restigouche Co., N.B. 
Pte. Hamilton. G. M., Palmerston, Ont. 
Pte. Hamilton, H., 70 Campbell Ave., Haniiltoii, Ont. 
Pte. Hamilton. J. B., Pembroke, Ont. 
L/C. Hammond, J. P., Waldon, B.C. 
Pte. HampsoM. 1... Trenton, Ont. 

Pte. Handegoi-d. O.. I>ake I'ark, Minnesota, U.S.A. 
Pte. Handsor. I!., Klectric P.O., Out. 
Pte. Hanley, VV., 45 Eleanor St., Montreal, P.Q. 
L/C. Hannon. F., 497 Albert St., Montreal. 
Pte. Hardcastle, A., 18 Florence St., Ch.itliam. out. 
S/Sgt. Harding, W. E,, 82 Morton ltd., Toronto. 
L/C. Hardy, V... 3B4 Front St., Toronto. 
Cpl. Hardy, G. W., 443 I'almerston St., Sarnia Tunml, 


Gnr. Hargraves. G., 219 St. George St.. Montreal. 

Pte. Harker, E., Zelma, Sask. 

Pte. Harman. H., Beeton, Ont. 

Pte. Haronen, A., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Pte. Harrigan. W. J., Mono Rd., Ont. 

Pte. Harrington, F. J., St. Clarens Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Harrington, J.. 662 Yonge St., Toronto. 

Pte. Harris, B., 3 2 Kenwood Ave., Toronto. 

Spr. Harris, C. H., Norwich, Ont. 

Pte. Harrison, R. T., 1252 Battery Ave., Baltimore, Md., 

Lieut. Hart, W. L.. Port Dalhousie, Ont. 
Gnr. Harte, A. N., 9 Brennan St.. Brockville, Ont. 
Pte. Harvey. C. W., 14 North P'arson St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Pte. Harvey. F. J., 1009 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
Capt. Harvey. J. B., Bank of Montreal. St. James St., 

Pte. Harvey. T., 2116 Dufferin St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Haseltine. M. E., Cookshire, P.Q. 
Pte. Haslam, J., 31 St. Clair Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Hastie, A. S., Harriston, Ont. 
Pte. Hatfield, R., Fox River, Cumberland Co., N.S. 
Pte. Haug. W. H., Tiverton, Ont. 
Pte. Haughton, C. C, 16 Gerrish St., Halifax, N.S. 
Pte. Hawkins, H., 161 Bench Rd., Hamilton, Ont. 
Caipt. Hawtrey, R. O., 1330 Lansdowne Ave., Toronto. 
L/C. Hay, W.. 125 South Court St., Port Arthur, Ont. 
Pte. Hayes, W., 89 Emerson Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Hayman, F., 63 Frederick Ave.. Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Haynes, J., Kintore, Ont. 

Pte. Hayward, G. C. Tapley Mill. Woodstock. N.B. 
Pte. Hazard. G. H., Priceville, Ont. 
Pte. Hazard, R.. Oshawa, Ont. 

I'te. Hazell, F.. 461 Hughson St., Hamilton N., Ont. 
Pte. Hazen, W. J., Elora, Ont. 

Pte. Healey, W. J., 6339 S. Wood St., Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 
Pte. Heasman, G. W., Stirling, Ont. 
Pte. Heath, A., Mansonville, P.Q. 
Pte. Heaton, P. G., 237 Wellesley St., Toronto. 
Pte. Hebbes, A. J., 114 Durie St.. Toronto. Ont. (Swansea) 
Lieut. Hebden, H, E. C, 9 Fernwood Park Ave., Toronto. 
Major Hedley, H. D., St. Mary's, Ont. 
Cpl. Hefford, A., Dung.annon, Ont. 
Lieut. Heggie, J., St. Marguerite's Station, Co. Terrebonne, 

Pte. Heibein, W. L., Scots Guard, Sask. 
Pte. Heilnian, G., 748 South Central Park Ave., Chicago, 

Pie. Hendenson. C. W., 314S Dundas St. W.. Toronto. 
I'te. Hendleman, L. H., 29 St. Elizabeth St., Montreal. 
I'te. Hendr.v, J. A., 779 Dovercourt Rd.. Toronto. 
Cpl. Hendry, J. A., C/o Jones, 8 Buchanan St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Hennigar, R., Chester, N.S. 

Sgt. Henry, J., C/o W. Eley, 425 Aberdeen Ave., Hamilton. 
Pte. Henry. R., Orillia, Ont. 

L/C. Herbert, H., 700-15th St. W., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Lieut. Herbert, W. S., 62 Kingsmount Park Rd., Toronto. 
Pte. Herdman, W.. HOW. North Ave., Pittsburg, U.S.A. 
Pte. Herman, C. W., 23 Centre St., Gait, Ont. 
Pte. Heron, A., Lethen, Forfarshire, Scotland. 
Pie. Herriot, W., R.R. No. 1, Gait, Ont. 
I'ti'. HerroM, J. C. H.. R. R. No. 3, Port Elgin, Out. 
i'te. Iletherington. M.. Lockfield, Annan, Scotland. 
L/C. Hetherington, \'., 321 Church St., Toronto. 
Cpl. Hetterley, A., 24 Redwood Ave., Toronto. 
Gnr. Hewlett, W. J., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Hibbard, W. D., Baillieboro, Ont. 

Lieut. Hickey, J. J., 3458 Alki Ave., Seattle, Washington. 
Pte. Hickey. W.. Marmora, Ont. 
Cpl. Iliggins, J., 61 Northcote Ave., Toronto. 
Ex. -Gnr. Higham, G.. 136 Kent St., Preston, Eng. 
Sgt. Hiley. F., 313 Mutual St., Toronto. 
Pte. Hill. !•■. W., 1167 Albertus Ave., Toronto. 
Pie. Hill, 11., 351 Gait Ave., Verdun. Montreal. 
Cpl. Hill, H. B., Moisons Bank, Aylmer, Ont. 
Pte. Hill. J., 31 Greenwood Ave., Toronto. 
I'te. Hills, C. H., 105 Murray St. E., Hamilton, Ont. 
I'te. Hilton, N„ Yahk P,0.. B.C. 
Sgt. Hinds, R. S,, 74 Osborne Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Hine. AV.. 44 Elswick St., Dingle, Liverpool, England. 
I'te. Hines. C, 54 Tiverton Ave., Toronto. 

I' a !J e T w c it t ii - f o ii r 

D. O. H 


DlSCUAROnS— Continued. 

Cpl. Hinton, G. J.. Domville. Ont. 

Pte. Hoar, J., 537-7th St., La Salle, III., U.S.A. 

Pte. Hobbs, W., Shawville, P.Q. 

Pte. Hobden, R. R., Beamsville, Ont. 

Pte. Hockings, W. A., 194 Belmont Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Hodges, W. G., Beaver Lodge, Alberta. 

Sgt. Hodson, C. M., Hudson, P.Q. 

Cpl. Hoganson, A.. 11 Creighton St., Halifax. 

Pte. Hogarth. J., 8 5 Hathaway, New Bedford, Mass. 

Pte. Hole. C. G., S35-llth Ave. E.. Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Holland, G. F.. 101 Riverdale Ave., Toronto. 

L/C. Holland, W., 114 Peter St., Toronto. .»^ 

Pte. Holliday, F. J., Ayres Cliff, P.Q. 

Pte. Holliday. W., 23 Imperial Ave., Montreal, P.Q. 

Pte. Hollingbeck, W., 88 Krug St., Kitchener, Ont. 

Pte. Hollingworth, G., 125 Maitland St., Toronto. 

Dvr. HoUowell, F. W., 41 Pickering St., Toronto. 

L/C. Holmden, K. H., 41 Fairmont Ave., Ottawa. 

Gnr. Holmes, S., Picton, Ont. 

Gnr. Holmes, W. H.. 365 Manning Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Holtby. A. L.. Prince Rupert, B.C. 

Pte. Hook, W., 600 Dufferin St., Toronto. 

Sgt. Hoole, A. J., Carberry, Manitoba. 

Pte. Hooper, J., 32 9 Liberty St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Pte. Hopwood, S., 27 Allandale St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Hooser, W., Box 304, Woodstock, N.B. 

Pte. Hopkins, H. J., 107 Clinton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Hopkins, J. W., Tobermory, Ont. 

Pte. Hopkinson, D., 62 Harvey St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Horne, A., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Hosier, W., 87 Melville Ave., Toronto. 

Lieut. Hotrum, F., 32 Gloucester St., Toronto. 

Pte. Houde, G. V., 2 Laberge St., Montreal. 

Pte. House, G., Grimsby, Ont. 

Pte. Houston, H., 19 Canning Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Houtby, C 1052 Ossington Ave., Toronto. 

Gnr. Hovell, J., 113 Cedai-vale Ave., Toronto, 

Pte. Howard, F. G., 231 Mary St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Howard, J. L., Fergus, Ont. 

Sgt. Howe, H. H., 27 Fairview Blvd., Toronto. 

Pte. Howell, C. N.. Petitcodiac, N.B. 

Pte. Hubbard, W.. 146 Booth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Huddleston, H., 63 Boultbee Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Hudson, A. C, 2000 E. Erie Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ex.-Pte. Hudson, W., 8129-Slst Ave., Edmonton S., Alta. 

Pte. Huffman, A. L., 471 McQueen St, Woodstock, Ont 

Pte. Huffman, J., R.R. No. 1 Verona, Ont. 

Spr. Hughes, D., 100 Waterloo St., Kitchener, Ont. 

Pte. Hughes, L., 176 Manning Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Hulme, J., 320 Cope St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Humphrey, A., R.R. No. 2, Mt. Brydges, Ont. 

Pte. Hunt, J. G., 10 Springdale Ave., Toronto E. 

Pte. Hunt, R. F., 447 Nicola St., Kamloops, B.C. 

Pte. Hunten, K. W., Johnville, P.Q. 

Pte. Hunter, C. Mt. Forest, Ont. 

Pte. Hunter, F. A., Brussels P.O., Ont. 

Pte. Hunter, J., 506 Bathurst St., Toronto. 

Lieut. Hunter, W. A., Coeur de'Alene, Idaho, U.S.A. 

C. S. M. Hussey, G. T., Box 308, Port Hope, Ont. 

Cpl. Hutchins, J. G., Fergus, Ont. 

Pte. Hutchins, W., Leamington, Ont. 

Pte. Hutson, F. W., 60 Dingwall Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Hyne, J. H., 632-7th St. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 

Pte. Hyson, I. C, New Ross, Lunenburg, N.S. 

Dvr. Idington, W., 325 Stewart St.. Ottawa, Ont. 

Spr. Inch, C, Baynard Villa, Truro, England. 

Pte. Inglis, W., 5 Dysart Rd., Kirkcaldy, Scotland. 

Pte. Ingraham, A., 612-15th St., Hillhurst, Calgary, Alta 

Pte. Innis, A, M., Keremoes, B.C. 

Gnr. Irving, G. F., St. Stephen, N.B. 

Lieut. Irwin, A. S., Biggar, Sask. 

2/Pte. Irwin, J., 2 5 Gormley Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Irwin, W. A., 1174 King St., London, Ont. 

Spr. Isaac, P., 236 Dalhousie St., Brantford, Ont. 

Gnr. Jack, W. S., C/o Mrs. Lee, 236 Carlton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Jackes, N. B., 194 Bloor St. W., Toronto. 

Lieut. Jackson, B. T., 192 Main St., Niagara Falls, Ont. 

Pte. Jackson, E., 5 Russell St., Lindsay, Ont. 

Pte. Jackson, J., 132 Bullock St., New Bedford, Mass. . 

C. S. M. Jackson, T., Mount Dennis, Ont. 

Pte. Jacques, H., Rostburn, Sask, 

L/C. Jaffary, K., Bolton, Ont. 

Pte. James, F. R., 1539 Kitchener St., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. James, H., Latta, Ont. 

Pte. James, J. F., 256 Manchester Rd., Burnley, Lanes., 

Pte. Jamieson, P., Streetsville, Ont. 
Calpt. Janes, R. M., Watford, Ont. 
Pte. Janetos, D., Gen. Del., Windsor. Out. 
Pte. Jarman, T., 3 Midland Place, Toronto. 
Pte. Jaycock, H., Enchart, Alberta. 
Pte. Jean-Marie, A., Craigie Lea, Muskoka, Ont. 
Pte. Jeffries, A. J., 101 Ryerson Ave., Toronto. 
L/C. Jeffries, E., Sussex, N.B. 
Maj. Jeffs, H. B., 27 Alexandra Blvd., Toronto. 
Sgt. Jellicoe, T., Simcoe P.O., Ont. 
Pte. Jenkins, A., S67 Manning Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Jenkins, D., 34 Grandview Ave., Toronto. 
Sgt. Jenkins, P., Strathroy, Ont. 
Pte. Jerram, B., 1224 Bloor St. W., Toronto. 
Pte. Jickles, G., Picton, Ont. 
L/C. Jilks, J.. Pickering, Ont. 
Pte. Johncock, W., Vancouver, B.C. 
Pte. Johnson, C, 41 Jillson Ave., N. Toronto. 
Pte. Johnson, E., Bowmanville, Ont. 
Pet. Johnson, E., 14 Ossington Ave., Toronto. 
Gnr. Johnson, L. H., 66 St. Luke St., Montreal. 
Pte. Johnson, F., 601 Jones Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Johnson, M. A., P.O. 124, Lambert, Mont., U.S.A. 
Pte. Johnson, O. W., 603 Clinton St., Toronto. 
Pte. Johnson, W. H., 72 Wallace Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Johnson, W. T., 45 Linden St., Everett, Mass. 
Dvr. Johnston, C, East Angus, P.Q. 
Pte. Johnston, F., 99 Claremont St., Toronto. 
Pte. Johnston, E. D., 266 Daragon St., Montreal, P.Q. 
Gnr. Johnston, F. S., 8 6 Harrison St., St. John, N.B. 
Pte. Johnston, H., Domville, R.R. No. 1, Ont. 
Gnr. Johnston, J. D., 502 Kent St., Ottawa. 
Pte. Johnston, M. J., 29 Frejam Ave., Mt. Dennis, Ont. 
Lieut. Johnston, W. A., Barrie, Ont. 
Dvr. Johnston, W., 42 Taylor St., Toronto. 
Lieut. Johnston, W. C, Copper Cliff, Ont. 
Pte. Johnstone. D. L., 203 Riverdale Ave., Toronto. 
Dvr. John.stone, J. R., Lucknow, Ont. 
Pte. Jolly, J.. 22 Highview Cres., Toronto. 
Pte. Jolley, R., Miniota, Manitoba. 
Pte. Jones, A., Preston, Ont. 
Pte. Jones. A., 3 Somerset Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Jones, C, 108 Bond St., Toronto. 

Pte. Jones, C. H., 247 Dundas St. E., Toronto. 

L/C. Jones, G. B., 37 9 First Ave., Verdun, Montreal. 

Pte. Jones, J., 75 St. John St., Belleville, Ont. 

Pte. Jones, J.. Ontario St., Burlington, Ont. 

Pte. Jones, M. T., Brampton, Ont. 

Pte. Jones, R., Elfros. Sask. 

Pte. Jones, W., Brethour P.O., Ont. 

Pte. Jones, W., Dunnville, Ont. 

Pte. Jones, W. O., Uallt Goch, Llanrh.\ ddlad, Valley An- 
glesea, N. Wales. 

Pte. Jones, W. R., 130 Bolton Ave., Toronto. 

Lieut. Jordan. E. H., 3 4 Rowanwood Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Jordan, H., 5239 Lexington St., Chicago, HI., U.S.A. 

Gnr. Joy, J. R., 16 Elm St., St. Catharines, Ont. 

Dvr. Joyce, L., 59 Upper Charles St., Kingston, Ont. 

Pte. Karpuk, G., Burwash Hall, Toronto. 

Pte. Kavanagh, J. E.. 77 Owen St., Barrie, Ont. 

Gnr. Keates, G. A.. 37 Sautter St.. Toronto. 

L/C. Keech, H., Colehill. Ont. 

Pte. Keeley, E., 33 Queen Annes Rd., N.J. 

Pte. Kelly, B., 200 St. Paul St., Montreal. 

Pte. Kelly, G. B., 447 Jarvis St., Toronto. 

Sgt. Keller, H., 49 William St. N., Chatham, Ont. 

Pte. Kelly, H. J., Gen. Del.. Toronto. 

Cpl. Kelly, J., 133 Portland St., Toronto. 

Pte. Kelly, J., 207 Mary St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Kelly, P., 6050 Bellefield Ave., Philadelphia,. Pa. 

Pte. Kelly, S., Fenelon Falls, Ont. i 

Pte. Keni|p, J., 1065 St. Chirens Ave., Toronto. 

Shoesmith Kemp, A., Napanee, Ont. 

Lieut. Kennedy, C, 108 Marley Place, London, Ont. 

Pte. Kennedy, D., 329 Carlton St., Toronto. 

L/C. Kennedy, D., 28 Macklem Ave., Toronto. 

Page T w c n t y - fi v e 

D. O. H 


DISCHARGES— Cy;i//»i<a/. 

Pte. Kennedy. M. C. Thoruld. Ont. 

Pte. Kennedy, J., Gen. Del.. Toronto. 

Pte. Kennedy. D., 329 Carlton St.. Toronto. 

Capt. Kerr. G. F.. 13.5 Kendall Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Kerr. .1. T., 311 Xairn Ave., Earlscourt. Tornntd. 

Pte. Kerr. S., Oshawa. Ont. 

Capt. Kerry. W. T.. 7S6 Indian ltd., Toronto. 

Cpl. Keys. E. P.. Balcarres. Sask. 

Sgt. Kilbonrne. \V.. R.R. No. 4, lyjndon, Ont. 

Pte. Kilcup, P.. Windsor, N.S. 

Pte. Kilner. J. R., 13th St. N.. Lethbridge, Alta. 

Pte. Kindree, W. H., 497 Fifth St. E., Owen Souml. 'Ont. 

Bdr. King, E. H., 852 Courtney St., Victoria, B.C. 

Pte. King. L.. 1392-4th St. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 

Pte. King. U A.. 95A. Miller Ave., Toronto. 

Gnr. Kingston. W., Wood St., Prescott, Ont. 

Pte. Kinnear, J., 249 First Ave., Viauville, Montreal. 

Pte. Kinton, W. L., 97 Cumberland St., Toronto. 

Maj. Kippen, W. H.. 12 Meredith Cres., Toronto. 

Pte. Kirk, F. W., 1210 Gerrard St. E., Toronto. 

Pte. Kirkconnell, J. R., R.R. No. 2. Bru-ssels, Ont. 

Pte. Kishean, S., 148 York St., Toronto. 

Pte. Knaggs, D., Moose Jaw, Sask. 

Pte. Knapp, L., 762 St. Clair Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Knight, W.. 181 Lowther Ave., Toronto. 

Lieut. Knowles, J. W., Sarnia, Ont. 

Pte. Koepsel, A. G., Pembroke, Ont. 

Pte. Krymer, C. T., 2203 Fort Stockton Drive, San Diego, 

Cal., U.S.A. 
Pte. La Belle, Mack., Labroquere, Man. 
Pte. La Banty. Joseph, 216 Grand Ave.. Superior. Wis. 
Pte. Lace.v, James, Gen. Del.. Chicago. 111. 
Pte. Lacey, Walter, 52 Mulock Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. La Chance, Henry, 94 Lafayette St., Quebec. 
Pte. Lackey, D., 205 Lisle St., Toronto. 
Pte. Lacrosse, Peter, Searchmont, Ont. 
Pte. Lafontaine, L. M.. Pembroke. Ont. 
Pte. Lafountain, Frank, 211 Munro St., T ironto. 
Pte. La Francis, Alex., 1667 St. Dominiiine St., Montreal. 

Sgt. Laidman, J. R., 92 Ashley St.. Hamilton. Ont. 
C. Q. M. S. Laing, G. N., 38 Bastmount Ave. Toronto. 
Pte. Laing. W. O., E.'isox. Ont. 
Pte. I^aidlcr, A.. 66 Mai-chmont Rd.. Toronto. 
pte. Laird. A., Bain's t'orner. St. .lohii Co.. N.B. 
Pte. Lalondr. H., 1X1 Church St.. Montreal. Que. 
Pte. Lamb. F. C, King's Court Pal., Stroatham, S.W. Ifi, 

London, Eng. 
Pte. Lamb. G. A., 44 Endeiiiy lid.. Tincjnto. 
Pte. Lamb, J., Gen. Del.. Toronto. 
Pte. Lamb, McDuff, 449 Drolet St.. .Monlr.'.il, Qui'. 
Capt. Lambert, S. E., Speedwell Hospital. Gurliih, Ont. 
I^ieut. Lambert, W. E.. Enderby. B.C. 
Pte. Lamont, B., Greenock, R.R. No. 1, Ont. 
Cpl. Lamont. D. M.. St. Calharines, ont., R. U. N'u. 1. 
Lieut. Landry, E. F., Bancroft, Ont. 
Sgt. Lane. J. R., 832-13th Ave. W., Calgary, Alta. 
Pte. Lane, R.. W. Hamilton P.O., Ont. 
Pt<>. Langan, H.. 25 Elmer Ave., Toronto. 
I'le. l.angridgi-. A., 119 Svimach St., Toronto. 
I'l.-. Langs, 1,. F.. Beaver, Pa.. t:.K.A. 

Gnr. Lantz. 1'". \V.. Mahono Bay. Lunenburg Co.. .N.S. 
Pte. IjaPlanlc. R.. Waterbury, Conn., F.S.A. 
Pte. Lapraik. Geo,. Campbelllon. .N.B. 
Pte. I,aroc(iue. T., Laird. Ont. 
L/C|>1. I>ashbrook. C. II., 1L'1> SIcw.irl SI.. I'll.ilM.iduKh, 

Spr. Latour, A., In'.IB, St. Denis, Montreal, Que. 
Pie. Laurendau, H.. 574 Lafontaine Park, Montreal. Que. 
I'le. LaVerre, W., onl. 
Cpl. Lavigne, E,, Midland. Out. 
Pte. Lavoie, F., Lac Aux Sables, Port Xcuf. P.Q. 
Pte. Lavoie, P., Stovie Mine. Ont. 
Pte. Law. I., Port Dover, Onl. 
Pte. Lawlor. K., R.R. No. 2, Hawkcstone, Ont. 
Pte. Lawrencf, A. F., 21 Alexander .St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Lawrencfc, K., Glanford, Ont. 
Pte. Laurence, I., 189 Perth Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Lawson. M., .Xew Toronto, Ont. 
Pte. Lax, G. W., 526 Roxlon Rd., Toronto. 
Pte. LaZerte. C,, No. 2, Iroquois, Ont. 

Pte. Leach, G. B., 856 William St., London, Ont. 

L/Cpl. Leaney, S. S., 5 Beatrice St., Toronto. 

Pte. Leavens, B., Bolton, Ont. 

Pte. Leavitt. H. B., Bloomfield. Ont. 

Pte. Leber.' S., Bobca.vgeon. Ont. 

Pte. Le Blanc. M. J., 2552B. Esplanade Ave., Mcuitreal. 

Gnr. Le Couteur. G. P., Cara<|uet, N.B. 
Pte. Lee, H. C. IS Craigmore St., Dinniston, (ilasgow. 

Pte. Lee. C, Ballyeroy, Ont., R.R. No. 1. 
Pte. Lee, J., 20 Oliver St., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Lee, S., Vermilion, Alta. 
Pte. Lee, S., 473 5th Ave., New York, N.V. 

Pte. Leek, P. S., 38 Prospect St.. Bloonilield. .X.J., F.S.A. 
Pte. Lefebre. B., 495 Boudree St.. Montreal. Que. 
Pte. Legere, P., 573 McDurmitt Ave.. Winnipeg, Man. 
Pte. Legrand, T., Roxton Hall, Quebec, Que. 
Gnr. Lemire, L., St. George, De Windsor, Quebec. 
Lieut. Lennox, O., 202 Heath St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Leonard, J., 260 Natoma St., San Francisco, Cal. 
Pte. Lepine, O , Sturgeon Falls, Ont. 
Pte. Leroux, P., Box 1292 P.O., 232S Park Ave.. Montreal. 

L/Cpl. Leslie, F., Spok.ane, Wash., U.S.A. 
Pte. Leslie, G. F., 44 McGee St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Leslie, W. H., Dublin, Ont. 
Pte. Letourneau, W., Campbellton, N.B. 
lA/M. Levesque. L.. Isle Verte. Quebec. 
Pte. Levesque, T., River du Loup, Quebec. 
Pte. Lewis, A. H., 14 Ripley Place, Buffalo, N.Y. 
Pte, Lewis, H. A., 13S9 W. Dundas St., Toronto. 
Sgt. Lewis, W. D., Box 119, Nanaimo. B.C. 
Pte. Lewis, W. E.. 615-9th St. B., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Pte. Libby, A., 50 Norman Ave., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Liddle, G. M., 130 Albert St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 
Pte. Liewell. R. S., Pelee Island, Ont. 
Pte. Lien, E., Gully, Minn., U.S.A. 

Pte. Lilley. C. W., 9725-86th Ave. B., Edmonton, Alta. 
Pte. Lindsay, F.. 386 King St., London, Ont. 
Pte. Lindsay, N. M., C/o Mr. B. Holnbeck. 6 Symington 

Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Lindsay, T. J., 229 Ontario St., Toronto. 
Pte. Linnington, E. S.. 128 Brie Ave.. Brantfurd. Ont. 
Pte. Lipsett, E. S., C/o Arlington, 543 College SI., Toronto. 
I'll'. Litchfield. R., Oakville, Ont. 
Pie. Little, 1''., 240 MacPherson Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. I.,ittle. .1. D.. Windmill Rd.. Dartmouth. N.S. 
Pte. Littlewood, A. 1'".. 4 Sondes SI.. Walworth, London, 

I'le. Littlewood, W.. 27 Mutual St., Toronto. 
Pte. Lively. I.. Deloraine, Man. 
Pte. Livlock. J. W. E., 1067 Mount Royat Ave., Montreal 

Pie. [Joyd, J. H.. Red House. Pencoyd, Herefordshire, 

Lieut. Lockwood, H. J., 72 Nairn Ave., Toronto. 
(_')d. Logiin, R, L., Middle Mussuodohoit. N.S. 
Spr. Looncy. T. P.. 44 Penn Ave.. Wori-cster. .Mass. 
l.i.iil. Loril. A. C. 122 Wheeler Ave.. Toronto. 
I'te. Lorking. A., 62 Dillabougb SI., l.cuidcoi. (int. 
I'le. Lott. W. B., 1005 Ida Ave.. Flinl. .Mirli. 
Pte. Louch. J., Omemee, Ont. 
I'te. Loughridge, IM., Cotter, Arkansas. U.S.A. 
I'te. Lowden, R., 49 Marlborough Ave.. Toronto. 
Cpl. Lowe, H., Lower Clark's Harbor, ShelhuriU', N.S. 
L/Cpl. Lowry, H,, 717 Bloor St., W. Toronto. 
I'te. Luck, A. H., 277 Superior St,, Victoria, B.C. 
Dvr. Luck. L.. 89 Albert St., St. Catharines. Ont. 
Cld. l.uki'.v. K. R., 100 Ro.SG Ave., Toronto. 
Kdr. Luke. H. W., Chatham,' N,B. 

Dvr. Lumsden. 10. L., 235 Cambridge St., Ottawa, Ont. 
Pie. Lund, G. T.. ID Covell St., Providence, R.l. 
iVCpl. Lutz. G., 101 Pearl St. S., Hamilton, Ont. 
C. A. M. C. Lush, t;., 00 Cabot St., St. Johns, N.B. 
L/Cpl. Lyall. W. V., 2430 St. Urbain SL, Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Lynch, F., 146 Palnierston Ave., Toronto. 
C. S. M. Lyndon, R., Dunrca, Man. 
Cpl. Lynk. M., Glace Bay, N.S. 
Pie. Lynolt. J. P.. Sault Sle. Marie. Ont. 
Capt. Lyons, A., Talbot St., London, Onl. 

/' (I !l I 

T ((■ c II I 1/ - s i X 

D. O. H 


DISCHARGES— Co»/i»/(.-</. 


Pte. Lyoii.s. W., 37 .Mort;;iii Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Cpl. McAndrew, A., 74 Clark Ave., Hamilton. Onf. 
L/Cpl. McArthur, K. D., New Brigden, Alt;i. 
Pte. McAuley, P., Southampton. Ont. 
Pte. McAuley, W. R.. Severn Bridges, Ont. 
Masseuse McBeth, M. E., Strathroy, Ont. 
Pte. McBride, E., 524 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
McBride, S., Derby Lion, Vermont, U.S.A. 
McBride, T. E.. 208 St. .lohns Rd., Toronto. 
McBrien, G., 691 Ossington Ave., Toronto. 
McCann, H., Wolf Lake, P.Q. 
Lieut. McCarrey, J. .J., 912 Tupper St., Montreal. .Que-. 
Pte. McClay, J., Campbell, Argyleshire. Scotland. 
Pte. McClay, W. B., 275 Broadview Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. McCIellan, B. J., R.R. No. 2, Welland, Ont. 
L/Cpl. McClelland, R.. Gordon Lake, Ont. 
Sgt. McClelland, S., 17 York Rd., Berks. Maidenliead, En 
Pte. McClintock, G. E., 14 Conroy St.. Quebec. 
Pte. McClintock, R., R.F.D. 4 Newburgh, N.Y. 
L/Cpl. McClurkin. R.. 336 Alford St., Winnipeg, Man. 
Pte. McCluwky. H.. 45 Erin St., St. John, N.B. 
Pte. McComb, A., 124 Carlton St., Toronto. 
gVpr. McConnell, T., Port Hope, Ont. 
Lieut. McCool, C. S., Devlin, Ont. 
Pte. McCormick, A.. Wapella, Sask. 

McCormick, J. S., Scotstown, Que. 
McCorry. J. G.. Waverley, Halifax, X.S. 
McCoy, A.. 209 Park Ave., Brantford, Ont. 
McCoy, B. A.. 51 Belview Ave.,- Hamilton, Ont. 
McCracken, A,, Belfast, Ireland. 
Lieut. McCulloch, J. M., 956 W. St. Clair Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. McCracken, R., 115 Mutual St., Toronto. 
C. S. M. McDade, H., 19 Grove Ave., Hamilton. Ont. 
Pte. McDermid, J.. Osage, Sask. 

McDermaid, R., Verdun. Man. 

McDonagh, J. A.. 7B4 Bathurst St., Toronto. 

McDonald. A., Paisley, Ont. 

A., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

573-6th St., Blooklyn. N.Y. 
Port Hood, N.S. 
.1., Bridgeport, C.B. 
McDonald, C. K.. 86 Sorauren Ave., Toronto. 
MacDonald, C. 5S2 Chateaubriand Ave., Montri;il. 
MacDonald. D. B.. R.R. Xo. 2, Tiv.>rton, Ont. 
H.. Point Tuppi-i-. N.S. 
. S.. 115 Delatre St., Woodstock. Out. 
215 Kent St., Ottawa. Ont. 
S.. 311 South St., Halifax, N.S. 
51 Leinster St., S. Hamilton, Ont. 
, 107 Bee St., Todmorden, Ont, 
A.. Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. 
Box 134 Vineland, Ont. 
Lieut. -Col. Macdonald, J. A., 87 Bleeker St., Toronto. 
Lieut. MacDonald, L. J., Glenn Finnan, P.B.I. 
Pte. McDonald, L. R. .1.. Panmure Island," P.B.I. 
M., 7 9 Kimberley St.. Toronto. 
N.. Lion's Head, Ont. 
R., Florence. Cape Breton, N.S. 
R. L., 113 Creighton St.. Halifax. N.S. 
\\'.. Gen. Del.. Toronto. 
W.. 77 August Ave.. E. Toi'onto. 
\V.. I'rince Rupert, B.C. 
C. 7 4 Bird Ave.. Toronto. 












Pte. McDonald. D. 

L/Cpl. McDonald. V 

Pte. McDonald, G.. 

MacDonald. G. 

Macdonald. H.. 

MacDonald, H. 

MacDonald. H 

MacDonald, J., 

MacDonald. A., 
McDonald, A., 
MacDonald, C. 


Cpl. McDonald, 

Pte. McDonald. 

Pte. McDonald. 

Gnr. McDonald. 

Cpl. McDonald. 

Sgt. McDonald, 

Lieut. MacDonald, 

Pte. Macdonell, G. 

Lieut. McDougall, A. 

Pte. McEachern, H. 
McDougall, D., 
MacDougall. M 
McDougall, N.. 



A.. 1149 Beach Ave Vancouver, B.C 
New Argyle, P.B.I. 
Tiverton. Ont. 

, 2206, 1st St.. W. Calgary, Alta. 
124 Englewood Ave., Pawtucket, III. 

McElhaney, A., North Bay. Ont. 

L/Cpl. McEwen, A. 
Sgt. McEwen, G. D, 
Pte. McFarlane, A., 
Cpl. McFarlane, R., 
Pte. McGarvey. P., 
Sgt. McGeachie, J., 

, Bristol, P.E.I. 

, 636 Manning Ave.. Toronto. 

273 Wychwood Ave.. Toronto. 

Beamsville. Ont. 
Orangeville, Ont. 
Queenstown, Ont. 

Pte. McGee, H., 25 Wyatt Ave., London. Ont. 

Pte. McGee, J., 7 7 DeGrassi St., Toronto. 

Pte. McGee. J. J.. Brady. Nebraska, U.S.A. 

Pte. McGill. R.. 407 Cumberland Ave., Winnipeg. 

Pte. McGillivary. D.. Antigonish, N.S. 

Pte. McGillivary, D., 235 Rushton Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. MctJinn. .). L., An bur. Ont 

Pte. McGirr. N., 98-4th Ave. B., North W-.ty. Out. 

Pte. McGovern, A., Little Current, Ont. 

Pte. McGrane. W. P., Winsted, Conn. 

Pte. McGregor. G. G.. 304 Gloucester St., Ottawa, Ont. 

Pte. McGregor, G.. 2 04 Bain Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. McGregor. R. S.. 165 Perth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. MacGregor, S., 608 St. Claren.s Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. McGuey, .1. D., Whitney, Ont. 

Pte. McHenry, B. H.. 9 Barton Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. McHugh. F., 631 Washington Ave., Charleroi. I'enn. 

Pte. Mclnnis. A. V.. Langruth. Man. 

Pte. Maclnne.s. D.. St. Peters. P.E.I. 

Pte. Mclnnes. .1. L., Sydney Mines, N.S. 

Pte. Mclntaggart, J., Penetang, Ont. 

Pte. Mcintosh. A., Swift Current, Sask. 

Pte. Mcintosh, D,, Waverley Rd., Dartmore. 

Gnr. Melntyre, G. P., 244 V^ Union St.. St. .John. N.B. 

Cpl. Melntyre, J., Finch, Ont. 

L/Cpl. McKay, G. F.. 135-23rd St. W.. Prince Albert, Sask. 

Spr. McKay, J. D., 486 St. Patrick Square, Port Arthur. 

Pte. McKay, .), A.. S. Nelson, B.C. 

Lt.-Col. McKay. J. K., 169 Quinpool Rd., Halifax, N.S. 

Spr. McKay, R., Gen. Del., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. McKay, R., Clanwilliam. Man. 

Pte. McKay, W. C, Pugwash, N.S.. R.R. No. 1. 

Pte. McKay, W., Stanley Bridge, P.E.I. 

Pte. McKean, L., Dalby, Sask. 

Pte. McKechnie. H. C, Durham. Ont. 

Pte. McKee, J., 59 Wallace Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. McKee, C, Springford, Ont. 

Lieut. MacKenzie, R. J.. Nepawa, Man. 

Sgt. Mackintosh. W. H., 59 Albany Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. McKnight. A.. Tynsboro, R.F.D. No. 1, Mass. 

Pte. McKnight, W., 23 Langford Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. McLachlan, D., 704 Spadina Ave., T-Dronto. 

Pte. McLaren, G., Ormstown. Que. 

Pte. McLean, D.. Cumberland Bay, Queens Co.. N.S. 

Pte. McLean, W. J., 335 Wentworth St. N.. Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. McLennan. A.. Roche Plains. Sask. 

Pte. McLennan, D., 934 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. 

Spr. McLeod, K., Douglas, Ont. 

Cpl. MacLeod. M. J., 120 Pleasant St., Cambridge, Mas.s, 

Pte. McLeod, A., Scotsburn, Pictou, N.S. 

Pte. McLeod. B. H.. 133 Metcalf St.. St. .lohn, X.B. 

Pte. MacLeod. F. P., 21 Argyle Ave., Sherlirooke, Que. 

Pte. McLeod. .1.. Murray Harbor, P.B.L 

Pte. McLeod. J. S.. Hartsville, P.E.I. 

Pte. McLeod, M., 7 2 Maiden. Springfield. Mass. 

Pte. McLeod. N. A., Beaverton, Ont. 

Pte. McLeod. T. S., 36 Metcalf St., Toronto. 

Pte. McMahon. W.. Greysville, Man. 

Cpl. McMaster. E.. 32 Brock Crescent, Toronto. 

Cpl. MacMillan, A.. 60 Cameron St., W. Hamilton. Ont. 

Cpl. McMillan, C, Meaford, Ont. 

Pte. McMillan. M.. Inverness, P.Q. 

Pte. McMurdie, .J.. 20 Strachan Ave., Port Hope, Ont. 

Pte. McMurdo, T., Wapeshoe P.O., Maple Creek, Sask. 

Pte. McNab. A.. R.R. No. 1. Bognor. Ont. 

P.. S. M. McNamara, .1.. 165 Salmon Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. McNeill. 73 Merrill Ave.. Toronto. 

Sgt. McNiven. .1.. 1.S6 St. George St.. Toronto. 

Pte. MacNulty. (!. W'., Rixton, N.B. 

Pte. McPhail, V. A. A.. Northtield Stalion. Ont.. [-I.K. No. 2. 

Pte. McPhee, A.. Alexandria. Ont. 

Pte. McPhee, W. L.. Thibeauville, N.S. 

Pte. McPherson, A.. Pictou Landing. N.S. 

Pte. MacPherson, D., 7206 Eraser St.. Vancouver, B.C. 

Whir. McPherson, P. M., 30 Surrey St., Guelph, Ont. 

Pte. McPherson, W., Orillia, Ont. 

Pte. McQuade, E., Cedarvale. Oshawa, Ont. 

Cpl. McRae, J.. R.R. No. 1. Dutton, Ont, 

Cpl. MacRae, J., 82 Close Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. McTavish. F. J.. Knights of Columbus, King & John 
Streets, Toronto. 

Pte. McWilliam, A.. 3241/2 Dundas St., London, Ont. 

Pte. McWilliams, E.. 14 Power St., Toronto. 

Sgt. McWilliams, T.. 75 Kenilworth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Macaulay, A., 104 Pearl St. S., Hamilton. Ont. 

Maj. Gen. Sir Macdonall, A. C, Commandant's House. 
R.M.C.. Kingston. Ont. 

P (I !i i 

T w e n t y - s e i^ e n 

D. O. H. 


DISCHAR&ES— Continued. 

Lieut. Macdonell. D. K., 88 Marlboro Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

Cpl. Macklin, C. E., Gilbert Plains. Man. 

Pte. Maguire, P.. 26 Arundel Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Maguire, W. T.. 102 Eagle Ave., Brantford. Ont. 

Pte. Maidens, R., Consecon, Ont. 

Dvr. Maitland, A., London, Ont. 

Bdr. Majury, J., 134 Argyle St., Toronto. 

Cpl. Mackay, J. C, 242 Slosson Ave.. Staten Island. NY. 

Pte. Mallory, H. J., 654 Dorchester St., Montreal, Que. 

Dvr. Malone. P. J., 110 Lockwell Ave., Quebec, Que. 

Pte. Mangan, W., Windsor, Ont., (G.P.O.) 

Spr. Mann, A. E., 270 Glenholm Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Mann, A., 226 Scarborough Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Mann, S., 461 Marquette Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Pte. Mannall, G., C/o Mrs. C. McPhee, R.R. No. 3. Auburn, 

Huron Co., Ont. 
Pte. Manning, A., Warkworth, Ont. 
Pte. Manning. W. V., Coldwater, Ont. 

Pte. Manseau, C, 92 Sherbrooke St.. West, Montreal, Que. 
Lieut. Manson, C. W., 140 Seymour St., Kamloops, B.C. 
Pte. Manson, J., 27 Victoria Ave., Gait. Ont. 
Pte. Manzer, T., Nashwaak Bridge, York Co., N.B. 
Pte. Marks. A., 2 Anthony St., London, Eng. 
Pte. Marr, W. W., R.R. No. 2, Angance, N.B. 
Pte. Marriott, T., Gen. P.O., Calgary, Alta. 
Pte. Marriott, W., 5 948 Sherbrooke St., AV. Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Marsh, P. W., 13 Amelia St., Toronto. 
Pte. Marshall, D. R., 1901 Broad St., Springfield, M.O. 
Pte. Marshall, E. A., 3224 Carroll Ave., Chicago, 111. 
B. S. M. Marshall, F., Waterville, Que. 
Capt. Marshall, H., 534 Dundas St., London, Ont. 
Pte. Marshall, T. C, 3 02 Brown St., Rochester, N.Y. 
Pte. Martin, C, St. Mary's. Ont., Box 66. 
Pte. Martin, E. T., 80 Billy St., Halifax, N.S. 
Pte. Martin, G., R.R. No. 1, Dobbington, Ont. 
Pte. Martin. J., 5320 Keystone St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Gnr. Martin, J. M., Wilmot St., St. John, N.B. 
Pte. Martin, .1., 121 Benson Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Martin, J. M., St. David, Yamaska, P.Q. 
Cpl. Martin, W., Venison, Alta. 
Cpl. Martin, W., Magog, Que. 
Pte. Mason, C. G., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Mason, E., Gen. Del., Kamloops, B.C. 
Pte. Mason, R. H., Pembroke, Ont. 
Pte. Mason, W. F., 115 Locke St. N., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Massie, G. P., 100 Raglan Ave., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Massingbird, C, 35 Albert St., Orillia, Out. 
Pte. Mathieu, E., 550 Cartier St., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Maxey, E., 153 Cumberland St., Toronto. 
S/Sgt. Maxted, H. T., 83 Mulberry Ave., Oakwood. Toninto. 
Pte. Maxwell, J., 1 Muriel Ave., Toronto. 
Qpl. May, F., 48 Cork St., Guelph, Ont. 
Pte. May, H., 113 Central Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. May, R. M., Red Triangle Club, Toronto. 
Pte. Mayer, A., Joliette, P.Q. 

Ex.-Pte. Mayes, F. W., 39 Sherman St., Hornell, N.Y. 
Pte. Mayhew, O., 1395 Logan St. E., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Mazerkoff, M., 14 Fenning St., Toronto. 
Sgt. Mead, W. J., 199 Howland Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Meese, A., Ardkenneth. Sask. 
Pte. Megginson, J., R.R. No. 1, Janetville, Ont. 
Pte. Meiklejohn, A., 23 Alexander St., Toronto. 
Gnr. Melanson, H., Arnjirior, Ont. 

Pte. Melanson, I. A., Weymouth Mills, Digby Co., N.S. 
Pte. Mellick, W. L., Elmira, P.E.I. 
Pte. Menzies, G., 90 Kinrade Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Mertanen, B., Worthington, Ont. 
Pte. Michelotti, R., 310 Silverthorne Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Middleton, A., Haileybury, Ont. 
Lieut. Middleton, C. W., 85 Rawlinson Ave.. Toronto. 
Sgt. Middleton, H., Floral, Sask. 
Pte. Middleton. S.. Highg.ile, Onl. 
Pte. Midgley, R., 1318 Smith St., I'ruvidcnce, R.I, 
Sgt. Miles, A. J., 90 Falslaff St.. Stratford, Ont. 
Pte. Millar, G. C, 579 Pulmerston Ave., Toronto. 
Capt. Millar, R. W., 152 Browning Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Millard, D. A., Radisson, Sask. 
Sgt. Miller, A., 1062 Shaw St., Toronto. 
Gnr. Miller, G. W., Box 5 6. New Castle, N.B. 
pte. Miller, F., Box 11, Auburn, Washington. 

Pte. Miller, H., R.R. No. 2, Carp, Ont. 

Pte. Millar, J. F., 22 Hale Rd., LLscard, Cheshire, Eng. 

Pte. Miller, J. R., 276 Jarvis St., Toronto. 

Pte. Millet. W. L., Gaspereau, King's Co., N.S. 

Pte. Milligan, T., 185 Greenwood Ave., Toronto. 

Gnr. Millinchamp. F., Macdonald College, St. Anne de 

Pte. Mills. A. W.. Coronation, Alta. 
Pte. Mills, W. J., Dundalk, Ont. 

Pte. Milner, W.. 117 Lower Victoria St., Amherst, N.S. 
Pte. Miner, H., St. Albans P.O. 153, U.S.A. 
Pte. Minshall, R., 12 Clarke St., Guelph, Ont. 
Pte. Mitchell, C, Glencoe, Ont. 
Pte. Mitchell, H.. Fenwick, Ont. 
Sgt. Mitchell, J.. 105 Campbell St., Toronto. 
Pte. Mitchell, L., 611 Broadway Ave., AVinnipeg, Man. 
Pte. Mitchell, L., Caugnawaga. Que. 
Sgt. Mitchell, P. H., Jeddore, Halifax Co., N.S. 
Pte. Mitchell, R.. 2 5 Niagara St., Toronto. 
Sgt. Mitchell. W., C/o C. B. Dack, Butcher, Cumberland 

St., Port Arthur, Ont. 
Pte. Mitchell, W. H., 332 Dufferin St., Toronto. 
Pte. Mobell. F., 221E-113th St., New York, -N.Y. 
Pte. Moffat, W., Gen. Del., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Moir, D. L., 72 Pembroke St., Toronto. 
Pte. Mold, N. R., 198 Roxton Rd., Toronto. 
Pte. Mollan, C, 15 Dalton Dr., Wallasey, Cheshire, Eng. 
Pte. Molloy, P., N. Grosvenordale, Conn., U.S.A. 
L/Cpl. Monteath. A., Gen. P.O.. Victoria, B.C. 
Cpl. Montford, W., Gen. Del., Fredericton. N.B. 
Pte. Montgomery, A., 73 Muriel Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Montgomery. G., Fenella, Ont. 
Pte. Moon, F. W., 11029 University Ave., Edmonton S 

Pte. Moore, C. W., 636 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
Pte. Moore, E., Madoc, Out. 

Gnr. Moore, F., 40 Brighton Rd., Charlottetown, P. K.I. 
Pte. Moore, I.. 270 Bartlett Ave., Toronto. 
Ex.-Pte. Moore, J. I., R.R. No. 6, Chatham, Ont. 
Pte. Moore, P. .1., Stop 15, Lake Shore Rd., Toronto. 
Pte. Moore. W. J.. 86 Deeare Bldg.. 5 Notre Dame de Gras, 

Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Moran, A. W., 22 Otter Ave., Toronto. 
Tpr. Moran, R. L. G., 1410 Sprague St., Fort AA'illiam, Ont. 
Pte. Moreton, J., 416 Salem Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Morgan. R.. 1337 City Hall Ave., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Morin, R.. 1409 Notre Dame St., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Moroni. A., C/o Mrs. E. P. Bassett, Beacon Hill Sum- 
mit, N..T. 
Pte. Morris, A., 32S S. Homan St.. Chicago, 111. 
Pte. Morris, F., Haileybury. Ont. 
Pto. Morris, G. T., 60 Brandon Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Morris, J. S., Holland Landing, Ont. 
Cpl. Morris, S. J., 26-lst Ave., Verdun, P.Q. 
S/Sgt. Morrison, A. I., Box 813, Truro, N.S. 
Pte. Morris, W., 32 Arnold Ave., Toronto, 
Pte. Morrison, A., Scotstown. P.Q. 
Pto. Morrison, B., 11409-92nd St., Edmonton, Alta. 
Pte. Morrison, C, Midland, Ont. 
Pte. Morrison, J., 7 Crocker Ave., Toronto. 
Major Morrison, W. A., Dalhousie Station, P.Q. 
Pte. Morton, G. R.. 43 Gamble Ave., Toronto. 
Sgt. Morton, J. H., Gen. Del., Vancouver. B.C. 
Pte. Morton, W., 545 W. Leight Ave., Philadelphia. Pa. 
Pte. Moxley, C, 180 Be.-uimont Ave., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Moss, A. E. V., 176 Dennis St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 
Pte. Mott, J. J., Swan River, Man. 

Pte. Mottashed. J., 1321 North Parkside Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Pte. Moulison, P., Yarmouth. N.S. 
Pte. Moultrie, .1., 298 Perth Ave.. Toronto. 
Lieut. Mowat, G. A.. Campb611ton, N.B. 
Pte. Moxhani. AV., 139 .lohn St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Mudge, W.. 14 Diver St., Toronto. 
Pte. Muir, .1., 9 Albert St., Cadishead. near Manchester, 

Pte. Muise. G. P., Regent St.. A^armouth, N.S. 
Pte. Mulligan, R., Suite 44, 26 Charing Cross Rd., London 

AV.C, Eng. 
Pte. Mvillin, AV., 750 Brock Ave., Toronto. 
Sgt. Mundy. F. H., 97 Oakwood Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Munro, A., 1920 Gerrard St. E.,. Toronto. 

P a a e T w c n t y - e i g lit 

D. O. H. 


DISCHARGES— Co»//)i!(fd. 

Pte. Munro, J., Willowdale, Ont. 

Lieut. Munro, K. K., 119 Price St., Truro. X.S. 

Pte. Murphj-, F. M., 14 Euclid Ave., Toronto. 

L/Cpl. Murphy, H., Bridgetown, Shultz P.O., N.B. 

Pte. Murphy, J., 225 Fountain Rd., Liverpool, Eng. 

L/Cpl. Murphy. J. A., 6 Summitt St.. Halifax. N.S. 

Pte. Murphy, J., 262 Dufferin St., Toronto. 

Spr. Murphy, .T. J., 3901 Polk St., Chicago, 111. 

Pte. Murphy, N., Sturgeon, P.E.I. 

Pte. Murray, A., 3S2 John St., Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

Pte. Murray, C, 648 Waterloo St., London, Ont. 

Pte. Murray, G. H., 95 Russet St., Toronto. 

Pte. Murray, L., C/o Mr. Size, 403 Clinton St., Torciitu. 

Sgt. Murray, W. A., 430 Brunswick Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Myers, R., 401 Oakwood Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Myland, G. A., 246 Morley Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Najpe, T., Lake Mills, Iowa, U.S.A. 

Lt.-Col. Napier, R. R., Victoria Chambers, Ottawa, Ont. 

Pte. Nash, J. A., 2794 A. Dundas St. W., Toronto. 

Pte. Nason, F. W., 1293 Union Ave., New York, N.Y. 

Pte. Nasser, T., Box 2120. Montreal. Que. 

Pte. Nazaruk, N.. 9 St. Patrick St., Toronto. 

Pte. Neale, F., C/o Miss C. Nelson, Missouri Valley. Iowa. 

Pte. Neale. W. J., R.R. No. 5, Dunnville, Ont. 

Pte. Neary. P., 2630 West Oakdale St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Spr. Neaves, A., Beaver Point, Salt Springs Island, B.C. 

Pte. Neaves, W. J.. 88 King Edward Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Nelson, F., 420 Croydon Ave., AVinnipeg, Man. 

Pte. Nelson, J.. 205 Boon Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Nelson, W. E., Kingsville, Ont. 

Gnr. Nettleton, P. W., Birchcliffe P.O., Toronto. 

Sgt. Neville, A., 705 Manning Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Nevin, F., Brant Ave., Burlington. Ont. 

Pte. Newbigging, B., 29A. Auburn Ave.. Toronto. 

Cpl. Newland, C, Gen. Del., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Newman, J. W., Walkerville, Ont. 

Pte. Newton, G., 649 Woodbine Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Niblock, J. H., 156 Simpson Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Nichols, D. J., Niagara Falls, Ont. 

Pte. Nichols, M., 460 Queen St., Chatham, Ont. 

Cpl. Nicholson, J., Whitby, Ont. 

Pte. Nicholson, N., 1201 Nelson St., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Nicholson, S., Caledoni.a Mines, Cape Breton, N.S. 

Pte. Nicholson, T. A., 43 Concord Ave.. Toronto. 

L/Cpl. Nicholson, W.. 3 7 Skipper Ave., Toronto. 

Gnr. Nickerson, F., 53 Falkland St., Halifax, N.S. 

Pte. Nickerson, R. A., Liverpool, N.S. 

Pte. Nicolle, E. J., 16 Erin St., St. John, N.B. 

Cpl. Nisbet, J., 237 Earlscount Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Noctor. E. C, Mount Forest, Ont. 

Pte. Nodder, C, 313 Perth Ave., Toronto. 

Spr. Nolan, G. W., Douglastown, N.B. 

Pte. Nolan, R., 37 Albion St., Lowell, Mass. 

Pte. Norman, A., 9 Henry St., St. Catherines. Ont. 

Pte. Norman, G. W., 95 Pauline Ave , Toronto. 

Pte. Norman, H. M., 504 East 4th St., Boston, 

Pte. Norris, B., 112 Bruce Ave., Windsor, Ont. 

Pte. Norris, F. J., 649 College St., Toronto. 

Pte. Norris, F. P., 44 West Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. North, D. S.. Waterford, Ont. 

Pte. Nowry, A. J., 107 Water St., Averhill. Mass. 

Pte. Nutley, C. E., 244 Avondale Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Sgt. Nutter, J. W., 149 Beatrice St., Toronto. 

S/Sgt. Nutting, C. F., Walkerton, Ont. 

Pte. Oakley, R. H., Avonmore, Pa., U.S.A. 

Pte. O'Brien, D., Trenton, Ont. 

Pte. O'Brien, R., 280 Sherbourne St., Toronto. 

Pte. O'Brien, J. P., 1048 Dorchester St. E., Montreal. Que. 

Pte. Ockenden, C, 10656-lllth St.. Edmonton, Alta. 

Pte. O'Connor, A. H., 45 Northwood Rd., Craydon, Eng. 

Pte. O'Connor, P. F., Campbellton. N.B. 

Pte. O'Connor, P., 28 Brock Ave., Toronto. 

Lieut. Odium, F. E.. York Mills, Ont. 

Pte. O'Donnell, W.. 320 Huron St., Toronto, C/o Mrs. Bur- 

Pte. Oke, H., Granton, Ont., R.R. No. 2. 
Pte. O'Leary, M., K.C. Club, Edmonton, Alia. 
Cpl. Oliver, W. M., 320 Strand Ave., N. Westminster, B.C. 
3rd A/M Ollivier, A.. 99 Bowood Ave., N. Toronto. 
Pte. Olmsted, P., Bismark, Ont. 
Cpl. Olmsted, W., 154 Hamilton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Olsen, C, 160 Oak St., Toronto. 

Pte. Olsen, T., 4648 W. Ohio St., Chicago, 111. 

Pte. Olver, N., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Pte. O'Malley, F., Lakeview Farm, Sodgewick, Alta. 

Pte. O'Neal, E., 1126B. St. Antoine St. Montreal, Que. 

Pte. Onley, E. G., 38 Birch Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. O'Reilly, C, 41 Ferrier Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Ormerod, H., Georgetown, Ont., Box 110. 

Gnr. Orrell, S., 213 Joliette St., Montreal, Que. 

Pte. Orum, W., 45 Centre St., Woodstock, Ont. 

Col. Osborne, H. C. 21 Rosedale Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. O'Shea, D'Arcy, Midland, Ont. 

Pte. O'Toole, J. J., 24 Ash St., Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

Pte. Ougler, E. R., 73 Lombard St., St. John, N.B. 

L/Cpl. Ovi-en, E., 227 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Owen, R., Melita, Man. 

R. S. M. Owen, C, 271 Finkle St., Woodstock, Ont. 

Pte. Owens, J., Marysirle, Y'ork Co., N.B. 

Pte. Owens, T., Hespeler, Ont. 

Cpl. Packham, R. E., Caistor Centre, R.R. No. 1, Ont. 

Pte. Page. B. G., 23 Hocken Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Page, G. E., St. Thomas, Ont. 

Pte. Palmer, J., 48 Allen Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Palmer, R., 527 S. Sluss Ave., Bloomington, Ind., 

Cpl. Palmeter, L., Kentville, N.S. 

Cpl. Pamplin, R., Simcoe, Ont. 

Pte. Pangburn, 299 Seaton St., Toronto. 

Ex.-Pte. Papineau. F., 2417 St. Urbain St., Montreal, Quo. 
Pte. Papp, J., 5309 Franklin Ave.. Cleveland. Ohio. 

Pte. Paradio, J., Danase of Malane. P.Q. 

Pte. Parent, F.. 107 Geneva St., St. Catharines, Ont. 

Pte. Pariseau, J., Lumsden Mills. P.Q. 

Pte. Parisee, J., Lance la Barbe Co., Bonaventure, P.Q. 

Pte. Park, J. W.. R.R. No. 2, Parkhill, Ont. 

Dvr. Parker, B. J., 7th Floor, 157 Bay St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Parker, E.. 12 Midland Terrace, Carnforth, Eng. 

Pte. Parker, F.. Wilmot, Mich. 

Sgt. Parker, J. W., Box 54, Brampton. Ont. 

Pte. Parker, L., 318 Parliament St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Parker, S., 22 Highview Ave., Toronto. 

Capt. Parker, W. F., Sussex, N.B. 

Sgt. Parkes, W. S., "Aryosey Dene," Old Mill Rd., Torquay, 

Pte. Parkin. J., 113 London Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. P., Parkinson, J., 2078 Davenport Rd., Toronto. 
Gnr. Parkinson. J., Albert Ave., Mimico Beach, Toronto. 
Pte. Parnham. F., Carnavon St., Dunhaven, Vermont. 
Pte. Parnham, S., Red Triangle Club, Toronto. 
Pte. Parsons. J., 24 West Chicago Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Pte. Pass, H., 16 Melbourne Ave., Lindsay, Ont. 
Pte. Patry, A., 62 Third Ave., Quebec, Que. 
L/Cpl. Patterson, A. A., 14 Tisdale St. N., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Patterson, C. R., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Patterson, F. J., 654 Lansdowne Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Patterson, G., Ailsa Craig, Ont. 
Pte. Patterson, G. C. Wingkani, Ont. 
Gnr. Patterson, R. L.. 1176 Davenport Rd.. Toronto. 
Pte. Patterson, P., 7310 Mary St., Seattle, Wash. 
Gnr. Patterson, R., 572 Logan Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Patterson, W. C, 105 Langley Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Patton. M. J.. 6 Ethel Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. Paul, J. L., Bear River, N.S. 
Pte. Paul, L., Powassan, Ont. 
L/Cpl. Paylor, G.. 721 Dupont St., Toronto. 
Pte. Payne, T., Simcoe. Ont. 
Pte. Payne, H., West Hill. R.R. No. 2, Ont. 
Pte. Pearce, W. J., 249 Kensington Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Sgt. Pearsall, L. W., Oro Station, Ont. 
Pte. Pearse, F. W., 7 Palmerston Square. Toronto. 
Lieut. Pearson, R. J., C/o Mrs. Tucker, 1127 Pender St., 

Montreal, Que. 
Sgt. Pease, G. AV., C/o A. F. Field. 214 Gilmore Ave., W. 

Pte. Pearse, R. B., Tisdale, Sask. 
Pte. Pearson, J., 361-B. 7th St., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Pte. Peai'son. J. M.. Haliburton, Ont. 
C. S. M. Pearson, J.. Priceville, Que. 
Pte. Pearson, S., 242 Liverpool St., Guelijh, Ont. 
Pte. Peck, L. A., 238 Gloucester St., Ottawa, Ont. 
Ex-Capt. Peckham, C. W., 630 Jefferson Ave., Scranton. Pa, 

Page T we n t u - n in e 

D. O. H. 


DISCHARGES— Continued. 

J'te. Peebles. C. S6 Inkster Ave., Winnipeg, Man. 
1st. A/M Peerless, S., 7 May St., New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Pte. Pelletier, A., 10G2 Shaw St., Toronto. 

Pte. Peltier, T. A., Manitouwaning, Manitoulin Island, Ont. 

Gnr. Pelz, L., Box 341, Preston, Ont. 

Pte. Penrice, O. .T., 128 Mavety St.. Toronto. 

B. S. M. Peppiatt, H., 34 Breadalbane St., Toronto. 

Pte. Perrier, A., 23 Geneva Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Perry, C, W. GlassvilU, Carleton Co., N.B. 

Pte. Perry, G. J.. Harris Corner, R.F.11., No. 3. Birming- 
ham. Mich. 

Pte. Perry, \T.. Warden St., Mimito, Ont. 

Pte. Perusse. A., 174 Haldy St., Montreal, Que. 

Pte. Peters, G. A., 118 Spruce St., Ottawa, Ont. 

Pte. Pettit, W. E. D., 70 Humbert St., Toronto, Ont. 

Pte. Peyman, ,J. A., Gen. P.O., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Philips, W., 118 Hogarth Ave.. Toronto, 

Pte. Phillips, D., C/o ,J. Phillips, Letter Carrier 6, G.P.O., 
Edmonton, Alta. 

Cpl. Phillips, R. E., 25 Christie St., Toronto. 

Pte. Pickles, A., Camden St., Lawrence, Mass. 

Sgt. Pickup. E., Etheldene, Hillside Crescent, Leigh on Sea, 
Essex, Eng. 

Pte. Pidgeon, J, W., Park Corner, P.E.I. 

Pte. Pierse. T. H., 405 Perth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Pike, A. C, Edgerton, Alberta, 

Pte. Piper, C. R., Baysville, Ont, 

Pte. Piper, J., Red Deer, Alta. 

Pte. Pithouse, J.. 59 Division St., St. Catharines, Ont. 

Pte. Pitzold. W. H., 11 Weston Place, Roxbury, Boston, 

Pte. Plante. A.. 47 Hermine St.. Quebec, Que. 

Pte. Platts, S., Huron St., Collingwood, Ont. 

Pte. Porier. E. .1., Crighton Mine, Ont. 

Gnr. Pollock, S. A., Lachute, Que. 

Pte, Poole, A., 82 Dakin St., London, Ont. 

Sgt. Poole, G, H., 420 Horton St., London, Ont. 

Pte. Poore, C, Landshead, Ont. 

Pte, Pope, E. A.. Oakville. Ont.. R.R. No. 2. 

Pte. Popert, O., 29 Spruce Hill Rd., Toronto, 

Pte. Portch, P., Milton, Ont. 

Pte. Porter, A., 76 Scotland St.. Toronto. 

Lieut. Porter, A, T., 304 Harbord St., Toronto, 

Spr. Porter, J. W., Waubaushene, Ont. 

Pte. Porter, J., Thorold, Ont. 

Pte. Porter, .1. .1.. Y.M.C.A., Toronto, 

Pte. Potter. G., Haynes, Bedford, Eng. 

I'te. Potter, S. A., 977 '/2 Dufferin St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Potts, S., 35 Earnscliffe Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Power, F., 228 High St., Moncton, N.B. 

Pte. Power, J., Arichat, N.S. 

Pte. Preator, R., Gardeners Cottage, Honing^on Hall, 
Shipston-on-Stour, Worcester, Eng, 

Gnr. Precious W., 189 I'aisley St., Guclr/h. Out. 

Pte. Preece, C. R., 62 Barton Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Presley, W., 120 Main St., Eastview, Oltaw^i. Ont. 

Pte. Price, G. E,, West Gate, Oakland, C'al. 

Pte. Price, G. W,, Thorold, Ont. 

Pte. Price, T., 404 I'.urrows Ave.. Wininpeg, Man, 

Pte. Primmer, C, Hepworth, Ont. 

Pte. Penrice, P. E., 444 Bedford St., Sandwich, f)nt. 

Pte. Pringle, F. S., 28 Hunter St., Newark, .\..I, 

Pte. Prior. N., 23 Clanville Ave., Brantford, Ont. 

Pte. Pritchard, H. T., 156 Woolfrey Ave., Toronto. 

L/Cpl. Privctt, F., 53 Fullerton Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Promney. S., 11 Roden Place, Toronto. 

Pte. Prothero. F.. Perth Road, Ont. 

Pte. Proud, R. H., Tara, Ont. 

Pte. Proulx, D,, Williamstown, Ont. 

Pte. Proulx, E. ,L. Glen Robertson P.O. Ont. 

Pte. Purcell, P., 101 Warren Ave,, I'awtuoket, R.I., f.S.A. 

Pte. Purdue, A., 2731 W. Diindas St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Pur.ser, W., 108 Gait St., Toronto. 

Pte, Putnam, .1. R., 175 Hunter St., W. Hamilton, Ont, 

Pte, Quigley, J,, Shantellow, Londonderry, Ireland. 

L/Cpl. Quinn, J., 401 Symington Ave., Toronto. 

Capt. Quint. W. S., 72 Hogarth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Radcliffe, B., 37 Argyle St., Toronto. 

Pte. Rae, R., 63 Well St., Stratford, Ont, 

Pte, Reid. R., Campbellford, Ont. 

Pte. Rae, W., 733 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg, Man, 

Pte. Raftis. P., Kenihvorth, Ont. 

Pte. Ranee, E., 642 William St.. London, Ont. 

L/Cpl. Randall. J., 212 Munro St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Randle. J. A., 1233 King St. W., Toronto. 

Pte. Randies, K., 182 Graham Ave.. Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Rawson, G., Orillia, Ont. 

Pte. Ray, A. T., 148 Pacific Ave., Toronto. 

A. Pay. Lt.-Cmdr. Ray, P. M.. Cold Ash, Near Newbury, 

Berks. Eng. 
Pte. Raymond, J., St. Jerome. Co. TerreBon, P.Q. 
Pte. Raynor. R.. 28 Mt. Pleasant St., Brantford, Ont. 
Pte. Reader, R. M.. Box 669. Vernon, B.C. 
Gnr. Ready. A., Denbigh, Ont. 
Pte. Reddaway, T., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Redding. 635 Shaw St., Toronto. 
Spr. Redfern, A., Russell Hotel, Ottawa, Ont. 
Pte. Redman. D. C, 8 9 Bloor St. W^, Toronto. 
Pte. Rees, W.. 5 Alma St.. Amherst, N. S.. 
Pte. Reicker, R., Shannon, N.B.. R.R. No. 1. 
L/Cpl. Reid. H. J.. 9 Matilda St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Reid J. S., 320 Boon Ave,, Toronto. 
Pte. Reilly, W. McC Box 518, 82 W. Main St., Welland, 

Cadet Renaud. A. G.. 1759 Park Ave.. Montreal, Que. 
Pte, Renaud. E., 734 Bordeaux St., Montreal, Que. 
Sgt. Retford. G. D., 696 Glad.stone Ave., Toronto, 
L/Cpl. Reyment. C. H., 522 Eight St, E.. North Vancouver, 

Pte. Reynolds, C, 8 Collier St., Burnley, Lane. Eng. 
Pte. Reynolds, C. W., C/o Mr.s. Russell, 37 Macpherson 

Ave.. Toronto. Ont. 
Pte. Reynolds, F. ,1., 48 Cummings St., Toronto. 
Pte. Rhanney, A., C/o Mr. W. Daw. Hamilton. 111.. U.S.A. 
Lieut. Rheault. C. A.. Disraeli, P.Q. 
Pte. Rhodes. A.. 20 Milburn St., Lindsay, Ont. 
Pte. Rhynold, J, S., Canso, N.S. 
Tpr. Ribble, W^, Bronte, Ont. 
Pte. Rice, .1. A. E., Ormstown, P.Q. 
Pte, Rice, R. J., 41 Gould St., Toronto. 
Pte. Rice, W, T,, Gen. Del., Edmonton, Alta. 
Sgt. Richards, F., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Richardson, F., Sub. 72, Toronto. 
Pte. Richards. H.. 152 Atlas Ave., Toronto. 
N/S. Richardson. M. I., Richmond Hill, Ont. 
Pte. Richardson, V. S., Barrington, Shelbui'ne Co.. N.S. 
Pte. Richmond, H. W., Gen. Del., Moose .law. 
Sig. Ricker, G.. R.R. No. 2, Powasson, Ont. 
Gnr. Riddell, C, 847 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
Pte. Riddell, B. J., Lansing, Ont. 

Pte. Rigby, J. H.. 393 Meridian St. ]''all Itiver, Mass. 
Pte. Rigby, R., 14th St.. New Toronto. 
Sgt. Riley, A.. Goderich, Ont. 
Pte. Riley, C, Gen. Del.. London. Ont. 
Pte. Riley, J., 1538 Hunter St„ Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Pte. Riley, J. W,, R.R. No. 5, Waterford, Ont. 
Tpr. Riley. M. M., 96 Falstaff St., Stratford, Ont. 
Pte. Ringwood, G., 56 Oak St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Riechie, D. S., Blind River, Ont. 
Pte. Roberts. A. T., Box 187, Windsor. Ont. 
Pte. rtoberts. E., Broughdale, Sub. 7. London, Ont, 
Pte, Roberts, G., 133 S. Hill St., Port Arthur, Ont. 
Pte, Roberts, S.. 1527 S. Liberty Ave., Alliance, Ohio. 
Pte. Roberts, W., Norfolk St., Lawrence Co., New York. 
Pte. Roberts. W. E. S., 72 Dundas St., Brantford, Ont. 
Pte. Roberts, W. J,, 65 Adam St., Maisonneuvo, Montreal. 
Major Robertson. L. B., 27 Summerhill Ave, Toronto. 
Pte. Robertson, L., Shelburne, N.S. 
Pte. Robertson, R. C, South River, Ont. 
Pte. Robichard. A., Shippogan. Gloucester Co., N.B. 
Pte. Robichatid, ,1., 113 KlUhorn St., Franklin, N.H., U.S.A. 
Pte. Robillard. A. .1., Rawdon', P.Q. 
Pte. Robinson, A, A., 151 Prospect St., Long Isl.ind, .\ew 

York City, N,Y. 
Pie, Robinson, A. E,, 1234 Gerrard St. E., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Robinson. F., Walerbury, Vermont, U,S.A. 
Pte. Robinson, G. E,, Arnprior, Ont. 
Sgt. Robinson, H., 32 A. Springhurst Ave.. Toronto. 
Pte. liobinson. .1. R., 25 Grenadier Rd., Toronto. 
Spr. Robinson. R. P.. Myrtle Station, Ont, 
Lieut. Rolison. H. L., Brampton, Ont. 
Pte. Robson, W. G., 575 Lansdowne Ave,, Toronto. 

Page Thirty 

D. O. H 


DISCHARGES— 0)»//f///r,/. 

Pte. Robson, W., 332 Delaware Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Rodgers, B. A., 99 Aberdeen Ave.. Brantford, Ont. 

Gnr. Roe, A., 13 Arundel Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Roger, V.. 19 Lennox St., Toronto. 

Pte. Rogers, L. N., Woodstock, N.B. 

Pte. Rogers. R., Fredericton, R.R. No. 2. P.E.I. 

Spr. Rollick, H., 2S0 Richmond St., Toronto. 

L/Cpl. Rollins. E.. SO Tom St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Roper, B. S.. Windermere, Muskoka, Ont. 

Pte. Rosart. L. M.. 159 Ferry St. E., Hamilton, Ont. 

Capt. Rose, W. S., White Rock, B.C. 

Pte. Rosenham, L. P.. Louisville, Kentucky. 

Pte. Ross, A., 3801 Lake Park Ave.. Chicago. 111. 

Pte. Ross, C, 174 Maynard St., Halifax, N.S. 

Cpl. Ross, G., Box 106, Rainy River, Ont. 

Pte. Ross, O. B., Stayner, Ont. 

Pte. Ross, (i., 263 South West Temple St., Salt Lake City. 

Lieut. Ross, J. A., Grain Exchange, Fort William, Ont. 

Pte. Ross, L. .1.. Myrtle Station, Ont. 

Pte. Ross, M., Westville, N.S. 

Pte. Roszell, G. C. Bridgetown, Ont. 

Spr. Routledge, H. F., 502 Parliament St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Roviso. M.. St. John, Italy. 

Sgt. Rowe, H. W., 12025-66th St.. Edmonton, Alta. 

Pte. Rowe, P.. 35 Hazehvood Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Rowles, G. A., 303 Bank St., Ottawa, Ont.. 

Pte. Roy. A., 1233 Marina St.. Montreal, Que. 

Pte. Ruddy, G., Killaloe. Ont. 

Spr. Rudland. R.. Pine St., Dartmouth, N.S. 

Pte. Rudolph. B. P.. Liscomb, N.S. 

Cpl. Rushmer, G., 563 Grey St.. London. Ont. 

Pte. Rusk, O. R., 14 Salisbury St., Toronto. 

Pte. Russell, J., Gen. P.O., Regina. Sask 

Masseuse Russell, L., 2 6 Kendal Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Ryan. J., 134 Forfar St., Montreal, Que. 

L/Cpl. Ryan, J. J., 54 Essex Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Ryckman, J., 39 Cedar Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Ryder, H., 20 Wood St., Toronto. 

Pte. Rlyance, J. H., 273 Christie St., Toronto. 

Pte. Sadler, H. G., 10 Millbrook, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, 

Pte. Sadler. R., Billings Bridge, Ontario. 
Pte. Saltern. H., Center Dumer, Ont. 
Pte. Sanderson, J., 1999 Dundas St. W.. Toronto. 
Pte. Sanford, W., Walton. Hants Co., N.S. 
Pte. Sarazin, E., Midland, Ont. 

Pte. Sargent, A., 213 Kendal Ave., Oshawa, Ont. 
Pte. Sargent, F., 416 Luxton St., Victoria, B.C. 
Pte. Sarson, G. W., 155 Robert St., Toronto. 
Pte. Sargent, W. B.. Colborne, Ont. 
Pte. Sarson. G. W., 311 King St. W.. Toronto. 
Pte. Saunders, A. F.. Petitcodiac, N.B. 
Pte. Saunders. A., OrangeviUe, Ont. 
Pte. Saunders, E. A., 7 Bartlett Ave., Toronto. 
L/C. Saunders, W., 403 Clinton St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Savage, A. G.. 209 Weston Road, Toronto. 
L/C. Savard, E., East View, Ottawa, Ont. 
Pte. Savoie. G., 7 6 Manhattan Ave., New York City. 
R. S. M. I. Savvford, H., 3 Townely Rd.. Longbridge, 

Lancas., Eng. 
Pte. Sawyer, H., Northampton, Mass.. U.S.A. 
Pte. Sayer, G. H.. 1063 Shaw St., Toronto. 
Pte. Sayers, J. C, 115 King St. W., Hamilton. 
Sgt. Scanlon. M. J.. 98 Dixon Avenue, Toronto. 
Pte. Schefter, O., Walkerton, Ont. 
Pte. Schmidt. E., Mildmay, Ont. 
Pte. Schermerhorn. R., Odessa, Ont. 
Pte. Scholes. F. J., 7 5 Portland St.. Toronto. 
Pte. Schumacher, C. F.. 104 Carlton St., Toronto. 
Pte. Scotcher, A. W., 571-8th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Pte. Scott, A.. C/o Mr. Eraser, 68 Margueretta St.. Toronto. 
Cpl. Scott, C, Westguildford, Ont. 
Lieut. Scott, C. H., Guysborough, N.S. 
Pte. Scott. D.. 2620 Quadra St.. Victoria, B.C. 
Pte. Scott. H., 1 Francis St.. Hamilton. 
Pte. Scott. R. J.. 2244 Michigan Ave.. Chicago, 111. 
Pte. Searle, .T. W., 49 Isabella St., Toronto. 
Cpl. Sears. E., 2 5 Lark St., Toronto. 
Lieut. Seibert, P.. 10741-126th St.. Edmonton, Alta. 
Cdt. Selby. C. V.. 35 Classic Ave.. Toronto. 
L/C. Selby, W. D., 2 Adams Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Sellers. .1., 28 Melbourne St., York, England. 

Pte. Sellwood, E. L., Ellenborough Crescent. Weston Super 
Mare, Eng. 

Pte. Sephton, A.. C/o Pilkington Glass Works. Thorold. 

Pte. Sermatis, C Meconos, Greece. 

Pte. Shapoval. M.. 37 Brant St., Toronto. 

Pte. Sharp. J. .J.. 1 Defoe St.. Toronto. 

Major Sharp, J. O., 47 Braemore Gardens, Toronto. 

Spr. Shaw, D., 26 Bradford St., Hamilton. Ont. 

Spr. Shaw, J. H., 248 Shaw St., Toronto. 

Pte. Shaw. S. R., P.luevale, Ont. 

Pte. Shea. F.. ISA Ashdale Ave., Toronto. 

Spr. Sheard, G. A.. 47 Castleton Ave. W., Toronto. 

Pte. Shearing, W. R., Box 213, Wetaskiwin, Alta. 

Pte. Sheen. G. .J., 390 Garfleld Ave., Salem, Ohio. 

Pte. Sheets. E. C Gananoque, Ont. 

Pte. Sheldon. H.. 26 Goodwood Ave., Earlscourt, Toronto. 

Pte. Shelleau. J. K.. Sault Ste. Marie. Ont. 

Pte. Shelley. G. E., Itl White Ave.. Niagara Falls. Ont. 

Pte. Shepard. S. A., 947 Amsterdam Ave., N.Y.C. 

Cpl. Shergold, A.. 639 McDermot Ave., Winnipeg. 

Pte. Sheridan. 10. .1., 1081 Bathurst St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Sherlock. R.. 253 Church St., Toronto. 

Gnr. Sherren. G. E.. Crapand, P.E.I. 

Pte. Shields. J.. 273 Withrow Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Shillinglaw. L., Sarnia, Ont'. 

Pte. Shirley, W. L.. 1S4 Austin St., Winnipeg. Man. 

Pte. Siceloff. J. A.. Salisbury, N.C., U.S.A. 

Pte. Sigouin. P., South Indian. Ont. 

Pte. Sillito, F. T., 5 5 Teignmouth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Sills. H. E., Napanee, Ont. 

Pte. Silverthorn, T., Meaford. Ont. 

Pte. Sim, G., 62 DeLisle St., Montreal. 

Pte. Stackable. A.. Minto. N.B. 

Pte. St. Annand, L.. Gatineau Point, P.Q. 

L/C. St. Amour, .1., Sturgeon Falls. Ont. 

Pte. Stanhope, E.. 513 Drolet St.. Montreal. P.Q. 

Pte. Stanley. I. E., G.P.O., Toronto. 

Pte. Stanley. P., 88 Yarmouth Rd., Toronto. 

Gnr. Stapleton, C, Jerseyville, Ont. 

Pte. Starlite. J.. Sheboygan Co., Wis.. U.S.A. 

N/S. Starr. M. G.. 124 Bloor St. W., Toronto. 

Pte. St. Clair, ,J.. 30 Powell St., Guelph. 

Ex.- 1AM. Steer. H., 2 2 Pembroke St., Toronto. 

Pte. Sleeves, R. H., Sangerville, Maine. U.S.A. 

Pte. Stephen, J.. Gen. P.O.. Toronto. 

Pte. Stevens. A.. Ill John St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Stevenson, A.. 361 Stanley Ave.. Selkirk. Man. 

Pte. Stevenson, J., 91 Grange Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Stevenson. J.. 418 King William St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Stewart. A.. 32 Springdale Ave.. E. Sangus. Ma.s.s.. 

Pte. Stewart, D.. 82 March Rd.. St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Stewart. D. E.. Brantford P.O.. Ont. 

Pte. Stewart, E., Bear River, Digby Co,, N.S. 

Pte. Stewart, J. P., Dunnville. Ont., Box 430. 

Pte. Stewart, I., 145 South Drive, Toronto. 

Pte. Stewart, N. M., 892 Isabel St.. Woodstock. Ont . 

Lieut. Stewart. R. A. W., Barrie, Ont. 

Pte. Stewart. R., R.R. No. 2. Holland Centre, Ont. 

L/C. Stewart, R., B Hamilton St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Stiles, W. T.. Suite 26, Ryan Court. lOth Ave. W.. On- 
tario St.. Vancouver. B.C. 

Pte. St. John. E.. Grimsby. Ont. 

Pte. Stobie, C. H.. Mar, Ontario. 

Major Stock. J. J., 448 Cooper St.. Ottawa. 

Pte. Stone. B. H.. Lower Stewiacke. Colchester Co.. N.S. 

Dvr. Stone. C. R.. 98 Jones Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Stone. B.. S3 Jenney St., New Bedford. Mass., U.S.A. 

Lieut. Stone. F. G.. 1636 Bannatyne Ave., Verdun, P.Q. 

Pte. St. Ours. D.. 129 Rofery St., Montreal. 

Pte. St. Onge. J. J., Trenton, Out. 

Pte. Stovel. D. A., 15 Laird St.. Soo. Ont. 

Pte. St. Peter. R. R., TiHey. Victoria Co.. N.B. 

Pte. Strath, W.. Shoal Lake, Manitoba. 

Pte. Strempel, H. A., 925 Fitzhugh St., Saginaw, Mich. 

N/S Stretton, S. B., 7 Edgewood Ave., Toronto. 

S/Sgt. Stroud, B. J.. 223 Woodville Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Struth, Wm.. 11 Monteith Rd., Old Ford, London, 

P a II r r hirty-o n e 

D. O. H. 


DISCHARGES— Co»/»u(rrf. 

Pte. Stuart, C, 16t) Essex Ave.. Torontu. 
Pte. Sturgeon, S. B., R.R. No. 2, Paisley, Ont. 

Pte. Sturgess, H., 157 S. Francisco Ave., Chicago, III. 

Cpl. Sullivan, B. J., 25 Seaport Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Sullivan, D., 1249 Laird St., Regina, Sask. 

Pte. Sullivan, J.. 8 Willis St.. Toronto. 

Gnr. Sullivan, W. M., 12 Hopewell St., Sydney, Au.stralia. 

Pte. Sutherland, G., Morse Fort, James Bay, Ont. 

Pte. Sutherland, J. H., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Tpr. Sutherland, P., High River, Alta. 

Pte. Sutherland, J. H., Burk Bennett, Texas, U.S.A. 

Pte. Sutton, L., Waterford, Ont. 

Pte. Swansburg, R., 16 High St., Brookline, Mass. 

Pte. Swanson, C, Manitowaning, Manitoulin Island. 

Pte. Symonds, W. S., 19 Maple Grove, Parkdale, Toronto. 

Pte. Szklar, P., Oddbank, Manitoba. 

Pte. Simard, C, 48 St. Germaine St., Quebec. 

Pte. Simard, H., 66 Garneau St., Hull, Que. 

Pte. Simcoe, Wm., Rama, Ont., (Atherley, R.R. No. 2.) 

Sgt. Simmins, C., 34 Davenport Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Simnionds, W., "Winghani P.O., Ont. 

Pte. Simmons, L., 172 Dover St., New Haven, Conn. 

Capt. Simpson, G. W. R., 21 Rosedale Rd., Torontn. 

Pte. Simpson, T., 829 Pape Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Sinclair, W., Georgetown, Ont. 

Capt. Sinfe.eton, G. M., Toledo, Ont. 

Cpl. Si33on, I..., Kivtrt-tone, Sask. 

Pte. Sinclair, J. C, Cochrane, Ont. 

Pte. Slvell, C, 58W. -105th St., New York City. 

Pte. Skelley, A., 137 Tecumseh Ave., London. 

Pte. Sketcher, E., R.R. No. 3, Chatham, Ont. 

Sig. Skidmore, S. A., 84 Summer St., St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Slade, H., 131 Albert St., St. Catharines, Ont. 

Lieut. Slatter, A. M., 62 Havelock St., Toronto. 

Pte. Slipp, F., 324N.-4th St., Brainard. Minn. 

Pte. Sloan, F. W., 589 Jarvis St., Toronto. 

Pte. Smale, W. A., R.R. No. 2, Longwood, Ont. 

Dvr. Small, F., R.R. No. 3, Clifford, Ont. 

Pte. Smallett, K., Centreville, Bedeque, P.E.I. 

Capt. Smart, E. G. A., C/o Royal Trust Co., Winnipeg, 

Si>r. Smart, W. T. B., Charlton, Ont. 

Pte. Smedley, G. A., 909 James St., Seattle, Washington. 

Pte. Smith, A. V., 24 Ardvolich St., Hamilton. 

Pte. Smith, A., Pund Whiteness, Shetland, Scotland. 

L/C. Smellie, A., Suite B., Eleanora Apts., Winnipeg, Man. 

Pte. Smith, A. G., 165 Corporation St., West Ham., Lon- 
don, Eng. 

Pte. Smith, C, 65 Aikman Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Smith, C, 68 Symington Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Smith, E. C, Woodstock, Ont. 

Pte. Smith, E. C, 524 Twelfth St., Saskatoon, Sask. 

R. S. M. Smith, E. M., 173 Rushton Road, Toronto. 

Pte. Smith, F.. Springville, Picton Co., N.S. 

Capt. Smith, h\ A., 20 Bangor St., Augusta, Maine, 

Pte. Smith, H. J., 2E-25th St., Mount Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Smith, J., 41 Cameron St., Toronto. 

Pte. Smith, J. R., 121-19th Ave., S. Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Smith, .).. 99 Claremont St.. Toronto. 

I'te. Smith, J. W., 45 Pond Lane. Arlington, Mass.. U.S.A. 

Pte. Smith, L. C, Victoria St., Goderich, Ont. 

Pte. Smith, M. M., 107 Nile St., Stratford, Ont. 

L/C. Smith, M., 273 Roxton Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Smith, N. S., Chinook Cove, N. Thompson, Kamloops, 

Pte. Smith, P. J., 17 Cuml)erl:ind St., Cardiff, Wales. 

(inr. Smith, R., Benson Ave., Peterboro, Ont. 

Pte. Smith. R., 272 Christie St., Toronto. 

Ex.-Pte. Smith, S. A. A., 91 Cameron Ave., Windsoi-. Oiil. 

Pte. Smith, T. F., 4 Stinson St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Pte. Smith, W., King St., BartonviUe P.O., Ont. 

Pte. Smith, W.. 256 Concord Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Smith, W., 130 Cameron Ave.. Windsor. Onl. 

Spr; Smith, W., Bellamy, Ont. 

Pte. Smith, W., New Brasco. N.S. 

Pte. Smith, W. F., Newport. Brooklyn. Hants Co., N.S. 

Major Smyth, W. H., 5 Schofleld Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Snihur, W., 55 Widmer St., Toronto. 

L/C. Soderstrom, G., 168 Dalhousie St., Urantford, One. 

Cpl. Somerville, R., 15 Harvey St., Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Sornberger, V., 29 Perth Ave.. Toronto. 

Pte. Southby, T., 324 Pacitic Ave.. Toronto. 

L/C. Southworth, E.. Darlingford. Manitoba. 

Pte. Spaniel, J., Bisco, Ontario. 

Pte. Spares, E. H., Hennigar's P.O., Hants Co., N.S. 

Sgt. Sparling, J. G., 41 Empress Crescent, Toronto. 

Cpl. Sparrey. A., 609 Clinton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Spellman, R., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Pte. Spence. J., 320 Salem Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Spence, W.. Lacdubonnet, Man. 

Pte. Sperry, J., Sheet Harbour, Halifax Co., N.S. 

Pte. Taillon, G., 421 Mainsonneuve, Montreal, Que. 

Pte. Tansley, G., Sharon, Ont. 

Cpl. Tapp, J. G., 218 Arlington Ave., Ottawa, Ont. 

Pte. Tarrant. L. E., Bury, Que. 

Pte. Tasker, H. S.. 601W. 127th' St., New York, X.Y'. 

Pte. Tatton, S. J., 572 Crawford St., Toronto. 

a/c C. S. M. Tawse, J., Kelowna, B.C. 

Pte. Taylor, A. J.. 429 Stewart St.. Peterboro, Ont. 

Pte. Taylor, A. R., 88 Rose St., Gait, Ont. 

Pte. Taylor, E., 155 Grosvenor Ave., Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Taylor, K. T., 27 King St., Belleville, Ont. 

Pte. Taylor, G. L., C/o Mrs. Rushbury, 537-13th Ave. E., 

Vancouver. B.C. 
Gnr. Taylor. G., I acolle, P.Q. 
Pte. Taylor, J., 98 Hazelton Ave., N. Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Taylor, L. J. 286 Lippincott St.. Toronto. 
Lieut. Taylor, M. A., 40 Hampton Court, Toronto. 
Pte. Taylor, T., Hillsboro, Albert Co., N.B. 
Pte. Tearro, C. M., Cornwall, Ont. 
Pte. Tedford. G. J., 351 Bartlett Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Teer, E. J , 16 Melbourne St., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Terry. A., 8 2 Crown Rd., Portslade. Sussex, Eng. 
L/Cpl. Tetro, A., 839 Ethel St., Verdun, Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Thebeau. R., Rogervella. St. John, N.B. 
Pte. Theroux, E., Gen. P.O., Calgary, Alta. 
Pte. Thibault, H., St. Croix, Lobinere, P.Q. 
Sgt. Thibideau, E.. Annapolis Royal, N.S. 
Pte. Thirwall, H., 1752-3rd Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 
N/S. Thirsk, M., Mount Albert, Ont. 
Pte. Thom, G. W., 153 Sydenham St., Toronto. 
Pte. Thoman, W. C, Arkona, Ont. 
Cpl. Thomas, A. P., Maple, Ont. 
Pte, Thomas. H., 18 Wellington St. E., Toronto. 
Capt. Thomas, H. D., 106 Jlyrtle Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Thomas, AV.. 174 East 23rd St., Hamilton, Ont. 
Cpl. Thompson. A. W.. C/o Mrs. Walker, 2 9 Walker Ave., 

Cpl. Thompson, C. B., Kelowna, B.C. 

Pte. Thompson, C. E., 253 Lake Ave., St. Catharines, Ont. 
Pte. Thompson. D., Athens, Ont. 
Cpl. Thompson, E., Goderich, Ont. 
Pte. Thompson, F., 38 Woodlawn Ave. W., Toronto. 
Sgt. Thompson, G. W., Box 698, Saskatoon, Sask. 
Pte. Thompson, R., Athelstan, Que. 
L/Cpl. Thompson, R., 4 3 Gamble Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Thompson, W., 782 Palmerstun Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Thompson, W. J., 399 Woodbine Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Thomson, A., 116 AVellesley St.. Toronto. 
Lieut. Thomson, C, 111 Woodlawn Ave., Toronto. 
S/Sgt. Thomson, J. A., 789 High St. E., Owen Sound, Ont. 
Gnr. Thomson, J. H., 246 Whitney Ave., Sydney, N.S. 
Cpl. Thorne, B. W., Havelock, Kings Co., N.S. 
Pte. Thorpe, P., 343 Westmoreland Ave., 'I'oronti) 
Pte. Thuell, R., Brussels, Ont. 
Pie. Thursby, F. B., Strathroy, Ont. 
Pte. Tichborne, R., 570 Ontario St., Toronto. 
Plp. Tilbury, C, 212 Geoi-ge St., H,imilton, Onl. 
I'tc. 'J'lndall, A., Pine Cottage, Clarkson, Ont. 
I'tc. Tlnkiss, C. R., 429 Clinton St., Toronto. 
Pte. Tisdale, J. W. D., 167 Green St., Ann:ip<ilis, .M,l. 
Pte. Tomlinson, O., Great Falls, Mont., U.S.A. 
Pte. Toohey, E. J., Mayo, Ireland. 
Pte. Topping. J., 79 Kenwood Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Touchette, L., 1601 Ohio Ave., Est. Louis, III. 
Pie. Tourend. P.. Calone De Craver, Man. 
Pte. Towlan, W. A. D.. Mt. Lehman. B. C. 
Pte. Towns, K., 61 Preston St., Ottawa, Ont. 
Lieut. Townshond. R. C, 16 Scarth Rd.. Toronto. 
Pte. Townshend. W. D.. 671 Crawford St., Toronto. 
Pte. Townsend, E., Lockport, N.Y. 
Pte. Toye, E., 533W. 58th St.. .Vew York, .V.Y. 

]' a 11 e T )i i r t II - t w o 

D. O. H 


I )I SCIIARGES— Co»//»»a/. 

Pte. Tracey, A,, Harvey. VurU Co., N.B. 
Pte. Traill, W., Almonte, Ont. 

Pte. Travis, S., 6 Clarendon Road. Walley Haiige. .Man- 
chester, Eng. 
Lieut. Trees, A. G., 339 Sherbourne St., Toronto. 
Pte. Trenibley. A., Gen. Del.. Quebec, Que. 
C. S. M. Trimble, J. P.. 8 Annette St., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Trott, R. J., Orillia, Ont. 
Pte. Tucker, O., 112S Union St., Vancouver. B.C. 
Sgt. Tucker. E., 338 Walter Ave., Victoria, B.C. 
Pte. Tucker, W. J., 1445 Mary Ave., Edmond.s, New 

minster, B.C. « 

Pte. Tudge, J., Savona. B.C. 
Pte. Tuer, W.. Ford City, Ont. 

Pte. Tugwell, E. H. C, 752 Crawford St., Toionto. 
Pte. Turley, F., 23 Dunedin St., Toronto. 
Pte. Turnbull, W., Petitcodiac, N.B. 
Pte. Turner, A. E.. IS Randolph Ave., Toronto. 
Ex.-Pte. Turner, C. R.. 10 Bedford St.. Stalylirids-e, 

Cheshire, Eng. 
Pte. Turner, F., 14 Lyndhurst St., Hamilton, Ont. 
IJdr. Turner, G. E., Benton, N.B. 

Pte. Turner, G., 2 05 Hawthorne Ave., Ottawa. Ont. 
Bdr. Turner, H. .1., 1528 Madison Ave., San Diego, Cal. 
Pte. Turner. P. .1., 3 6 Augusta Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Turner, S. J.. 296 Manning Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Turner, T., 171 Lamb Ave.. Toronto. 
Gnr. Turton, G.. 34 Wolsey St., (in rear), Toronto. 
Pte. Tyngate, W., 190 Maria Ave., Toronto. 
Cpl. Unwin, A. N., 19 Ullswater Rd., London. N. 14. Eng. 
N/S. Usborne, G., 14 Oriole Gardens, Toronto. 
Pte. Vague, W., Ringwood. Ont. 
Pte. Valiquette. E., 2433 Chateaubriand Ave., Montreal. 

Pte. Valiere, A. A.. 331 Wilson St., Manchester, N.H. 
Pte. Van Alastine, D. D., 182 Niagai-a St., St. Catharines. 

Pte. Vanidour, R., Leamington. Ont. 
Pte. Vaughan, H., 85 Wood Lane, Harhorne. Birmingham, 

Cpl. Vear, R. J., 312 Bain Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Veinn, C. E., Nahome Bay, N.S. 
Cpl. Veitch, W., 271 St. Helens Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Venton, C, 300 Seaton St., Toronto. 

Pte. Verney, A., 4400 Holly Grove St., New Orleans. U.S.A. 
Pte. Viau, T., 284 Marquette St., Montreal, Que. 
Sgt. Vickers, A., 29 Allandale St., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Vickery, W., 404 Symington Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Vigneau, J., Maria, Bonaventure, Que. 
Pte. Vintiner, A., 147 Montrose Ave., Toronto. 
Sgt. Voight, J., R.R. No. 1, Islington, Ont. 
Capt. Wadleigh, C. G., Richmond, P.Q. 
Lieut. Waghorn, F.. Bank of Commerce, Cor. College & 

Spadina Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Wakefield, G.. 94 Case St., Hamilton. Ont. 
Pte. Walden, C. E., Markdale. Ont. 
Pte. Walker, G., 81 Moscow Ave., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Walker, J. V., Bootle. Liverpool, Eng. 
Cdt. Walker, J. Q., 239 Blaine Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Pte. Walker, R., Passalboro, Maine. 
Pte. Walker, S. N., 41A, Canal St., Runcorn. Cheshire, 

Sgt. Walton, W. V.. 526 Ontario St., London, Ont. 
Pte. Wallace, A. V.. 39 Beatrice St., Toronto. 
Pte. Wallace, G. L., Lawrence Town, Ont., Annapolis Co., 

Pte. Wallace, R. B., 218 S. McComb St., Munroe, Mich. 
Ci)l. Wallace, S., 12 Carlton St., Toronto. 
Lieut. Waller, R. V., 133 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
Pte. Wallis, W., 4123 Western Ave., Montreal, Que. 
Spr. Walsh, W., North Sydney, C.B. 
L/Cpl. Ward, A. R., 4 Laurie Ave., Toronto. 
S/Sgt. Ward, F. C, 168 Grace St., Toronto. 
Pte. Ward, F., 2 2 Wood St., Toronto. 
Pte. Ward, H. R., 523 Queen St. E., Toronto. 
Cpl. Ward, J., 258 Avondale Ave., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Ward, P., Brooks. Ont. 
Pte. Ward, V., Aiktow. Sask. 

Pte. Wardill, P. O., 151 Apple Ave., Montreal. Que. 
Pte. Wardlaw, W., C/o Mr. M. Reid, R.R. No. 4. Osgoodo 

Station, Ont. 

Pte. Wareham. A., 1935 Esplanade Ave., Montreal, Que. 

Pte. Warfe, W. .!., 668 Kingston Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Warmington, C. L., 802 Indian Rd., Toronto. 

Pte. Warren, A. J., Gen. P.O., Toronto. 

Pte. Warrington, J. J., 307 E. 56th St., New York, N.Y. 

Cpl. Watherston, W., Gen. Del., Toronto. 

Tpr. Waters, F., Secy. G.W.V.A., Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Watson, G. A., Oakvirood Ave., Port Credit, Ont. 

Pte. Watson, H., Markdale, Ont. 

Pte. Watson, J. A., Albany Club, 91 King St, E., Toronto. 

Pte. Watson, P. M., 107 Moscow Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Watson, R., 21 Wallace Green, Berwick on Tweed, 

Pte. Watson, W., 1437 W. Bloor St., Toronto. 
Pte. Watts, E., 70 Somerset Ave., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Watts, R., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Wear, F., 391 Merton St., Toronto. 
Bdr. Webb, G., 773 Keele St., West Toronto. 
Gnr. Webber, A., 56 Victoria Ave.. Brockville, Ont. 
Pte. Webber, E., 26 Sackville St., Toronto. 
Pte. Webster, R. W., Weybourne Crescent, Toronto. 
Sgt. Weddup, S. C, 481 Pine Grove Ave., Birchcliffe. Ont. 
Sgt. Weeks. H., 1620 Mance St., Montreal, Que. 
Cpl. Weichel, O., Elmira, Ont. 
Gnr. Weir, J. J., 49 Clarendon Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Wellman, I., 273 Rose Ave., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Wells, A., Gen. P.O., Peterboro, Ont. 
Pte. Walsh, P. F., Stola, Hastings Co., Ont. 
Pte. Welsh, R., 5 9 Knox St., Point St. Charles, Montreal. 
Pte. West, B. A.. Kingston Village, N.S. 
Lieut. West, J. P., C/o Dominion Bank, Head Office, 

Pte. Westbrook, V.. 107 Kenwood Ave., Toronto. 
Sgt. Weston, H. C, 965 Dulterin St., Toronto. 
Pte. Weston, P. H., 167 Jarvis St., Toronto. 
Sgt. Westbrook. H. E., R.R. No. 2, Brantford, Ont. 
Pte. Wetmore, J. S., Argyle St., Campbellton, N.B. 
Pte. Whan, F. M., 138 Leslie St., Orillia, Ont. 
Pte. Wheaton, R., Clarendon Station, Queen's Co., N.B. 
Pte. Wheeler, E. C. H., 20 Grosvenor Ave., Sault Ste. Marie, 

Pte. Wheeler, R. B., 29 Thelma Ave.. College Heights, 

Pte. Wheeler, W. R., 2 9 Thelma Ave., College Heights, 

Pte. Whetsel. V. B., 215 Coldspring St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Pte. Whimpenny, W. G., 12 Duke St., Kearny, New Jersey. 
Sgt. Whitaker, J., 80 Laurier Ave. \V., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. White, A.. 118 Yarmouth Rd., Toronto. 
Gnr. White. D., Ill West 82nd St., New York, N.Y'. 
Cpl. White, E. C, C/o Mr.s. Harris, 219 King St., Weston, 

Sgt. White, E., Cherry Valley, Picton, Ont. 
Pte. White, F., 108 West Lodge Ave., Toronto. 
Gnr. White, G., 299 Gottingen St., Halifax, N.S. 
Pte. White. G. S.. 99 Northcliffe Blvd.. Toronto. 
Pte. White. H.. Lake St. Joseph, Co. Portneuf. Quebec. 
Spr. White, H., Red Triangle Club, Toronto. 
Pte. White, P. W.. 35 Curzon St., Toronto. 
Pte. White. R. A., Almonte, Ont. 
Pte. White, T. J., 60 Florence St., Toronto. 
Pte. White, W., 2013 Sanson St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Pte. White, W., Lower Millstream, King's Co., N.B. 
Sgt. Whithead, J., 313-27th St. E., N. Vancouver, B.C. 
Pte. Whithead. W., 6 Ray Ave., Mt. Dennis, Ont. 
Pte. Whitfield, W., Box 125, Denison Ave., Weston. Ont. 
Pte. Whitmore. W.N., R.R. No. 1, Priceville, Ont. 
Sgt. Whyte. K., Grimsby. Ont. 
Sgt. Whitely, T. A., 73 9 Gerrard St., Toronto. 
Pte. Whitworth. E., 573 Clinton St., Toronto. 
Sgt. Widdicombe, W.. 930 Dundas St.. London. Ont. 
Pte. Wilcox, S.. Inverness. Cape Breton, N.S. 
Pte. Wiles, J., Pictou, N.S. 

Cpl. Wilkinson, R.. 119 Yorkville Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Williams, E., 212 Princess St., St. John, N.B. 
Pte. Williams, G.. Mashwaakin, N.B. 

Gnr. Williams, H. R., 1172 Michigan Ave., Buffalo. N.Y. 
Pte. Williams. H.. 320 Sill St., Watertown, N.Y. 
Pte. Williams. R. W., 7 3 A. St. Famille St., Montreal, Que. 
Pte. Williams, L.. Springfield, Mi.ssouri. 
Pte. Williams, W. H., 2 Stanley St., Brantford, Ont. 

P a (J e T h i r t y - i li. r c c 

D. O. H 


DISCHARGES— Continued 

Pte. Williamson, E., 11 Henry Ave., BrantforJ, Ont. 

Pte. Williamson, J. L., 4 Wilson Ave., London, Ont. 

Gnr. Williamson, L., 175 Kenilworth Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Williamson, R., 18 Cedar Ave., Toronto. 

N/S. Willison, E., Whitby, Ont. 

Pte. Wilson, R. S., 19 Ueni.son Ave., Toronto. 

Pte. Wilman, F. C, Bank House, Bletchley, Eng. 

Pte. Wilson, A. G. A., 42-24th Ave.. Vancouver, B.C. 

Pte. Wil.son, E. V., Birtle, Man. 

Sgt. Wilson, F. J., 208 Chesley St., St. John, N.B. 

Pte. Wilson. G., 13 Fairview Ave., Hamilton. Ont. 

Pte. Wilson, G. F., C/o Mrs. Latimer. 1010 Wolfe Ave.. 

Moose Jaw, Sask. 
Pte. Wilson, H., 636 Bathurst St., Toronto. 
Pte.' Wilson, H., R.R. No. 3, Waterford, Ont. 
Sgt. Wilson, J.. 5- Morrab Gardens, South Park, Ilford, 

Essex, Eng. 
Pte. Wilson. J. J., St. Andrews, Scotland. 
Pte. Wilson. J. H., 1025 Walmet St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Lieut. Wilson. J. C, 320 Neville St., Pittsburg. Pa. 
Pte. Wilson, N. H., 41 McFarland Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Wilson, N. R., 1134 Dovercourt Rd., Toronto. 
Pte. Wilson, P., Gen. Del., Vancouver, B.C. 
Pte. Wilson. R. F., 556 Spadina Ave.. Torontn. 
Pte. Wilson, R. W., 473 Roxton Rd., Toronto. 
Sgt. Wilson, W. E„ 891 Yonge St., Toronto. 
Pte. Wilson, W. E., Meaford, Ont. 
Pte. Wilson, W., 2 Riverdale Ave., Toronto. 
Pte. Winsor, G. H., Sudbury. Ont. 
Pie. Wiseman, S., 94 Francis St., Winnipeg, Man. 
Pte. VVistow. A.. 1304 King St., London, Ont. 
L/Cpl. Witchell, H. R.. 445 Altord St.. Kingston. Ont. 
Cpl. Wittey. J., Central Economy, Colchester Co., N.S. 
Pte. Wolfky, W., Gen. Del., Toronto. 
Pte. Wood, F., 317 Cameron St. E.. Hamilton, Onl, 
L/Cpl. Wood, H,, 942 Dufferin St., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Wood, H.. 1640 Delormier Ave.. Montreal. Que. 

Pte. Wood, W., 896 Dufferin St.. Toronto. 

Pte. Woodcock, A. J., 28 Sarcombe Rd., Layton. London, 

Gnr. Woodcock, G. H., Cobourg, Ont. 
Pte. Woodjetts, H., 32 Arnold Ave., Toronto. 
L/Cpl. Woodman. E., Cullens Brook, Bonaventure, Que. 
Pte. Woodruff, C, 54 Duke St.. Toronto. 
Pet. Woods, J. A., Angus, Ont. 
Pte. Woodside, C, Malpeque, P.E.I. 
Pte. Woodside, W. M.. Kensington. P.E.I. 

Pte. Woodworth, A. H.. 223 Emerald St.. Hamilton. Ont. 
Spr. Woof. J. R.. Collingwood, Ont. 
Pte. Woolston. E., 286 Good St., Winnipeg, Man. 
Pte. Workman. T., R.R. No. 1, Currie's Crossing, Ont. 
Pte. Worrell, G. B., Baillie, Charlotte Co., N.B. 
Major Witherspoon, H, C. R.M.C., Kingston, Ont. 
Sgt. Wren, H, H., 179 Hess St. N., Hamilton, Ont. 
Pte. Wright, C, Bebe Junction. Que. 
Pte. Wright, G., Blantyre P.O., Ont. 
Pte. Wright, J., Moose Jaw, Sasli. 
Major Wright, W. G.. Imperial Bank. Queen & Yonge Sts., 

Pte. Wright, L. A., Stayner, Ont. 
Spr. Wyatt, R., 100 West Ave. N., Hamilton, Ont. 
Sgt. Wylie, W. T., 525 Dufferin St., Toronto. 
Pte. Wynne. J., Glanglasfor, Rhyl, Wales. 
Pte. Yarnall. .). H., 196 East Eagle St.. Buffalo. .NY. 
Pte. Young, H., Blenheim, Ont. 
Pte. Younie, W., Glen Cove, Long Islami, N.Y. 
Tpr. Young, A. L., Watertown, Ont. 




Vnung. G. A.. Gen. Del., Moose ,lavv, Sask. 
L/Ci)l. Young, R., 1360 Stebbins Ave., New Yori 
Pte. Young, W. R.. Millsville. Pictou Co., N.S. 
Pte. Younson, R., 22 Ardoch St.. Glasgow, Scotland 
Pte. Yule. G.. 176 .March St.. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 

C. B.. Box 427, Lily Dale Hd., l.uiu-nbui 


I'le. Htividge. Alberl 
I'le. Campbell. J. 
Pte. Chadwell, L. 
Cpl. Couper, R, 

I'le. Cove, R., 
I'te. Ellis. C. 
Pte. Fisher. R. 
Pte. Hollett. Geo. 


Pie. Graham, W. 
Pte. Lanchette. F. 
Pie. Letourneau, W. 

Pte. Meille, W. 
Pte. Roberts. E. 
I'le. Sime, ti. 

Pte. Smith, A. 
Pte. Smith, .1. 
Pte. Sullivan. ,1. 

Nursing Sisters 

Goodeve, .M. .\l 
Koberl.son, .\l.. 
Adams, M. \'., Hanover, onl. 
Aitken, E., (On duty), r.ei-uin, (iiii. 
Agar, M,, Kleinburg, Ont. 
Au.ttusline. E. E., (On duty), Osh.-iwa 

. II. 

Allwood. .\i, .1.. IMi.t'., r,:! Si 

Harden. K. 
Beer, E. E. 
Beck, A. I)., 
Bowman, M.. 
Broad foot, A 

oil SI 
luly ). 

, Reading, 1 
Grande Ale> 

I':., IMi.C, (On 

(On duly), 15 lOrie Ave., HamilU 
189 Hruce SI., Saull Sli-. .Marie. 
, Conestogo, Onl. 

30 Grenville SI., Toronlo. 

. A 


nl foi"< 


Hasledo, M., R.R.C., 54 St. Clair Ave. 

Campbell, A. L., Georgetown, Ont. 

Cherry, C. L., Bowmanville. Ont. 

<_'bristie. A. M.. R.R.C.. (On duty). 330 Berkeley St., 

Conlin, F. G., (On duty), 4I» Galley Ave. 
Cradock, A, C. Brantford, Ont. 
Crichton, R., 34 Edna Ave. 
Croxford. J. F.. El Dorset. East Africa. 
Christie, M. K.. 2 I51gin Ave., Toronto. 

(On duty). 388 Palmerston B'vd. 

Mono Road. 

M., (On duty), Bcamsville, Onl. 

Dailing, A, M., 
Deiui, H. E. L. 
Drumniond, H 
Drysdale, E, M., 
George Street. 
Doig. A,, Peterboro, Ont. 
DeCow, F. I. G., Sti-athroy, Ont, 
Forrester, E. M., Lad.vsmith, B. 
l''owlds, H. L.. H.R.C., (On duty) 

R.R.C.. (On duty), Md.H., 329 SI. 

Hastings. Onl. 

Ottawa, Ont.. Matron. 
I, Ont., Assistant Matron. 

l'"raser, C. C, VVaubaushene, Ont. 

l''rench. G. L., (On duty), Barrie, Ont. 

Fleming. A. M. H.. Todniorden, Ont. 

Galbraith, L. E.. K.R.C. (On duty). 1 7 '._, Chiislie St. 

Grindlay. A. M.. 544 Huron St. 

Gibbons. It. .M., lOii duly). S4 Hogarth Ave. 

(ierard, .\.. (On diilyi. 2 1 \ictoria Ave., Windsor. 

Godard. W. .1.. (On duly). 43 Hillsboro Ave.. Toronto. 

Gai-diner, A. IC, (On iluty), 98 Indian Grove, Toronto. 

Grenville, C, M., Thoi-old, Onl. 

Hanna, M. R. H.. 20 Hillcrest Road. Weston. 

Hansen, H. E., (On duty), M.M., Wiarton, Ont. 

Hamniell. A. W., (On duty), Beeton. Ont. 

Hally. R., 74 Duggan Ave. 

Henderson. M. H.. Lind.say, Ont. 

Hindley, A. E., R.R.C., Rockwood, Ont. 

Isaacson. A. E., 12 Simpson Ave., Toronlo. 

J.-ickson. E. R., 187 Farnha'm Ave.. Toronlo. 

.lohnslon. M., R.R.C., 241 liedford Road. Tonuito. 

Lunman, E. A., 31 Glen wood Ave. 

Misner, M. E.. R.R.C., Port Dover, Onl. 

Morden, L. A., (On duty), 107 Blake St., Hamilton, Ont. 

Meiklejohn. H. T.. R.R.C., 316 St. George St. 

.McEachren, E., R.R.C., (On duty), Campbelltown, Ont. 

McCulIoch, M. E., 96 Walmsley B'vd. 

.McEvoy, M., Barrie. Ont. 

Price. E. W.. (On duty). S3 Indian Road. Toronto. 

I'igoll. ,\1. F... (On duly). I Washington Ave. 

/* It !i r 7" // / )' /,)/-/ o tt r 

,Q J5 

D. O. H 



Pounceby. F. H.. 1(59 Delaware Ave., HaniJUon, 

Reynolds. Miss. 

Robertson, H. I., R.R.C., (On duty), Drayton. Ont. 

Ross, A. K., (On duty), Leamington, Ont. 

Ross, W., (On duty), 180 Walmer Road. Toronto. 

Richardson. .\I. I.. R.R.C., Richmond Hill. 

Read, H. I... (On duty). Stratford. Ont. 

Squire, L. G., R.K.C.. Norwood, Ont. 

Kproulc, .M.. (On duty), 2S Ellsworth Ave. 

Stevenson, H. N., (On duty), Fredericton, N. B. 

Smith, F. M., (On duty), 3 North St., Toronto. 

Starr, M. G., 224 Bloor Street West, Toronto. 

Turner, N., (On duty). 853 Bathurst St.. Toronto. 

Wylie, F. H., R.R.C., (On duty), 174 Warren Rd., Toronto. 

White. C. L., (On duty), 23 Bolton Ave. 

West, F. C, R.R.C., 14 Maisoneuve Ave.. Quebe-c. 


Miss I. Ashenliurst, 3 9 Langley Ave. 

Miss T. Armstrong, 179 Balmoral Ave. 

Miss I. Allen, Godorich, Ont. 

Miss L. Agnew, 2351J Queen St. East. 

Miss D. Anderson, 851 V2 Bathurst St. 

Miss .1. C. Brand, 449 Jarvis St. 

Miss R. Black, 52 Teddington Park Ave. 

Miss Brough. 19 Oriole Road. 

Miss B. Bleasdell. 9917 113th St.. Edmonton. Alta. 

Miss I. Bleasdell, 3 5 Farnham Ave. 

Miss M. Batchelor. 53 Empress Cres. 

Mrs. L. Beatty. Nashville. Tenn. 

Miss A. Bandem, 64 Avenue Road. 

Miss A. Calverly, Oakville. Ont. 

Mrs. F. Charlesworth. 252 Bloor St. West. 

Miss W. Ding-man. 376 Spadina Road. 

iliss D. K. Dunham. 572 Spadina Ave. 

Miss E. Durand. 96 Charles St. East. 

Miss E. Dalley, 4 Riverdale Ave. 

Miss E. Daws, 60 Tranby Ave. 

Miss L. Day, 110 Follis Ave. 

Miss M. Ellison, Victoria, B. C. 

Miss R. Forster, 308 Huron St. 

Miss E. Fisher, Renfrew, Ont. 

Miss B. G. Finley. Supervisor (now Mrs. D. B. Robertson). 

64 Foxbar Rd. 
Miss M. Fellowes. 3 9 I^owtlier Ave. 
Miss A. S. Gait, Supervisor, 147 Admiral Road. 
Miss R. Green, 135 St. Clair Ave. 
Miss E. Henderson, 259 Sherboui'ne St. 
Miss B. Hally, 74 Duggan Ave. 
Miss A. Harris, 314 Spadina Rd. Hill. 
Miss S. B. Johnson. 6 9 Walmer Rd. 

Miss K 
Miss W 
Miss E. R. 
Miss M, 
Miss A. 
Mrs. E. 
Miss E. 
Miss W 
Miss V. 
Mrs. A. 
Miss A. 
Miss (!. 
Miss E. 
Miss E. 
Miss F. 
Miss M. 
Miss B 
Miss C 
Miss C 
Miss M 
Miss I. 
Miss B 
Miss A. 
Miss G, 
Miss F, 
Mrs. A. 

.Tones. Head Masseuse. ( (Jn duty). 126 Carlton 


Jenkinson, 584 Shaw St. 
Jackson, Brampton, Ont. 
Jordan. 695 Spadina Ave. 
Jarvis, 3 4 Prince Arthur Ave. 
C. Kent, 8 Dalton Road. 
Loughton. 110 Follis Ave. 
Monyiienn.v. 57 Langley Ave. 
Meek, 695 Spadina Ave. 
K. Mason, 27 Admiral Road. 
Morley, 7 99 Euclid Ave. 

McJ^aughlin, Supervisor, 77 Forest Hill Road. 
McGarity, Walkerton, Ont. 
McMullin, 592 Jarvis St. 
McParland, 414 Bathurst St. 
Mclntyre (On duty). 310 St. George St. 
McKinley, (On duty), 19 Lindon St. 
McBeth, Strathroy, Ont. 
McDougall. 98 Pembroke St. 
Perrins. Head Masseuse, 222 Havelock St. 

Potts. Huron St. 

Robertson, Flora, Ont. 
Routhmell. 215 Riverdale Ave. 
Reynolds. 695 Spadina Ave. 
Ryrie. 1 Highlands Ave. 
Schrieber. 15 I^rpjjer Canada Apts. 
Savage, (On duty), Oakville. Ont. 
Steele (On duty). 141 Lyndhurst Ave. 
Saunders. Goderich. Ont. 
Saunders, 213 Poplar Plains Road. 
St. Dalmas, 69 Walmer Road. 
Waine, 140 Wells St. 

V. A. D.'S 

Miss P. A. Allen. 27 Hillcrest Ave.. Hamilton. 

Miss K. Baldwin. 99 Howland Ave.. Toronto. 

Miss M. P. Baldwin. Forest Hill Road. 

Miss A. I^. K. Bryce. Holbone. Ont. . 

Miss H. Chapman, 263 Roxboro St. East. 

Miss C. A. O. Durand. 96 Charles St. East. 

Miss M. Graffy. 23 Brouns\'ille Ave. 

Miss K. Gooderham, 190 St. George St. 

Miss D. Haldenby. 92 Bloor St. West. 

Miss M. J. Hanna, 20 Hillcrest Road. Weston. 

Miss L. Lightbourn. Oakville. Ont. 























A. Morley, 1465 King St. West. 
Mackendrick, 255 Roxboro St. East. 
L. Moi-ris. 264 McXab St.. Hamilton. 
Poison, 27 Montclair Ave. 
Robinson. 63 Wellesley St. 
Samuel, 140 Madison Ave. 
C. Stuart. Oakville. Ont. 
Thompson, 1980 Queen St. West. 
Ward, 19(1 Westmount Ave. 
Warwick, 178 St. George St. 
I. Wilson. 4 2 Langley Ave. 

Muscle Functional Department 

Miss A. Barnett. (Now Mrs. Anstach). Philadelphia. U.S.A. 
Miss I. Burton. (Now Mrs. Cronyn. 85 Bedford Road, 

Miss E. Burton, 85 Bedford Road, Toronto. 
Miss G. Campbell, (Now Mrs. Jones), C/o Bank of Nova 

Scotia. Gait. Ont. 
Miss Cronyn. (Now Mrs. Boswell). 4S Montclair Ave.. 

Miss Duncan. (Now Mrs. Gilmore), Rosehill Ave. 
Miss M. Dyment. "The Dale," Dale Ave., Toronto. 
Mrs. D. B. Fisher. Supervisor. 256 Jarvis St., Toronto. 
Miss M. Fletcher, Roxboro Rd., Toronto. 
Miss C. Greening, 221 St. George St., Toronto. 
Miss G. Gurney. Toronto General Hospital. 

Howard. (Now :\Irs. Duys). 3S6 Upijer Mountain 
•.. N. J.. U.S.A. 
Ince. 60 Dunvegan Rd. 
Laidlaw, 77 Lowtiier Ave. 
Masten, 2 9 Bedford Road. 

Murray (Now- Mrs. Crawford), 9 Humewood Drive. 
Macdonald. Supervisor. 127 St. George St. 
McMurrich. 75 Forest Hill Road. 
McPherson. 6 Meredith Cres. 
Ross. 108 Dunvegan Rd. 
Scadding. 182 Bloor St. West. 
Thom, 23 The Ramparts, Quebec. 
Willard, 65 Spencer Ave. 

Winnett, (Now Mrs. Lincoln). 128 Middleson Rd.. 
Mass.. U.S.A. 




























Page T :■. i r t y - fl v e 

D. O. H 


Active Staff 

Lieut. -Col. C. S. McVicar, Commanding Officer, 300 Ron cesvalles Avenue. Toronto. 

Lieut.-Col. P. K. Menzies, 6 Howard Avenue. 
Major J. P. S. Cathcart, 35 Roxborough Avenue. 
Major J. W. Hunt, Ridgeway, Ont. 
Major E. F. Risdon, 3 Avenue Road. 
Capt. F. W. Clement. 440 Shaw Street. 
Capt. G. M. Dale, 591 Church Street. 
Capt. T. B. Edmison, 250 Merton Street. 
Capt. E. A. Godfrey, 30 Swanwick Avenue. 
Capt. H. R. Hargrave, 492 Pape Avenue. 

Capt. R. I. Harris, 311 Avenue Road. 

Capt. W. E. Martin, 1432 Queen St. E. 

Capt. V. H. K. Moorehouse, 40 Pleasant Blvd. 

Capt. G. R. Reid, 56 College Street. 

Capt. J. L. Robinson, 127 AVestmount Avenue. 

Capt. A. B. Ritchie, 480 Jarvis Street. 

Capt. G. A. Smith, 37 7 Davenport Road. 

Capt. L. T. Trump, 12 Bracken Avenue. 


Lieut. -Cnl. C. L. Starr, Consultant for Canada in Orthopaedic Surgery, 224 Bloor Street West. Toronto. 

Lieut.-Col. C. E. Cooper Cole, 53 Indian Road Crescent. 
Lieut.-Col. J. C. Calhoun, 99 Farnham Avenue. 
Lieut.-Col. ,1. H. Elliott, 11 Spadina Road. 

I..ieut.-Col. W. H. Lowry. Alexan ra Apartments 
Major G. F. Beyer, 143 College Street. 
Major R. Pearse, 112 College Street. 

Major A. H. L. Campbell, 905 Bloor Street West. 
Capt. Hodgin.s, 43 Xorthcliffe Blvd. 
Capt. Thornton. 


Capt. A. Hoskins, 107 9 Bathurst Street. 
Lieut. W. B. Gordon, IG Alcina Avenue. 

Reg. Sgt. Major W. G. Eraser (W. O.) I^.C.M. 

Major J. B. Grimshaw, Cliaplain. 
Capt. .J. W. Magwodd, Chaplain, 


Mr. F. W. Coyne, Y.M.C.A. 
Mr. F. T. Sharpe, Y.M.C.A. 

Capt. R. W. Adie. 
Capt. F. G. Banting. 
Capt. P. B. Brown. 
Capt. H. A. W. Brown. 
Capt. T. \V. Bleakley. 
Capt. H. A. Cates. 
Capt. Wm. Chipman. 
Capt. J. M. Casserly. 
Capt. \V. 1. Henderson. 


Capt. J. L. McDonald. 
Capt. R. W. Mclntyre. 
Capt. K. G. MacKenzie. 
Capt. A. K. iNaylor. 
Capt. W. E. Orde. 
Capt. F. .1. Snelgrove. 
Capt. V. F. Stock. 
Capt. N. B. Taylor. 
Capt. E. C. Wilford. 

Lieut. W. H. Hustler. 
Lieut. A. R. Humphreys. 
Lieut.-Col. T. H. McKillip. 
Major A. H. Jukes. 
Major T. Morrison. 
Major D. B. Robertson. 
Major L. B. Robertson. 
Major R. L. Shields. 

Major H. A. Thompson. 
Capt. Dunlop. 
Capt. Levitt. 


Capt. Woollatt. 
Capt. Lewis. 

Capt. H. "\V. Reid. 
Capt. 1'". Thompson. 


Major Burch. Cajit. i Canon) Hedley. 

D. S. ('. K. 
M. G. K. Brown (on duty). 

Mr. J. AV. Bisley. 
Mr. G. A. Mogg. 


Mr. J. E. Sutton. 
Mr. H. K. Vipond. 

.Mr. ,). 1). Proctor. 

Page T h i r t y - x i x 

D. O. H. 


Major R. L. Shields, Registrar. Capt. L. T. Trump, Quarter- Master. 

Lt.-Col. C. S. McVicar, Officer Commanding. 

Page Thirty-seven 


1. Ptes. Harvey Caswell, Bruce West, Joe Bourde.iu ,Tnd Carl Humphrey. 2. Pte. J. S. Thompson. 3. Reg. Segt. -Major W. G. 
Fraser (W.O) D.C.M. 4. Miss Newcombe (office). 5. "Bill" Miss en. 6. Pte. J. R. Crow, Corp. Mills and Pte. Black, D.O.C. Recrea- 
tion Room on Roof. 7. Pte. H. V. Jarrett. 

1' u w c T h ir t y - c i g ht 

-M A 


1. A "Buckshee" Ride. 2. Pte. T. Hands. 3. Gunner T. Millmchanip. 4, Capt. G. M. Dale. 5. Picnic Party at High Park. 
6. Pte. Byron Morrison. 

P a g c T h I r t y - ii i ii e 


1. C.ipt. Harris and Nursing Sister French in Ward 303. 2, Pte. V. Pasl<. for Some Time Editor of "D.O.H. Gazette." 
3. Pte. RIffon and Jean-Marie. 4. Nursing Sister F. I. G. D eCow. 5. Currie and Friend. 6. Brothers In Arms. 7. High 
Park Group. 

Page Forty 


1. Pte. 

R. F. Wilson, 2, G. S. McDonald and Friend. 3. 
7. Ambulance Party for Theatre. 

-. 4. Pte. G. Prescott. 5, and 6. Groups of Patients and 

F a g e Forty-one 

D. O. H 

-M A 


1. Pte. Art Fortner. 2. Morrison. Wallace and Laughton. 3. The late Albert E, Bavidge. 4. O'Leary of 113. 5. "Dad" Baxter. 
6. Ptes. Younson. Jolly and Parker. 7. Group from Second Floor. 

P a !J c F o r t y - t v: o 

D. O. H. 



1. Nursing Sister McEachren of Operating Room. 2. McMaster and Allen in a Tuneful Mood. 3. and 5. Groups. 4. Miss 
Caverly. 6. At "Sportsman's" Picnic, Jackson's Point. 7. Quarter ■ Master Sergeant Sharpe. 

P (I ij c F r t y - t h r e e 


1. Gymnasium. 2. Sgt. Wishart. 3. Brennan, Jean-Marie and McKeen. 4. Nursing Sisters. 5. Group from 120. 6. Gibson. 
7. Ralph Shaw and Oscar Hodder. 

Page F o r I u - I o u r 


1. Lieut. -Col. C. L. Starr. £. Corp. C. A. Cathcart. 3. Roger and Skidmore 4, 5, 6 and 7. Groups. 

Page forty-five 


1. Major J. B. Grimshaw. Chaplain. 2. Pte. Leo Giraldeau. 3. Ward 319 Boys on Front Lawn, 4. All Aboard for High 
Park. 5. Harper and Hornbostel. 6. Group from Second P| oor West. 

P (I !i <■ /■' o r t u - ■■>' / X 


1. Facial Ward (326). 2. Dental Laboratory — Major A. H. L. Campbell, Capt. W, W. Thornton. Lieut. W. B. Gordon and Sgt. 
•Dan" Farrow. 3. Major J. Risdon. 4. Capt. Henderson. 

P <i !/ e Forty-sc v e n 


1. Capt. (Rev.) J. W, Magwood, Chaplain, 2. Group at Sick Officers' Quarters. 3. Oscar Hodder and Ralph Shaw. 4. "Red" 
Holmes. 5. Government House Party. 6. Pte. Skidmore. 7. Staff-Sergt. R. Forbes, Advertising Manager "D.O.H. Gazette," and General 
All-round Booster for Sundry Other Things. 

Page Forty-eight 


1. Group from Third Floor West. 2. Sgt. E. B. Alward. 3. Corp. A. McSween. 4. Nursing Sisters White and Dolg. 
5. Pte. G. McGraw. 6. Pte. Alex. Gordon. 7. Group from Ward 120. 8. Group from 125. 

Page Forty-nine 


1. With the Boys on Roof. 2. Greeting Gang on Front Lnwn. 

/' a !) c Filly 


1. Red Cross Lodge. 2 and 4. Groups at Lodge. 3. Mr. A. F. Rutter, President Toronto Branch Canadian Red Cross. 6. Tea 
Party on Upper Balcony. 

/• (I (J r F i f t 1/ - o II r 


1. Picnic Group from Third Floor West. 2. Group from Third Floor North. 3. Sgt. Alward, Ptes. L. F. Bnrr and Andy 
Hall. 4. Nursing Sisters and Boys from Ground Floor at Government House Reception. 5. Pte. Charlie Partridge and 
"Jessie" James. 6. Ptes. Sinie, Mahoney and Elliott. 7. A Happy Trio. 8. Pte. Jim Bryson and J. H. Jones. 

P a fj r F I f t u - t ii- n 


1 Private L F Barr, Pte A. Meese and "Blondy." 2. Priv ate Pennell. 3. Pte. A. Mann. 4. Nursing Sister Aitken. Mrs. Ball, 
Sandy McGregor'and Nursing Sister Gerard. 5. Sergt. Whitcombe and S.-Sergt. Lewis. 6. Auto Party at ■■Telegram" Picnic Grimsby. 

r II It r F i f t II - I h r r r 


1. Cooper- and Wright. 2. At the Sports. 3. Corp. Paylor. 4, Moore and Speers. 5. Pte. A. Frenette. 6. One Arm Baseballers — 
Upper Row: Henderson, Hope, Kimball, Mr. Sharpe, Willis, Thompson, Corp. Gossling. Lower Row: Williams, Sivelle, Prescott, 

V a p r F if 1 y • 1 n u r 


1. Pte. W. O'Donnell. 2. Group from 319. 3. Group at Government House Party. 4. Grou'-j at Grimsby Beach. 5. Corp. 
Henry. 6. Picnic Group. 7. Some of the Ground Floor Crowd. 8. "Bolsheviki" Koyno Koynoff. 

/' ri if c Fifty- fi r e 


1. A Corner in Massage Department — Corp. A. A. Patterson in foreground — Sergt. Haggerty and Davey Johnston. 2. Vic. Rogers 
and Jim Powers. 3. Gunner F. Millinchamp. 4. Pte. J. Givens. 5. Pte. J. A. Lowry. 6. Trio from Thiird West. 

P (I (I (■ F \ f t y - X i X 

D. O. H 


1. Nursing Sister L. A. Morden. 2. Auto Party from 125. 3. Pte. W. Pinl<erton (on the Water Wagon). 4. "Slim" 
Williams. 5. (Late) Pte. Walter Letourneau. 6. One of the Roof Gang, Spr. L. H. Fillmore. 7. Quartette from 312 in High 
Park. 8. In a Restful Mood, Ptes. N. T. Routley and A. J. Greig of 319. 

I' u (f c F i f i II - -s' c r (.' }i 



(Upper) — Five of the Roses. Nursing Sisters White. Aitl<en. Hammell, Gerard and Sproule. 

(IVIiddle)^Miss Lightbourn and Hamilton. 

(Lower) — Patients Enjoying IVlorning Sun Bath. 

I' II II r /'ill II - I- i II li I 


1. Lumsden and Cross. 2. Pte. J. Mclntaggart. 3. Cusack. H umphrey and Barrett. 4. Pte. Taylor (326). 5. Pte. W. Letourneau. 
6. Pte. A. Mann. 7. Pte. Bob. Roberts. 8. Welsh, Ricker and Rob mson. 

y '/ V <■ /■' / / I i/ - )i i n e 

^ A 


1. Pte. A. Saunders. 2. Nursing Sisters Squire and W. Ross. 3. Pte. Dolph Snunders. 4. Nursing Sisters Beer and Beck. 5. All 
Aboard for Trip Across the Lake. 6. Pte. J. (Big Chief) Spaniel, 7. Photo Studio, Fourth Floor. 8. Pte. S. T. Wiley. 

/' t( II I- S I .r I II 


1. Pte. W. H. Jarrell. 2. Sun Treatment on Lawn. 3. Sergt. T. Ronaldson. 4. Corp. H. E. Cummer and Baoe Roberts. 5. Corp. 
(Dad) Baxter. 6. . 7. Ladies' Three-Legged Race, D.O.H. Sports. 8. Andy Hall. 

P a g c - S Ix ty - 11 e 





1. Pte. n. Myers, Theatre Party Specialist. 2. Sandy McGregor ant) Party on Roof. 3. Dolph Saunders with Friends on Roof. 
4. Group of Buckshee Artists at Grimsby Beach. 

Page S i X t y -two 

D. O. H 


1. View of Auditorium. 2. Cusack. Humphrey and McGraw. 3. Group of Staff Boys. 4. Pte. J. Caldwell. 5. Novelty Race, 
Sport's Day. 

r (I cf c S i X t If - t lir e e 


1. 3 and 6. Double Amps, at Niagara Falls. 2. Whciton and Simpson. 4. Pat McCnuley and Angus Morrison. 5. "Slim" Dolstra 
and Grady. 

P n p r S i X t y - f o ur 


1. Nursing Sister Reynolds. 2. Carl Humphrey. 3. Allen, Staff-Sergt. Downing and Hornbostle. 4. Pte. C. Sivell Ready for 
Action. 5. Mrs. Arthur VanKoughnet, Hon. Superintendent Soldiers' Comforts, D.S.C.R. 6. Pte. J. D. Pearce. 7. Group at Sick 
Officers' Quarters. 

P a y e S i x t y - fi v e 


1. Quartette from 125. 2. Pte. R. Forsberg. 3. Rlcker and Dink Welsh. 4. Pte. J. Day. 4. j. Angus Morrison and Pat. 
IvVcAulay. 6. Pte. McGraw. 7. Reld and Johnston. 8. Pte. J. J. Farrell. 

Page Si X t V - si X 


1. Cross, Prior and Liimsden. 2. 

3. Pte. Harry Clarke. 4. Corp. Diggle. 5. Pte. J. A. Pinnell and his IVIother. 6. Dolstra 

and Grady. 7. Q.-M.-Sgt. Clarke, Corp. Somerville, Sergt. D. McMacken, Corp. James and Pte. G. Helmer. 8. Spr. J. McGregor and 
Pte. Dan McNeill. 

Page Sixty-seven 


1. Auto Party Ready for the Afternoon. 2. Murray, McLennan and Moore. 3. Larry Donald. 4. Pte. R. Hatfield. 5. Pte. Roy 
St. Peter. 6. Sig. G. Ricker (Equipment not all Army Issue). 7. Pte. J. G. Buckle. 

Page Sixty-eight 

D. O. H 


1. Pte. C. Fullmore. 2. Gunner E. G. Lloyd. 3. Corp. A. J. Riddiway. 4. Pte. W. McKay. 5. Pte. F. White. 6. Pte. E. (Frenchy) Chalsson. 

Page Sixty -nine 


1. Lumsden and Cross. 2. Group from 319. 3. Group from 113. 4. Pte. "Jock" Elliott. 5. — Censored- 
7. Enjoying Lake Breezes. 8. Pte. A. Cross. 9. Pte Dan. McNeill. 

I' (I u r .S (' r r n I il 

6. Paylor and Grady. 


1. Dining Hnil— Mrs. A. Ferguson. Davie. Dietitian. 2. Sergt. McCreath, Miss Ross and Sergt. Tennant. 3. Nursing Sisters 
Hammell, Johnston r.nd Spanner. 4. Barber, Owen and Rifou. 5. Staff-Sergt. McGill. 6. Pte. W. Lyons. 

Page S c v e n t y - o n c 

M A- 


1. Party at Grimsby (1919). 2. A few of Gang at Picnic. 3. Corp. L. Palmeter. A. Ptc. G. W. Dunham. 5. Reid, Prior and 
Lumsden. 6. Pte. Harry Clarke. 

I' a y e iSevcniy-t w o 


1. Nursing Sisters and Office Staff Play Ball at Varsity Stadium. 2. Pte. "Scottie" Newton. 3. Pte. Mclntaggart. 4. Cusack, 
Humphrey and Barrett, 5. Emmerson and Cooper. 6. "Sports" Day at Stadium. 

Page Heventp -three 


1. Paylor, Cooper. Carniichael, Shaw, Decormier and Larkin. 2. Pts. H. V. Jarrett. 3. Routley, Hamilton and Reese. 4. Group 
at Grimsby Beach, b. Pte. A. Keough. 6. Massage Department Tennis Team — Misses Steele, Jarvis, Gait and Mrs. Wayne. 

P a u c i^ c V t u i y - f o u r 

D. O. H. ^ 


1. Group of Patients on Front Lawn. 2. "Say It With Flowers" — Presentation of Flowers by Retail Florists' Association— Red 
Cross Ladies' Flower Committee Assisting in Distribution. 

F a u c S e V c 11 t y - fi V c 


1. Givens, Park and Paddy Malone. 2. Jack Farrell. 3. Pte. F. Dunham. 4. Picnic Party. 5. Quartette from Ground Floor. 
6. Miss Jones and Pte. P. Allen. 7. Pte. Leo P. GIraldeau. 8. Miss Wilson. 

Page S e v c n t y - s i x 

D. O. H. 


1 Mrs Frank Ball, Hostess in Charge Red Cross Lodge. 2. Lounge— Red Cross Lodge. 3. Nursing Sister Marion G. Starr. 
4. Gunner E. G. Lloyd. 5. Staff-Sergt. Walker and Friend. 6. Sergt. E. J. McCoy. Famous Chess Player, t. George, Patterson and 

Page Seventy-seven 


1. The late Pte. George Hollett and Miss Jones. 2. Three Gallant M.P.'s. 3. More M.P.'s. 4. Pte. Noah. 5. Ferguson Brothers 
6. Two Uppei — Pte Clauson and Sergt. Turland. Lower . 7. Pte. H. J. Mallory. 8. Corner in iVIassage Room. 

r a (J r ts f V c n I ij - c i u h i 

D. O. H. 

-- ^-ifOJp 



1 Nursing Sister York. 2. Barber, Owen and Jean-Marie. 3. Gunner C. T. White. 4. Pte. C. T. Harrowsmith. 5. McKeen and 
Searles. 6. Jarrett, Gordon and Friends. 7. Bishop, IVlcKeen, Jean-IVIarie and Keating. 8. Nursing Sister Hicks. 9. Pte. George O. 

r u g e S eve n t y - n i n e 


1. Sail on Lake Party — Nursing Sisters Smith and Godard. Ptes. Prescott, Harris and Siveil, Nursing Sisters Hammeii and Aug- 
ustine. Pte. Kane. Hornbostle, iVIcGregor and Jarrett. 2. Sergt. J. S. IVIcGuffln (Dispensary). 3. Pte. J. E. Wright— Author of "Keen 
Eye Keliy." and other Famous Yarns. 4. Nursing Sisters' Ball Team. 5. The late Jack Hoare and Mclnnes. 5. Group of Double 
Amps, and Others. 

Page FA fl 1i t y 


1. Pte. J. H. Jones. 2. Mclntaggart and St. Peter. 3. Gunner W. J. Hewlett. 4. Group at Grimsby Beach. 5. Pte. C. M. Lugrin, 
G. Daniels and Kriend. 7. Frenchy with Staff-Sergt. Downing and Pte. Tom Simpson at D.O.H. Sports. 

Page E i g hty • on e 

D. O. H 


1. Group of Vocational Staff and Instructors. Mr, Proctor, Lieut, G. K, Brown .nnd Lieut, J, E, Sutton, Centre, 2, Nursing Sisters 
Dale, Clyde and Pigflott, 3. Group on Roof, 4, . 5. DeCourmier, Cox and Andv H.ill, 

Page Eighty -two 


1. Massage Department. 2. . 3. Bishop. Nursing Sister Misner and Keddy. 4. Pte. C. Fullmore. 5 The late Ptp larU- 

Hoare. P. P. C.L.I. 6. Sergt. -Major Frasor and Group of V.A.D.'s. 7. Pte. Barrett. 

Page E ig hty -thr e e 


1. One. arm Baseball Team — Note that Awful Grin, Lower R.<w. Central Figure — Who Can It Be? 2. Horace Lawlor. 3. Pte. 
Jack Johnston. 4. Pte. S. A. Wambolt. 6. Pte. D. Walker. 6. Group from Second Floor. 7. DeCormier, Cox and Andy. 

Page Eighty-four 


1. Miss C. A. O. Durand. 2. Misses Thompson, Fisher, Boss and Mrs. Bentty. ^. Lance-Corp. Lyie. 4. Nursing Sister Daie, 
Corp. McLennan, Orderiy, Lumby and Nursing Sister Clyde. 5. Jones and McKay. 6. Waitter and Harrowsmith. 7. R. S. M. Arthur 

Page Eighty-five 

D. O. H. 


1. "Slumberland" — Pte. Gibson. 2. "Jesse" James, Christie and Partridge. 3. Double Amps.— Great Pyramid Stunt. 4. Fer- 
guson and . 5. "Merry Sunshine" — Miss Hannah, V.A.D. 6. Hatfield, Partridge and James. 7. Picnic Group. 8. Corp. Robin- 
son — for Some Time Editor "D.O.H. Gazette." 9. Frenchy, Always in the Limelight. 

Page K i g h 1 V - s i X 


1. Greeting Boys-Double Amputation Cases and Others on Front Lawn-Col. McVicar to left. 3. Pte. White, McGregor, Webb, 
Jarrett and Barrett. 

Page Eighty-seven 


1. Corp. Ross, Ptes. Macdowell and Macintyre. 2. Corp. F. W. Hunter. 3. Jackson and Klassen. 4. Group from Ward 326. 
5. Pte. W. Macdowell. 6. Pte. H. L. May. 7. Pte. W. Millett. 

r a g c K i a h t V - c i ;/ h I 


1. Lieut. -Col. F. S. L. Ford, A.D.M.S., Military District No. 2. 2. Visit of H.R.H. Prince of Wales to Hospital — Visiting Roof 
Patients. 3. Leaving Hospital. 

Page Eighty- nine 

D. O. H. 


1. "Big Jim" Bryson and Staff-Sergt. Ailen. 2. Jim Slieen and Larry Donald. 3. A Reminder of Recruiting Days — Sergt. 
Chappelle on the Job. 4. Humphreys and Wiley. 5. Quilter, Cus ack and Simpson. 6. Elliott and iVlahoney. 

Page Ninety 


1 Charlie Partridge. 2. Kien and Friend. 3. J. Farrell and A. Manning. 4. "Jesse" James. 5. Chatfield. 6. H.R.H. Prince of 
Wale's Greeting Boys on Front Lawn. 7. Nursing Sisters Jacl<son and Doig, Pte. Lowry. 8. Censored. 9. Nursing Sisters Croxford 
and IVIorris. 10. Pte. Biacl<, IVI.P. 11. Watermelon Brigade. 

/' (I r; c X i H c t y - II e 

-^ A 


1, Patterson and George. 2. Sergt. W. S. Haxby, Night Ward Master. 3. Sergt. J. W. Nutter, D.C.M. 4, and 5. Picnic Groups. 

Page Ninety-tico 


1. Lieut. -Col. P. K. Menzies. 2, and 3. Groups. 4. F. G. P. Woods (Photo Studio) and Group on Steamer "Modjeska.' 

Page Ninety-three 

D. O. H 


1. Gridley and Helmer. 2. Pte. George, Nursing Sisters M. K. Christie and E. Piggott, and "Ole Bill" Wilson. 3. Corp. J. J. 
Fletcher. 4. Kitchen Girls and Staff Boys. 5. Party of Double Amps, at Niagara. 6. George, Jocl^ Wallace and Pals. 

Page X i n c i !/ - t u r 


1. Nursinb Sister E. L. Beer, Night Supervisor. 2. Patterson. 3. Pte. Andy Hail. 4, and 7. Groups. 
6. Pte. C. W. IVIoore. 

Page Ninety -five 

5. Pte. J. Jolly. 


1. Patients and Masseuses on Roof. 2. B. Sergt. -Major J. McNamara. D.C.M., M.P.P. 3. Sergt. H. G. MacDonald. 4. On 
Board Steamer "Modjeska." 

Page Ninety- six 

^ A 


1. Miss Grace Saunders and Andy Hall. 2, 3. 6. 8, 9. Groups. 4. Black, Taylor and Nursing Sister Hicks. 5. Miss Green and Miss 
Bleasdale. 7. Bobby Mills. 10. Kerr, Butter, Black, Ashley, Ramsbottom and Allen. 11. Pte. S. Emerson. 

Page Ninety-seven 

D. O. H. 




1. Double Amps, and Kiddies at Niagara Falls. 2. Howard and Dayble, M.P.'s. 3. A Few of The Old Third Floor Gang. 4. Pte. J. 
(Big Chief) Spaniel. 5. IVIajor Grimshaw and Party at Grimsby Beach. 

/' (I g c Ninetp-ei p h t 

D. O. H. 


1, Two of the Original Roof Gang. Spr. C. Hamilton and Corp. R. G. Mills. 2. Picnic Group at Grimsby Beach. 3. Fi-eiichy 
,Tt the Sports, -i. Corp. Gossling and Pte. A. McCracken. 5. George Payne. 6. Pte. J. A. McMaster. 7. Wesley Brennan 
and W. McKay. 8. Who said "Cook House?" Pte. J. Butler (C.A. M.C.). 9. Colin Barron, V.C. 

r It 1} r y i II r ( !/ - )i i n e 

M A 


1. Mr. F. T. Sharpe. Secretary N.M.C.A. (Military Service D ept.). 2. Ptc. McGuiit; .n .1 jovial mood. 3. Ptes. D. Allan and E. 
"Chic" Ward. 4. Ptes. Tobin, McGuire. Russell. Spooner. Paxton and Fingland. 5. Ptes. Fielder and C. G. Studholme. 6. Top row — 
Ptes. H. France, F. J. Boyle, G. P. Cooper, Kenneth McLeod. Bottom row — Corp. M. MacDonald, Sergt. H. Long. 

/' ft ri r Our II it H d r e d 


1. Sergt. Banty, D.C.M., M.M., C. de G. 2. C. Sgt.- Mnjor Colin Bnrrori, V.C. 3. Pte. Reg. Raynor. 4. Capt. G. A. Smith, M.C. Bar. 
5. Top row — Pte. H. Finley Sgt, McKeage, Sgt. Tennnnt. Bottom row — R.S.M. R. Carkner, Corp. Elder, C.S.M. Marshall. 

/' II II ( (I II I II II II il I- I il II II il O II c 

D. O. H 



1. General Pau, (Famous French Strategist) one of the many distinguished visitors to D.O.H. 
3. Major J. P. S. Cathcart. M.C. 4. Capt. E. A. Godfrey. 5. Pte. W, Allen. 6. Left to right— Col. Lang 
Maurice. (British Headquarters' Staff), Brig. -General Gunn. Col. Irving. 

2. Capt. T. B. Edmison. 
Lt.-Col. McVicar, General 

1' a It c O II 




(I T V (J 


1. Hospital by Night. 2. Miss Jones .tnd Cui p. Mills. 3. Grant. "Jerry" Sullivan and Howard. 4. Noah and Riddaway on Roof. 

5. Ste^/'^n- ''■'irsing Srpter McEvoy and Harper. 6. Gunner E. G. Lloyd. 7. Pte. E. D. Carmichael. 8. Staff-Sergt. Perkins (Man 
With the Dog). 

/' II f/ c. (> II (■ II u II (I r f (/ '/ II tl 7' /( / ' ( 


1. Upper I'ow — Ptes H. Andrews, Sam. Hendeison. Bdr. G. S. Modatt, Pti?. T, II. McCoiinell. 
Alex. J. Greig. 2. Ptes. Baxter and McGuire. 3. Pte. G. A. Sime. -4. BIyth, Brennan and Raynor. 
Sisters at Government House. 6. Pte. F. FIngland. 7. F. W. Coyne. Y.M.C.A. 

Lower row — Ptes. Sam. Wiley and 
5. Group of Patients and Nursing 

i' n u 

1) II 

II II II il 

il II /I (/ /' 




- J